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Monday, January 21, 2013

More Inauguration Points 01 21 2013

More Inauguration Points 01 21 2013

Our rich Jewish media  (96% owned by my former research) recently showed how a boy with mongoloid looking features got a heart transplant.  It was meant to show how great our health care system is and how much kindness everyone has.

Good lord!  There are 46 million Americans on Food Stamps.

It was a Jew (Howard Stern) who said that Jews control the porn industry.  That also means that they control the child pornography industry.  I hope you are comforted by that?  Where did they get the boy's heart?

One more item.  We had the breakdown and almost complete halt of government because Barrack Obama and the Republicans could not agree on budget.  And then it is two weeks later and they are spent $120 or $200 million on an inauguration for Barrack Obama.

And they cannot even get it right what year he is as President of the United States!  I heard 44, 45 and 46!

Barrack's wife said that he doesn't care about money!  Money is a big issue in Government.  44,45,46 does Barrack Obama even know Algebra?

He is only one man the same man so it means that for his second term he is still the successive year of his first.  This is our Cabinet for the next four years?  I want to puke.  Doesn't anyone review the speeches of the others like oh who would that be?  Barrack Obama?

Once again I am not a racist.

Now here is Joe Biden saying that this country was not built on fear?  What world does this silver spoon come from?  We were scared 5417less that the British would gain control of us again.  We were scared 5417less that the South was going to spread slavery to the North.  We experience fear and we rose to courage.  What are they doing there.  Just give them clown Whig's already.

Is that clown like Italian voice I hear the one that Governs New York to maintain its state of Delusion? Got to keep that beast of a woman happy somehow right, even if it means contorting everything that the United States was founded on and we believe in.

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