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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Theory on the Homosexual Political Movement 01 23 2013

I think that it has to do with poverty of the soul and replenishment of soul through the spiritual content of semen and ovum.  It falls under my “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the lifeblood still in it theory.”  And also why they went stupid in Sodom and Gomorrah through Luxuria and God had to destroy them- A human soul adulterated until it was no longer human.

There is basis in science for what God said, we know that viruses can indeed influence the human genome and cause mutations.  They can be said to be tiny bits of DNA from other animals.  So “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the life blood still in it”  is one command we should never take lightly.

In other words they are trying to protect a different reality concerning themselves!!!!  And that is why they assert this right so greatly!

I have never ingested any of that stuff.  But I can tell you that I bit the head off of a smelt once and the blood got in my mouth.  It made me sick like an iron overload type of headache.  There is a lot of substance to Gods Commandment.  And I hate to say it but I do not believe we should be eating raw fish of any kind in the United States.  The list goes on about what I think we shouldn’t be doing regarding Gods Law but it is written somewhere in a pile of papers of mine two feet high.

I also think whores gain a lot of strength when they ingest that stuff and they can have the ability to direct that natural psychoenergetic energy at people. Why?  To displace a person’s soul from them and see into the future and place odds based on it that are infallible.  The victim is labeled Schizophrenia and the whole mental health issue becomes a horror for them as well as the greatest cost to our healthcare system.  It is organized witchcraft that creates this form of mental illness.   I wrote an article called “Charging up the Whore” once but never published it.

I wrote and sang two or more songs about it, track 11 and track 17 at the link below.

I also believe that some people lose their soul and it was no fault of their own.  They were victimized.  And this might be part of the desperation here. 

And what if a pregnant mother is sucking off an odd assortment of dicks?  That child might not be born completely normal?  The outwardly appearance might be normal but cognitively their would be desperation?

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Whoa, let me be clear I have never had an experience like that and if you get fresh with me you better ask yourself is it worth dying right then?  There is no-one that cares about you in any way in this world that will miss you when you are dead and buried?  Okay I made that clear.

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