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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nick Wilcox Missing 01 02 2013 Update 7

Nick Wilcox Missing 01 02 2013
The news report is conflicted already.
1.        He left the bar with a man in a red shirt.
2.       He got carried out by the bouncers and that was the last time that I saw him.
Those two do not jive it was either one or the other.
He spoke with a few Police Officers outside the bar and was seen leaving with someone they met.
If you met that person and he was seen leaving with that person we need a description of that person if not indeed the person’s full name.  You meet a person you don’t always get their full name but sometimes you do.
Where the police called to the Bar?  Or where they staking out the area because there is always trouble there.  What are the details of that conversation per the police officers?  Was it negative?  If he was kicked out the bar he might have been causing trouble and once he was started causing trouble he might not have stopped causing immediate trouble with the police officers.
Friends last saw him heading down an alley between 1 and 3 am.  Where did they see him heading down that alley from?  Was he still with the man in the red shirt?
Now why does someone head down an alley when coming out of a bar late at night?  Everyone knows the likely reason, the cold air got to him and he went to take a piss.
It could be two other reasons too; to get or do drugs or to have some kind of sex.
But the police were in the area.  Here is the kicker.  They did not enter the bar when they spoke with Wilcox.  The news report makes this clear.   What happens when a bar gets to many calls to the police by it?  It goes belly up and loses its license at the review board.   If the police were right there when he came out of the bar after the bouncers spoke to him where they right there when he went down the alley to piss?
And pending on the nature of the conversation he had with them earlier did it turn to violence and accidental death in confrontation?
As long as you are going to have bars you are going to have trouble of this nature.  People do not drink in order to be able to be better thinking professionals in their careers.  They drink in order to escape.  When they drink they become slightly inebriated or worse and that is oxidative damage to the brain.  There is no system that say’s a person can only drink so much in one night and that is it.  You will always have trouble as long as alcohol is legal.  Bar owners are in the alcohol business, they don’t have the right to claim innocence.
And since he was thrown out of the bar did the bouncers who were wily and watched him too, go and beat him unconscious and throw him in the river?  Did they hold a poison clothe over his mouth and dump him in the river?  Did they use a homemade electric tazer  (taiser sp?) to knock him unconscious and dump him in the river.  The motive being he liked the bar and drank their and caused trouble and they did not want to lose their license?  He was there with friends!
And what of Kelly McGonagil?  It does not seem right that if he had the keys to her place that he would separate from her?  That doesn’t make sense.  No matter how drunk you are you always keep an eye out where your friends are in a bar.  Bar’s are dangerous places with dangerous people in them.
You ever have someone look at you with envy and you know what they are thinking? “If I ever see you at a bar I can fight with you and it will seem legitimate and there will be no recourse.”
In my college circa early 90’s I have seen people get hit over the head with bar glasses, I have seen people kicked so hard between the eyes that they should be dead, I have seen people nearly strangled on the bar floor, I have seen women molested by the bars owners, I have seen people decked so hard you would swear they should not have been able to get right up, I have seen men being thrown out by the bars bouncers while they yell, “We don’t want any fucking Iranians in here.”  ( I like Iranian many Iranian laws.)  We don’t need alcohol or bars.  It has had a negative effect on the potential, health and safety of our country in every way.  I have to wonder when alcohol was first introduced to Ireland and by whom!
No-one who is drunk goes out for a walk on the ice by themselves.  If he was going home by way of river he might have ducked down in behind that old wheel house place and then came up by North Avenue or that walkway bridge that is just a little bit south of it.  Some people like the scenic routes, no matter what.  Could he be frozen to death passed out in those tall grasses?
Nick Wilcox
PS.  Who wears only a red shirt in this cold weather?  Someone that lives close by?  Even if you have a car parked close to the bar you still wear a jacket unless you wear very expensive jackets!

