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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Barrack Obama wants a Cabin Boy 01 22 2013

Barrack Obama wants a Cabin Boy 01 22 2013

The face of the Arab and the face of the Jew look the same to me!

A $120 million dollar party for Barrack and the Homosexuals?

Does any American believe that he has any capability other than the slow dance we saw him do with his wife yesterday?

Are we to believe he worked so hard his first term and every day in the office of President that he deserved a $120 million dollar party?  That party yesterday had the nuances of Monarchy didn’t it!

England was druid central.  There is no royalty there today and there never has been!  It is and has always been a pirate nation!  British Petroleum has gas stations littering the United States and we pay $4 a gallon!  The only reason it is okay is because it should force us to adopt clean energy instead.

The war in the middle east?  Are you kidding me?  We are paying not just $4 a gallon for gas but the satanic race has figured out we sacrifice American boys to them for the oil also!  So if a rich person in America wanted a Cabin Boy from a foreign country he could just go there and they would offer him one wouldn’t they, part of whatever their gypsy culture is.

I would say that we bring all of our military home so that we can regroup and bring peace to the world but we do not have the leadership in the U.S. and nor does it exist anywhere in the world.  And with all that our military is accused of we do not want those people living next door to us.

Barrack Obama is a Skeleton boned puppet of the Satanic billionaires.  He talks about equality but he in no way, shape or from believes in it!

He referenced Martin Luther King, but Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave if he knew what Barrack Obama really was!

Martin Luther King would have never advocated that black people become their own worse enemy in order to bring freedom and greater rights to them!  Why not?  Because that is the activity that gets rights taken away from people- it’s called crime!    Contrast Martin Luther King to Barrack Obama who takes on the mannerisms of punk boxer Mohamed Ali and not Martin Luther King.  And that is his bad secret here!  Barrack is acting who to be!  It means lessens the meaning of what he professes to believe.  And why does he need to act out the beliefs?  Because he knows he cannot deliver and is on the wagon that all that is important is confidence; confidence without consideration!  The Confidence Man is a unique type of criminal many of the younger generations have never heard about.

White people are being tortured both in the middle east and the United States to further a sick headed agenda of Barrack Obama.

M/L King would be the first to say he should have never been in office and needs to go!  Barrack would have him assassinated if he were alive and spoke up against him!

Barrack does not believe in Freedom and individual rights, he believes in the Vondoon religion where a man woman god is created by emasculating and demonizing young males.  Homosexuals create the man woman Gods because they have by definition the souls of women!  All sexual molesters of males that are males are by definition in my book homosexuals!  Who else would want to do that to someone?

Barrack misquoted Thomas Jefferson too!  TJ implied self development to be a man and therefore greater than a King!  B/O implied you are equal no matter or not whether you sought to develop your own IQ!  What is this belief?  Projected self pity that leads to mediocrity!  That is a belief of tyrannical kings and monarchies and common LOW LIFES!

Barracks (socialism?) is that it is futile to educate inner city black people so you just give them money and let them decide how to rule. 

1.        You want to pot have pot.

2.       You want to fuck another male you fuck another male.

Those are ghetto and slum beliefs!!!!  Those are the beliefs of sons who never had a true father!

That is indeed a major thrust of his Move organization- the let the inner city people decide how to rule themselves.



B/O does not represent the image of what Ivy league should be any more than Penn State University does!


B/O implies he wants to be with a man in the white house!  Give him a blinky, let him suck his thumb instead and send him back to Africa; Kenya that is.


Are we to believe that drunken head Piers Morgan has self respect and class?  Send him back in the same Cabin with Barrack.

Seriously, black people if you really think B/O is good for you and us- you can have his leadership all to yourself back in Africa, Kenya that is!  You can’t stand the thought of that because you realize he is a fraud too! (If you think I am harsh on Barrack and the Democrats you have never read what I have written about Republicans!!!!!!!!)

46 million on food stamps, poor reading ability, 50 million criminals?  This is pirate nation!  That $120 million for Barracks inaugural party could have bought a lot of books for black mothers and fathers to read to their children.  It tells us something about the Black Population of this country too doesn’t it?  They feel helpless to raise their own children?

This is not a working democracy because the satanic mind has defeated the heart of America!

