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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sex Crimes Against Children 01 19 2013

Sex Crimes Against Children 01 19 2013
For a police officer or an adult to be involved in showing boy’s surveillance imagery of naked men is indeed a sex crime and they do indeed belong on the sexual offender website just because of this.
I once heard a University of Wisconsin Madison professor state that there was no law regarding high technology used to eavesdrop and view through walls into people’s homes.  He boasted how there is nothing wrong with wanting to see what is inside them.  He is wrong.  It is a violation of our Constitutional rights against illegal search.  Not only that if children are present and viewing adults having sex it violates sexual predator laws; and that is not something we take lightly in this country.  At least we shouldn’t.
If it was done under Presidential, Governor, Senator or Manorial authority that adult is guilty of a class____felony and belongs on the sexual predator website.  And what if it was organized and perpetuated by a religious authority or occult?   Then all members with active knowledge of such activity belong on the sexual predator website.  (Other sentencing still applies too.)
Is there substance to my allegation? You better believe it!
Do children exposed to this crime have a civic duty and right to safely report it?  Yes!
When children are taught this has a horrific sexual crime of perversion been committed against them? Yes!  
If adopted children are willfully involved at the oversight of a parent; should such parent lose custody of them?
How much money does a Whistle Blower and their family get as a reward by reporting such an activity?  There should be a reward for this. You might even become a national hero!
If you want to blow the whistle on these criminals you might be better off to publish the nature of the crime on a public website as you file the complaint with the criminal justice system.  This way if you are threatened in the process there is motive and operand and the names of the accused or potential defendants!
A good place to report it would be at the Interpol website and United Nations website contact forms.
If you are an inside party to it and do not report you are likely to lead a lifetime of abuse and control by those who would perpetrate it.

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