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Sent to Police Department on 01 02 2012 at 5:02 pm
Originally published on 01 02 2012 at:

Post Script background type info, much of which you will not consider relevant.  I believe that this missing person, the Irishmen that was found in the river last year about this time and the girl that went missing at Summerfest last year are all linked to the Lacrosse and Eu Claire River Drownings.  Was there a dark force that migrated to Milwaukee from Lacrosse that preceded these accidental drownings here?
There are two retired New York detectives who investigated those murders and found evidence that they were done by a serial killer.  The serial killers mark was a smiley face.  That would link it to the Summerfest incident of the girl last summer and also maybe way back to the early seventies when a black boy was found dead at Summerfest.

Two Detectives Link

Also below is a link to an article that tells what people interviewed in LaCrosse think of those drownings.  The author tries to make a counterargument to the serial killer notion, but I tend to believe what the people that he quotes and references say.

What people in LaCrosse think of the Drownings there

My theory regarding the motivation of all these murders has to do with the unknowing leader of a school of thought being killed at the time he gets wise to what he is.  The Slavic people believe that the soul is separate from the body. 

A smiley face spray painted next to the victims body?  That is indicative of people involved in Graffiti- I think Mexican American when I think spray paint and Graffiti.

All of this kind of reminds me of when the Russian Monk Rasputin objected too much to the evil culture and politics in Russia.  He was assassinated.  They found him very hard to kill, they gave him enough poison to kill a horse, they tried to drown him, eventually they shot him in the head too.   It might be fair to say that he had the strength of ten men; those "ten men" being symbolic of those who were part of his soul or school of thought?   I have to wonder if the term Reverend has any correlation with Revenant.  Before Christianity was reformed their was a widespread belief in demonization of the Christ archetype as if he were a Revenant; just the opposite was true.  The people believed what was easy for them to accept about themselves in belief.

And I have to also ask this question, A Priest molests a little boy and the boy can do nothing about it because he is not as strong and he is trusting.  That the mode of an evil adult isn't it.  What is the operand when an adult seeks to victimize another adult?  A murder is the result of it because that adult is going to fight back.  Therefore in order to take on an adult male you need overwhelming type of force- that means more than one person.  And when you have more than one person doing this it is an occult.  We won't be told why the Catholic Priests molested the boys' but I will say it would be the same motivation why young men in college were killed in serial fashion.  How can a religious figure have the duality of good and the capacity to commit such great acts of evil at the same time?

If I were indeed investigating these murders there are a variety of questions that I would find relevant to ask.  Such as what major was the person taking up and what classes was he taking.  What religious beliefs did he have.  If there was a history of schizophrenia in the family it means he was a leader of a school of thought, I would want to know if there was a family history.  What it really means is that those of a challenged mind learned from the mind of the leader of the school of thought.  There is much evidence to support this view in the Bible.  Are the mentally ill really mentally ill or are they traumatized.  We believe that our military personal should have guns as part of Homeland Security and yet we deny the truth that many veterans are indeed homeless on the streets and labeled mentally ill?  So there indeed we have a belief that is popularized and yet very untrue. They became that way after being traumatized.  

The framework of these murders would seem to be a lot like one I commented on about a year ago.  Where a group of women got jealous over the valedictorian of the school and got together and murdered her.  When you watched them speak on Camera from one time date to the next they were highly inconsistent, and you knew they were guilty.  Not only that the man that was framed for the murder was also tossed around in the justice system even after the appeal evidence was overwhelming.

The traditional way for a child to learn is from their loving parents, there minds are imprinted by them in this way and it is a proven fact.  The brain wave of the son matches the father as the father teaches the son.  When the son goes to school he listens to the teacher in the same trustworthy way.  The Satanic on the other hand bully to imprint themselves on a scapegoat in order to learn from them.  Later on in life that person will indeed hear voices- they are trying to free themselves from that connection to him/her.  To, as the slavs belief, claim that soul separate from the body belongs to them and not the leader of the school of thought.

When you are raised by loving parents of good nature you find it very hard to understand the minds that commit all these evil acts.  It only makes sense if you believe that some other form of psychology than your own is at work.  And if you study the Bible you learn to understand that thread of belief and how it has played out throughout history.  It makes sense if you believe that there is something different, something that was cast out of the Garden of Eden because it was not able to  listen to its father? It has gone on for far too long.