I would expect better from B/O but apparently he is no smarter than a high school dropout!

$120 million party for B/O?  He could never legitimately earn that amount of money in his lifetime!  That is Pirates Booty he misspent (It means stolen money.)  England is a pirate Island that falsely legitimized itself.


What B/O believes in religiously or otherwise is what sustains the cores, slums and poverty of the United States at the lowest level!

Barracks vision for Black America is to tell you that you are all gay like him!  (And watch you die of aids?  What a fucking role model!)

Maybe Oprah can weasel it out of him that he is bisexual.

Hey blacks if you dragged around the corner and about to be raped I believe that you have the right to kill in your self defense and not be found guilty.  And it will be labeled domestic violence and part of that statistic that is used to take the guns out of your hands.

And what American ever wants to look at a spoiled cry baby faced homo who looks into the camera at the American public like they were wrong about him all along and we did something terrible in terms of what we thought of him?

And here is another one of those sociables.

England sent their criminals to Australia as a penal colony once and what do they do today?  They send Piers Morgan to the United States.


And the Black and Italian daytime Nannies that sit with Barbara Walters also decided for America that it is okay for a screwed up straight man to have sex with another on what they call the Down Low.

I am sure some mothers would love to offer their young sons in bed for such American Idols.  I have even heard one Jewish man say to me that he did what he had to do to become successful in the world- he meant that he sucked an Asians dick.

That will be the next reality show the Jews say that they thought of.  The Find a Kissy Faced Cabin Boy for B.O. show.

What are we finding out about the brave young men who served in our military?  They became unwilling Cabin Boy’s to a chain of command that gave illegal orders.

My Uncle Larry was a drill sergeant and he told me you would have to whip a black man in the military to get him to do what he was told.  To be fair he used the words… PRACTICALLY have to whip…

Barrack wants no name calling?  Some PURE blooded Aryan whites in our Country I would call NIGGERS!  And a married black man who is superciliously indoctrinating policy where a married black man can have a Cabin Boy, that is a Nigger to me!

Hey black folks why don’t you lobby in your communities for B/O to come and live there after his presidency by offering your best sons as a Cabin Boy for him!

You know a Cabin Boy got better treatment on Sephardic Pirate Jew slave ship on the way to America!  Or didn’t he?  Come Martin Luther Kinger’s tell us what you BELIEVE!  Is Barrack Obama really a Martin Luther Klinger?

If you don’t want my bile don’t wake me up at 4:00 am!

Barracks answer for inner city crime, poverty and low education is, “Get me a Cabin Boy, I’m lonely in the White House now that my daughters are old?”  Makes one wonder why people marry the wives they do if they are not compatible.  I mean really we see him with her all yesterday and then what is his true belief?  I am lonely in the White House now that my daughters aren’t around.  I need a friend here with me.

Did anyone notice how pretty his youngest daughter was!  But wait I looked closely she has the same facial pattern as the Queen of England.  What is up with that?  Also if you were to review the footage of Piers Morgan you would also see that for just one second the face of the Queen of England superimposed over his!

And what is the Queens view of Homosexuality?  To answer that we have to ask ourselves a very serious question, “How did BBC television legend Jimmy Savile get away with sexually molesting so many children- over 200!”  There are no guns in England are there!  Security cameras everywhere too!  But somehow Jimmy Savile evaded all of that!  Right under the nose of the queen?  What was the IRA ever fighting for?  Same thing the literal Yankees fought for in the Revolutionary War?

Ask those over 200 English that were molested what they think of the rule of Great Britain and its Government.
Jimmy Savile is the exact nature of the British Monarchy and the dresses just like the Queen, Michelle Obama and her daughters did yesterday!

Michelle Obama you want me to believe in you, you come out wearing blue jean overhalls!
J/S? That is one lineage we need to hand over the Burial Group.

I know exactly what Barrack Obama is thinking, “If Michael Jackson got’s to have a white cabin boy’s soes does I!”
What is tyranny?  And attempt to legitimize everything you have done wrong in life!
Piers Morgan or Anderson Cooper if you really want to do the United States a favor, if you really think that you belong in the news media interview Jimmy Savile on your program.  It would end up proving to be a learning experience for you wouldn't it!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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