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Monday, January 14, 2013

Barrack Obama on the Television Today on Gun Violence 01 14 2013

Barrack Obama on the Television Today on Gun Violence 01 14 2013

So he wants to take guns away from just those dangerous people who would use them against children.

As of the end of 2012,,,,303 active duty soldiers in the middle east took their own lives by suicide.  How did they likely do it I ask myself?  They put the gun to their head.

Do you see the irony here?


The irony is You cannot even trust the United States Military to be issued GUNS today!  The Military is function of government!  So are we to believe that our government should be able to tell us we should not have guns?

They gave guns to the Mexicans who killed U.S. drug agents with them.
The Government under Bush and Barrack took us to war in the Middle East and outfitted soldiers with Guns and what is happening more soldiers are killing themselves with guns than dying through enemy fire.

Barrack says that if he even brings up the issue that the resistance wall that everyone cries foul!

We are finding out that the Constitution is holding itself to be true with regard to the United States not having a military in times of peace.  We were supposed to be the country that created and innovated and lead the world through innovation but their is a reason it is no longer true.  If you have a military in times of peace you end up with more soldiers committing suicide than dying in the war you caused!

A message to any Jews who believe in the Eugenics movement in the United States, remember this, If it was not for the nature of freedom that prevailed in the United States their would have been no one to save you from your own devices.  And their was a big Jewish name in the Eugenics movement pre- world war II.  If you think you can create a race of superior human beings through the use of magnetic scalar waves (etc.) to displace the soul of a non-volunteered person to chose as your soul template master remember this:  after you reduce the freedom of the United States to nil who is going to save you from the likes of you!

Also remember this those imprinted children will never be as strong minded as the original, they will not be their to save you!

Commanders in Chief need a certain familiarity with guns in order to take us to war.  Boy's need a certain familiarity with guns so that after they get the gungh ho craze to join the military in what should be times of peace they do not put the gun to their heads.  These are son's who had fathers that did not have guns in the family.  Or son's without fathers all together.  That gun is very dangerous weapon.  Every decision an adult makes with regard to others in his life is a dangerous proposition also.  Sure cigarettes might not kill you as fast as gun would but they will kill you.  The decision of a chemical company to make a new chemical falls under the exact same factor of responsibility- if that family had a gun in the house maybe that child who grew up to be a doctor would not prescribe a pill that killed people.  Maybe he would indeed be a better doctor because he grew up all his life knowing that something in the house was very dangerous and could kill him right away.  Believe it or not some parents who have guns in the house do not even know the responsibility that comes with them or how to teach that to a child.  I call them Satanic minded.

These mass killings are like a circuit breaker that is being popped and it is indicative of problems that are not being addressed.  That is another reason guns are important.  You haven't been truthful about what and who is making people crazy have you!  You haven't been truthful with regard to religion either have you.  The truth is that there is a race of people who create the mentally ill in order to get ahead in life.  In order to try an escape a human nature they were born into.

What is also a circuit breaker that is being popped?  Our own army can not be trusted not to kill themselves with the guns that are given to them.

In the wake of all that you are going to start the precedent, THE PRECEDENT, of taking our guns away?  That is not a PRECEDENT you want to start.

Not only that if you initiate that Precedent you are likely to cause more deaths by gun violence than you could ever imagine.  Do not start the PRECEDENT!  The other problems need to be addressed.

Barrack I have a dining room table that I built from recycled wood.  You can come to my house anytime and play cards with my mother and myself.  You can bring your wife too.

Barrack wasn't starting to cry today because of the questions they were asking him on television today?  Something else came to his mind as he was speaking.  Something I thought of at the same time and wrote here?

Bill Gates is even starting to mention Eugenics and sterilizing Citizens of the world.  A person achieves a billion dollars and makes it by capitalizing on the American people and people of the world and what is the first thing that he can't wait to talk about; population control.  One might come to the conclusion that population control should start with the rich.

As with regards to war?  You will end war in the world very quickly if you say that we are no longer allowed to have army reserves and set up a draft system in case of war so that all the offspring of the rich are drafted to fight it first- no exceptions!  And once they are sent off to war might gun violence no  longer be a problem in the United States?

There are those of you who know what you have done wrong, let me ask you this with regard to your push through of dangerous ideas on the rest of us, with United States soldiers given guns and shooting themselves with them in the middle east- who will be there to save you when something really bad starts to happen?  That is when you know you did not raise your kids right!

There comes a time in every one's life when they can no longer believe in a delusion of themselves as being someone they are not.  For some of us it happens when we first touch the hot oven and burn ourselves.  For some of us it never happens because we (you) were coddle raised to be the exact opposite!  Will you ever learn?
 Here is the link from the stat referenced.

 You want to know what I think of personal achievement, religion, soul theft and falsely defined mental illness play track number 9.

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