So I have mentioned the Slavic's, I have mentioned Hispanics, etc.  It is not a race thing, it is an occult construct- a grouping of those who are of the same evil psyche.  A new belief that I have is that members of this occult seek to murder leaders of schools of thought they were not part of as a matter of reciprocity?  Have you ever heard of someones child from a crime family being kidnapped?  It would never happen and if it did you cannot tell me that with a few phone calls they could not figure out who did it,  there is less than six degrees of separation in that family?  It is also the feeble minded that need alcohol as both a form of escapism and also a tool to push on people to screw them up; hence prohibition was defeated.

When you look at all of these river drownings you see that the blood alcohol content was high.  When I was in college I drank quite a bit and had to have a high BOA, but I was always a good driver!  What am I getting at?  It takes a lot more than that for someone to accidentally drown!!!

The Satanic can turn on you out of the blue.  When I was a boy three of my Catholic schoolmates tried to push me out onto the ice and into the Milwaukee River.  They became like rabid animals.

I have seen the face of Satan many times in my life just as Jesus Christ did. 

The question then becomes, Are there those of Slavic nationality or other PreChristian European nationalities, or any compromised human being status that still hold true to those old pagan beliefs, the horrific meaning of them and promote acts based on them?  I know this is true.  I believe it to be carried down in family tradition and done out of desperation.  I believe that any race creed or color has the potential to learn in the traditional manner and that if it is not the case there has to be some anomalous cause or as I have stated a matter of mal nurture over-weighing nature?  I could be wrong only time will tell.  The Book of Revelation states that, "The miserable ones who are still with us will start to come forward at some time."  Live a day in my life or anyone else who has been labeled and stigmatized in this manner and you will know what that means on the individual level.

A Chaplin in the Military comes very close to those who are dying and might be able to tell us of profound experiences.

Someone who loaded heavy scrap steel into a furnace mills might indeed be hired right away in the business of drowning people?

If you read any of my writings in this blog an others of mine they are all consistent as they follow the same belief system.  And it is like, just because you have a lifetime problem does not mean you get the right to victimize human beings.  It is the 21st century, many of us would rather you got it in the open so that we can accommodate for you and your special needs rather than see you tear the world apart in projected and acted out anger.

The jist of this second part is, If there are two New York Detectives that have evidence it is a serial killer then what is the nature of that serial killer; what is the motive?

I did it again, I wrote all of this stuff that can be wrongly interpreted as coming from a deranged personality.  You won't find the answers to world peace on your television set.  You never some highly paid presumed professional coming forth on television and solving any of our problems; it just doesn't happen!  For all the high end salaries in our economy we sure have a lot of problems don't we, and year after year after decade we still have those problems; very deranged belief of mine.

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Milwaukee Area Booksellers who stocked The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper

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Update 3

When you have a very similar event taking place almost exactly a year prior to today, around the coming of the new year, that is a ritual killing!  And two in a row does not leave me with confidence we will not see it happen again a year from today!  The people who kill others in this manner look for a weakness, someone that does not have their wits about them, someone they can cajole, someone they can convince with "Verbal" duress.  Assert yourself and your rights.  They look for that opportunity when a person does not have their wits about them just like a carnivore smells blood and goes into a frenzied attack maneuver.  If someone starts to ask you questions they might indeed be probing you to see if you have your wits about you.  Like a car salesmen is always motivated to ask how much you are willing to spend so he can go from there, be wary of goal orientated questions.  My favorite things to say to people who approach me on the street are, "I have nothing for you," or "That's all the time I have for you."  "I have nothing for you," works pretty good.

Update #4 Last year when that Irishman went missing down in the same area I wrote a profile of a man that I saw in the area around that same day same time and sent it to the Milwaukee Police Department.  I was in my cozy bed at home when Nick Wilcox went missing, but I can tell you that the man I profiled was very suspicious.

Update #5
The Milwaukee Chief of Police came on television and made a comment about the inquiry into the crime reports being a direct assault on the integrity of the Police Department.  I would view it more on the lines of a valid and much needed critique.  It did indeed prompt the department to determine that it needed better technology.  One should not have to feel threatened or like they are committing a crime when they assert their right to freedom of speech in this country; and their limitations.

