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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The School Zone Gun Law Didn't Work 01 13 2013 Update #2

The School Zone Gun Law Didn't Work 01 13 2013

What does that tell us?  That the people who are making our laws and trying to govern our society should not be.

The Mayor hired a Milwaukee Chief of Police officer and the first thing he did was commit adultery with another mans wife.  Neither of those two should be in control of other people.

Now the SIKH's want to search every home and confiscate 100% of the guns!  I am beginning to believe that the SIKH's or bad religion might be part of the problem of gun violence.

That is a bad religion and I am not afraid to say it is.

We do not let bad religion change our Constitution!

We have the rights against illegal search and seizure.
We have the right to keep and bare arms.
We have the right to be free from religion.  And that last comment is the source of all the gun violence.  This country was founded on the belief that we have the right to be free from bad religion!  That also means we have the right to be free of bad people!

You want to get up to the podium and talk like a pansy about gun control?  You made the school zone gun law and it didn't work; 20 children were killed. 

If you want to end gun violence the last thing you want to do is to try and search and seize guns!  You will be creating more gun violence than you could ever imagine.

Don't listen to me and my rants about the satanic.  Just do what  you want, you'll see I'm right.  You won't admit it beforehand but you will see after hand.

A school zone gun law?  What are you telling us about your children?  When I was in High School we had a rifle team at the High School!  We shot rifles at the High School!  You have created more than one generation of children who are not responsible to do that!  Not only that you do not trust your own children!  YOU DO NOT TRUST YOUR OWN CHILDREN!   And that is the cause of the problem!

Even Wayne La Pierre, of NRA, didn't get this one right.  You cannot guard a school from gun violence with just one good man.  You need at least 9!  There isn't even the money to keep public schools open!

Would one armed guard be a deterrent?  The School Zone Gun Las was supposed to function as a deterrent and it didn't.  If you put a statue of Sandusky out front of your school would you find that to be a deterrent too?  A deterrent from what?  The children of the non-satanic receiving a good education?  It is like the Jews worshiping the Golden Hind again isn't it?  Yes the Jews worshipped the God of a Golden Hind once; that is all you need to know about their religious beliefs too!  The only way that crime exists as much as it does today is if you have bad religious tribes at work!  Handing out money from the land of the free and trying to bankrupt it was Bernie Madeoff with the $50 billion- that is a good analogy to the Jews selling out Jesus Christ for 20 bars of silver.

Which leads me to the next question, was the Berlin Wall brought down because it was really a superficial means for Jews to evict themselves from Russia?  A "We'll keep you here until you can't wait to leave for good!" and then open the gate.

I am not antisemitic, I am not an atheist, but I am anti religion!  Religion has proved that it is not religious! 

Is this another case where the Satanic want to make a business out of what was once free?  Television used to be free and they made a business out of it!!! What do we get?  Gun violence right!  There is no coincidence there.

In order to properly guard a school from guns you need 9 guards!  That means your schools go bankrupt. It means that schools become pay for profit.  Then it means not everyone in the United States gets an education.  And who is championing all this?  Those of the Satanic mind who can be said to have never received an education in their lives even though they have degrees from Ivy League Universities!  That is a feudal society being created.  Who wants a feudal society?  Those who have rat nested away enough money so that they can live in it.  And what happens in feudal societies?  People are tortured in dungeons! We have had enough of all this already in the history of the world!  And do you know what happens in  a feudal society?  The people with castles (And Palaces of foreign architecture)  get to have all the guns they want.

For those who don't get something unless I explain it at the level of an idiot I'll try again.  How do we know the School Zone Gun Law didn't work?  Because if it had Holmes (If that is his name) would not have been able to kill 20 kids.  You can't post a guard at a school because that won't work either.  And then what does that guard need?  He will want $300,000.00 worth of video surveillance equipment.  And what will he use it for?  Take movies of boys in bathrooms likely.  I can not count the endless amount of times I have had men use their cell phone cameras to photograph me changing clothes at a health club- they think you don't know.  That is the kind of sick Golden Hind generation that has been created.  You see a person talking on their camera cell phone and pointing it at you what are you supposed to do run and tell?  Beat the crap out of them?  No they just should not be that way!  Bad religion!  Queers.  Then what are you going to say?  Queers should not be prevented from becoming guards at schools?  I am starting to pull apart your bad logic aren't I?  I can hear the evil mother with her face turning red because she has been timelessly defeated in thought again!

That armed guard will either be shot with a lasered sighted round into his mouth or the killer will find another way to kill those children.  Then you will want to give crossing guards guns?  Are you kidding me?  Those crossing guards don't even wear clean clothes!  They are not getting the money for clean clothes because it is a low budget item.  The queen of the village pays that one $7 bucks an hour!  Wait that sounds like a good idea give him a gun to protect your children queen of the village!

Ten armed guards at a school isn't America anymore!  That is ridiculous!  So what has changed in America?  You have a whole generation of dumb mothers that want to bare no responsibility for how their children are raised.  That is the same thing as a primate tribe isn't it!  It doesn't work!  You don't get human beings that way.  And that is indeed what you want to be more than anything else.  You covet that and hate those who are just like the collective noun of Satan loathed Jesus Christ!

Those psychotic killers are being made psychotic!  Who does this to them? Yes them!  Their lives are ruined to and they are victims or they would not do what they do!  To the Satanic those who have their own souls have committed a crime!!! That is what they believe!  They seek to take it!

Is magnetic based Scalar Wave technology involved? Yes it is! 

So who is satanic?  That dull eyed classroom bully who goes on to become highly successful?  Yes!  Billionaires or those who have access to endless money?

A bad Federation.
A bad church.
A bad religion that seeks to hide the satanic identity of members.

If they are causing the deaths you would want them hung in the public square wouldn't you.  As soon as I say that the Satanic start getting the noose ready for the good Jesus Christ who spoke up against them don't they!

You are not making the right choices nor are you propagating the world with those who can!

Satanic defined; their intelligence was never theirs which means they never had any!  Why do you make me do this SIKH's, you know very well that when you are trying to form a bond with a higher intelligence that you are creating schizophrenics in our society.  You know it!  You ought to be crying as I am!  And you know that you have many religious factions that follow the same hidden path you do!  SIKH's you could change the world!  You could bring peace to the world, you have that power!  But it is not by advocating search and seizure of guns to curb gun violence- that will only create more gun violence.

Some Satanic like to believe that they are better than that dull eyed bully who was held back for two grades in grade school!  None of you are any better than that!  And not only that, with the drive to your feudal society that is who will be running it and your classrooms!  You will have defeated education!  But that will be okay with you because you all learn from one mind that you torture!

If there are three hundred billionaires in the world controlling us, killing people and paying money to keep crime in place- make me world leader and I will hang everyone of them in public squares.  But only if they are found guilty of multiple murders!  Their concentrated wealth is doing us no good!  Not only that the satanic do not earn their money.

Let me tell you the truth. I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN SOUL OR NOT!  What I care about is when you bother and harass other people for their human souls.  You have never had that right in the history of the world and you never will!  I like or dislike people based on their actions.  You walk into a business you expect the proprietor to smile like he wants you to spend your money with him.

You walk into any church in the world and you should be greeted with open arms and welcomed at any time.  If that is not the nature of your religion you are not religious!!!!!  I can argue what God is and what God isn't in every case and I will win.

There are 46 million Americans that are on food Stamps and not only should they hate you they do hate you!  Do you know what your solution is regarding them? Take away their guns and throw them in the back of the garbage truck!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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