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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is Barrack Obama Contemplative 01 16 2013

Is Barrack Obama Contemplative 01 16 2013

Every time he walks to the podium he asks like he was the most contemplative person in making a decision, it is like that is a contemplative mask or an actors face that hides the sneer he has for the Free American Public.

He either did what someone told him to or flipped a coin.

Tell us some good news for once Barrack!  Tell us some good News!  You have to make the good news before you can tell it to us.

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More thoughts on this.

Does Barrack really want to take away guns from Black People?
You know the Moors concurred Europe and they were black and yet there are very few black people in Europe today as compared to the U.S.  Everyone wants to say they were integrated into the Italian population but I don't believe it.  If you put two and two together in world history you find out that you had the rise of the Burial Groups in Europe at about the same time as the Moors conquered?

There is money to be made in this country in death and there are industries that support it.  I don't make it that way but some people do!  I don't like the precedent.

I like all people and believe that all non-alien citizens in the U.S. have rights per our Constitution.   

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