But seeing him on the news got me thinking, what was the nature of the conversation between officers outside of the Irish Bar and Nick Wilcox before he went missing?  Did the officers inquire as to how such a drunk person was getting home.  Have the officers given testimony into what the nature of the conversation with Wilcox was?  Are officers required to be accountable for actions when confronting a citizen like this by making a written report.  I remember when I was in college, long before Flynn was Chief of Police, a carload of us got stopped for drunken driving.  Those officers were not going to let us go until someone proven sober could drive us home- and that was me!  But is begs the question did the officers just want to see if they could charge Wilcox for being drunk, (and that is what you do at a bar- that is a fact) or where they concerned about the safety of a citizen of Milwaukee and a Patron of a local business?  When it gets to be below 20 degrees people in shirts are in danger of freezing in the cold.  Might someone invited him in their house out of the cold and messed him up and then killed him?  How did he say he was getting home?  Did they ask him that?  Do you have friends in the bar that you have become separated from?  I have see Milwaukee Women go absolutely ballistic when their boyfriends are in trouble and facing the threat of physical violence, it just doesn't add up on that account either. 

These are all questions one should have in their minds when they study such a quagmire; instead of whose wife in the department can I have an affair with?  Where is your realm of conscience with regard to your professional position in our society?  The integrity starts at the top and from the start!  I have to ask with regard to integrity in the chain of command even though I know the answer, "Who appoints the chief of police?"

Update #6

I have often been confused by exactly what right a bouncer has to physically throw someone out of a bar?  I have seen bouncer body slam little men into the concrete. For all I know they have had lifetime disability from it.  Drinking alcohol and bars are places of trouble, if you own that business the business of trouble what right do you have to harm someone?  And who are these bouncers?  They are losers who did not make it into professional sports.  They are losers who could not make it trough college.  Do they indeed have simple minds full of spite and anger? Yes.  Do they like to think they are something in our society when they are not?  Yes.  Are many of them drug dealers?  You bet your life they are!!!  So what kinds of jobs should they be doing?  You don't hire a former bouncer to become a police officer.  To me they seem like the type that was held back for three grades in grade school.  And indeed they do pose a major problem to our society.  You go to a bar and you can see right away that they are eyeing people and looking for trouble.  Looking for an excuse to beat someone up.  You won't like my next commentary or believe it but many of them cannot think for themselves because they never formed their own soul- they are dependent minded.  So why do we give them a breeding ground?  It has to do with the woman that is the same exact way doesn't it?  By the time you are 18 years old and a man you should not be looking for trouble like the bouncer types do.  And if you totally missed your chance and the meaning of the traditional education system you do not have a right to infringe on the knowledge of the good citizens and their children who believed in it.  The good people of the world are very naive when it comes to the true nature of the feeble minded in our world.  I hate to be the one promote what the book of Revelation promoted with regard to the mark on the hand or on the head.

But another problem is this.  We spend all sorts of time and money trying to rehabilitate criminals and just they are freed it is all lost down the drain as they pick up the bottle and it indeed erases every memory they were taught.  So they are in and out of prison, on booze, in and out of prison.  What would make a person like this happy in their lives I would have to ask.  The feeble minded seek to erase what they have learned via the use of alcohol.  It is an escapism from personal development of ones mind.  Instead of going out on a Friday and Saturday night while you are in High School or College maybe you should just sit in a quiet room and try and remember what the teacher lectured you on.  Sure you might have to get past some of the personal mannerisms because you have an emotional problem.  You have an emotional problem or you wouldn't be drinking would you?

You can't say to someone you have been reformed you are not allowed to drink alcohol.  That is like how a useless parent tries to discipline a child, it is ineffective because the reality is they will find it if they want it.

So if indeed we ban alcohol and people commit the crime that violates prohibition are they not indeed defining themselves to be the criminal that cannot reform and fit into our society.

