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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When Was Alcohol First Produced in Ireland? 01 02 2013

Do you have any information as to when Alcohol was first produced in Ireland?

I am Irish as they come.  My father gave up drinking before my conception.  I think that Alcohol might be the cause of many who are feeble minded and soulless.

In the United States we gave alcohol and tobacco to the Native Americans because it screwed them up.

I am wondering if Alcohol was not introduced to Ireland for the same reason.

My father, Ambrose Thomas Murphy was a school teacher and the smartest man that I ever knew.

I see that Bushmills Whiskey was introduced in~ 1608 and with approval of Great Britain.    Seems odd to me that the first thing they do is put up a whiskey factory??? That date does bear relevance, when thought of with other things that happened in history about the same time.

When was beer introduced???????

In America far too much is machismo is accredited to drinking alcohol and how much one can drink.  The effects on the liver, kidneys and longevity are highly detrimental. 

Not to mention the down time of the hangover and the escapism principal alcohol provides.

We tried to get rid of Alcohol in the United States with Prohibition but the Italian Mafia put an end to that.  It does help that the Catholic Church promote the drinking of Wine.  Our Lord would never promote alcohol!!!!!  I believe in Jesus Christ.  We were told in Catholic School that all priests actions were divinely inspired by God.  God would not molest Irish Boys so we know it is a fraud.

That Irish intellect is far smarter than most, I find it hard to believe it was derived from a long term history of Alcohol consumption!  400 years maybe with the negative influence of England, but 2000 years does not seem correct to me.  In the U.S. it is like they give you the alcohol and somehow your future is stolen!

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