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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why People Talk to Themselves in Public 01 03 2013

Why People Talk to Themselves in Public 01 03 2012

Or rather why those labeled schizophrenic talk to themselves in public.

It is very simple- they only way they can clear their minds to hear themselves think is if they speak their thoughts out loud.

They know they weren’t talking to anyone!

It has to do with the Satanic and what the Bible say’s in the Book of Revelation- indeed it is a form of, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud!”

They are not crazy because of that, it means one of two things and that there are two factions in the event-

1.        Those who are leaders of their school s of thought and think for themselves.


2.        Those who were raised to be dependent minded!

The #2’s covet the mind of the #1’s and compete for it and with it because it brings them sanity.

The #1 covets his/her own mind and as the Bible states, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud.”  The #1’s are competing to think with their own minds and souls- it should not be that way!

There is no greater way to prove the pecking order of who is who then to put some distance between the two and see who listens when the blessed one reads aloud.  Those of group #2 can’t read when #1 does because their minds did not form in that way!  Nor do they have the comprehension that #1 does.  A #1 seeks only his her own comprehension and that he learns from others in the traditional manner of listening.

And the #2’s always like to try and assert they are #1’s!  Schiz- don’t be fooled by them!

When #1’s think independently for themselves it breaks and shatters the delusion the #2’s have of themselves!  That is also why they compete for that mind.

That is why the #2’s go to extreme lengths to prevent this from happening; why they go to extreme lengths to try and prevent the #1’s from being able to think.  The #2’s would like to prove the #1’s can’t because it allows the #2’s to live in their blissful world of delusion.  As I stated their  (#2’s) agenda is to go to extreme lengths to prevent it.

You know no matter what position of power you have attained in your life, you do not deserve to be their if you actively seek to prevent a #1 from being able to think for themselves.

It means that all #2’s are great fraud’s, would you want decisions regarding your life made by one of them?  Would you want one to decide your fate using your own mind to your exclusion!!!  No you wouldn’t!!!
When a  #1 talks to himself in public in the presence of #2's it does indeed seem to quiet the #2's.  When you were in school did you have sympathy for the classroom when they did not quiet down right away when the school bell rang and class was in session?  I sure did!!!!  What happens to those who wanted to talk through class?  They create a world that is symbolic of leadership of chickens that had their heads cut off!  They drown out all original human thought, covet it and plagiarize it.

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