Here I am transforming into a bit of speculative fiction.  May our country get to the point where a criminal who has raped and murdered and committed horrific crimes is marked with a D stamp on their forehead?  They are marked for death!  So that if indeed they are caught in the act of a crime again they can be killed?  In reality we are all human and have faults and biases just like the bar tended that body slams the man half his height into the concrete pavement does.  Does it make sense to you to have a person that is hired to incite violence working at your business?  1. A business that routinely needs such a person should not exist as it violates our Constitution. 2. That person that got slammed into the concrete is human and it is not like they are not going to forget who did that to them.  So you are setting up the scene for further conflict and death right there. 3. I would argue that it is alcohol at conception that creates the soulless or feeble minded in the first place; Jesus and the Bible termed them Satan.

I don't get it.  Drink at a bar and behave?  I don't trust the younger generation with this concept.  Not with all the poverty, evil and lack of education.  How many people would become criminals without ever having alcohol?  My favorite drink was the Irish Stout that I brewed; but I have not had one or a drink in many many years.  Why not?  Alcohol makes me physically sick and the reason being is that you are not supposed to ever drink it and I did in college.  If it were banned when I was in High School or College would I have taken great issue with it?  Yes.  But as I look back and see how detrimental it is on human health I say it needs to go.  But we can not ban it until we write the definition of the dependent minded out and it becomes part of our societal norm belief.  In other words, I hate what it means, but- that person does not have their own soul or mind.  You can't have one without the other because those without a soul would take advantage of the naive and good in our world.  We would all be stripped of our rights and working in underground mines for them; because it is that easy for the nature of such a person to take advantage of others.  They thrive on it.  I have just defined the criminal mind haven't I.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wrote some more at link Below:
Here is the text from it >>>>>

Nick Wilcox Where Is He 01 07 2013
Assuming he did not skip town it means that there was contact with one or more other human beings.
1. Was he taken by Dahmner types?
How many ritzy places don’t have video cameras monitoring those who come and go that live there?
A. Assuming a non-confident to homicide operated them the video footage could be subpoenaed.
B. Can doormen be interviewed as to if he passed through; and would they tell and risk losing their jobs?

2. Did he get in a car and go with them? If so where?
3. Did a cab driver take him and mess him up? If so Cab driver records should be subpoenaed and analyzed.
4. Was he dumped in the Menominee or Kinnickinnick River as a distraction from the Milwaukee?

5. Assuming he was killed was he put in the trunk and the car drove away? If so where? Analyze the locus of travel of related people in the Bar that night. Connect the dots between;
a. School home
b. Bar
c. Hometowns
d. Other places frequented.
e. Late night restaurants.
With regard to the dot’s identify in line with them;
a. Fields
b. Parks
c. Creeks
d. Industrial properties.
e. Apartment complexes like J. Dahmner had. Where there was not a manager around that late at night, an unmonitored doorway.
Ask to review footage.
Homes of those known to be involved in prior crimes, drugs or prostitution.
Was he human trafficked? Him being Irish the likely candidate would be rich English? He would be the most dangerous game or prey or rape victim to them?
What do I believe a killer of him might look like?
1. Short
2. Wealthy
3. English
4. Someone involved in the financial industry- Tea Party?
Did they case the Irish Bar and wait outside for someone?
Was it an occult group of the antisocial English wealthy? Was the European Bilderberg group behind it?
Background: Wealthy English Bankers were known to sacrifice babies.
This occurred on the first of the year so it looks to be an occult sacrifice?
It was near Marquette University stomping grounds. Was a religious occult involved such as Opus Dei? Religious occults believing in astrology and the astronomy of it! - the first of the year? Who is involved in local astrology or astronomy?
Occult what does it mean in modern terms? It is really a group of people that don’t have their own soul and are dependent minded on the souls of others! It is a secret that goes back to the Garden of Eden.

With the antisocial and non-pragmatic political platform of the Republican party the entirety of the party could be considered occult.

Let’s say you were a business owner cleaning up late at night and saw him pissing in the alley and you got in a scuffle with him and accidentally killed him, how would you dispose of the body?
Would you have members of the Tavern League help you? Is the tavern league just as dangerous as the military industrial complex was in Nazi Germany? NO DOUBT!

To figure out where revert to a logistic analysis of item’s from number 5 above and newly relevant items consistent with that line of thought.

