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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who Lives by looting the Gold Teeth of Others 01 10 2013

Who Lives by looting the Gold Teeth of Others 01 10 2013

The best way to understand the events in the history of the world is who is left with the looted gold teeth of those they victimized and where is that race of people right now?

So they looted Gold Teeth in Nazi Germany.  That wasn't too long ago in world history.  Where are those people who looted Gold Teeth today?

Do they form part of the American Dental Association?

Have they developed technology to screw with people by magnetically pulsing their tooth fillings?

If you think of satan as being a monkey that does not have his own soul and lives on the thoughts of others you get some idea of the type of person that could utilize technology that could minutely influence and control human beings.

It is like this.  The monkey sits and listens to the thoughts of others.  The monkey even likes to believe he'/she is part of another person.  And indeed it is true that they do become part of that other person.  But what happens when human being A has the choice of either getting a drink of tap water from the sink or having an acid based corn syrup carbonated soda and Satan monkey trips the switch on a radio wave based magnetic pulse generator? Satan say's you drink the soda that is no good for you and you do make that choice without even knowing why.

Satan see's that you have a baby.  Satan flips the switch right before you are about to tell your wife that you love her and that memory is wiped from your brain as the electrical impulse between synapses is negated.  You end up getting a divorce.  The lawyer makes money and a couple though maybe not even the Satan that flipped the switch adopts your child that they coveted all along.

You sit down to patent your idea and satan flips the switch and sends a magnetic pulse that disturbs your ability to concentrate while satan patents your invention and makes a million from or gives it to another satanic person who could be viewed by the public as someone who likely thought of the idea for themselves.  For all we know it goes right into the Queens pocket.

The magnetic pulse attenuates your dental work and serves as a minute distraction.

Hard to believe it is allowed to happen in the United States of America.

But that is indeed where the gold tooth looters are today!

 Does any of this make any sense to you?

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