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Saturday, January 26, 2013

John C. Kiriakou Another Hero Sent to Prison by Barrack Obama 01 26 2013

Another Hero Sent to Prison by Barrack Obama 01 26 2013

John C. Kiriakou

John C. Kiriakou leaked the identity of a CIA officer who used the soffocation technique called water boarding and he just got sentenced to 30 months in prison for doing so.

The public does not know the name of the man that Kiriakou told on.  But I will say that I would not want someone like the man that Kiriakou blew the whistle on living in my nieghborhood, community, state or country.  Someone who does something like that should get the death penalty.  But instead he walks free and an honest American soul of justice goes to prison.

That justice does not meet the standard of integrity the United States was built on and is the exact reason that their are terrorists from foreign countries that hate and seek to attack the United States.

A Government like this is the equivalent of children who are  treehouse friends and decide what to do and not a mature democracy.

What would you say about people who claim that I go against the grain?

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