So who takes a human sacrifice the 1stof the year? It is a pagan belief! Even though many religions have human sacrifice as their founding basis it is still a Pagan belief isn’t it! So in order to understand the Pagan mind you have to think of such a person more like having a simple primate mentality and go back in history and read about the horrific actions of such people.

Have I seen one new or renamed church in Milwaukee in the past year?
Is it Greek?
Might a Pagan Greek mind feel we are responsible for the Greece financial crisis? I mean let’s face the fact it does not take too much to figure out what the motive of a Pagan could be. It could be something very simple and of psychotic origin and train of thought. Greeks believed in Christianity as an excuse to demonize those they viewed to be the archetype of a Vampyr. Because that is how they thought of Jesus Christ! It wasn’t until Christianity was reformed until this belief was not professed. But do people really change their beliefs? How hard is it for a person to change an evil belief? Did the belief system really just take on the form of discrete occult?

With that regard are there businesses that just started or failed that might have pagan ideas?
Remember that the United States was the rarest form of Government ever formed and it did so in order to be free from the Religion of the King!!!

Which leads me to ask the question. Are new public servants questioned with regard to religious beliefs? Or is that just an irrelevant joke?

Religious discrimination might not be legal, but if a person’s religious belief is involves hurting other people then indeed those are relevant questions to legally ask in an interview. Why? You do not want any of your workers hurt! You do not want them to rise to power whereby workers will be hurt by them! You don’t want careless people working for you! (This all sounds contrary to the illegitimate Newt Gingrich and his small government gypsy wagon again.)

And is a religion really a Pagan Business or Pagan Syndicate? Can you prove your religion is worthy? If I can prove it isn’t you can’t prove it is!

You ever notice how many business owners don’t know how to smile. What is their real religion? The capitalization of the Good and Honest American?

To promote a false belief when you comparatively do not believe in yourself? Has this been a method of survival of an archetype that was kicked out of an ancient garden? Milwaukee is teaming with them!

Did a cab driver of the SIKH community seek psychotic justice for the killings at the SIKH Church? Retaliating in psychotic reverse racism?

To be fair the religion of the English King is Christianity and Protestant. If you look up Christianity it says it is a Protestant Religion. It is like wanting to change history again to make yourself look to be on the good side or diminish the bad actions of people like you in history so no-one gets wise to you? India was indeed occupied by the Kings Religion and there were those that were loyal to the King and not the native India Indian!!!! I think we are still seeing traces of Druid English Imperialism in our world today; if not a resurgence? May our Constitution protect us and rid us of them.

We have laws in the United States and they are what made the U.S. so great; not the presence of the falsely self proclaimed.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 07 2013 at:

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Here is what one reader on wrote about it!!!!!!

"Did you enjoy the movie "Water World" and the adventures of the Hobbit? Do you enjoy reading books drawn from imagination, fantasy, and scientific inventions? If you do, this book was written for you. This book will take you on a journey through rivers and passages that include technological inventions and unique character relationships. A very creative well written read!"

Somewhat related and relevant considering that the body found in the Milwaukee River was not Nick Wilcox=>>>


When I think about when people are believed to be lost through the ice I think that what we might need is a hovercraft that has a constant sonar that see through the ice and displays an image. It could help eliminate drowning as a cause of a missing person.

The sonar could be made by a roller type connection that is pressed to the ice. Or a heating element that clears snow in front of the sonar element. There ought to be a way to do it. And the modern sonar has the capability to cast a very detailed underwater image. More than one tranducer could be used in an array pattern to minimize the number of passes that are needed to cover an area.

Such a system would not catch everything, like close to shore where there many obstructions, by it might help. It should have recording to digital media capability to.

If the Clean Water act is indeed successful more people will be swimming in rivers and lakes and something like this would be helpful.

That or a mini submarine! But a mini submarine would be very very expensive. I would think a hovercraft and this type of sonar could be or should be able to be procured for less then $20,000 dollars. And the hovercraft could direct the power such that the operator does not get wind chill. For example snow mobile type drive system located under hull that retracts upward over open water and a different propulsion engages.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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