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Monday, January 21, 2013

Aurora Health Care 01 21 2013

Aurora Health Care
Aurora means- the Roman Goddess of the Dawn
So I am only talking about health care by the Goddess of the Dawn.  Any misinterpretation from my use of English words is coincidental.
Why would a healthcare company take this name?
For those of you who do not remember, Italy was part of the Axis forces in WWII.  Essentially they were on the side of Nazi Germany in WWII.   Marconi was a fascist or Italian Nazi if you will and he reverse engineered the magnetic wave technology that killed Neils Boore.  He also reverse engineered the particle wave weapon that Nikolas Tesla in the United States invented and produced.  Marconi indeed bragged to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church or Italian Catholic Church if you will, that he could harness the power of the God’s with it!
Psychotronics, psycho energetic, non-lethal weapons, Active Denial systems, Russian Lida’s, Israeli Lida’s are all names given to Marconi based weapons technology.    As early as 1991 Colonel John Alexander of the United States Department of Defense has created synthetic telepathy.  That essentially means the ability to talk to talk to people in their heads until they are driven out of their minds and put on medicine.
Rome Never had true Gods or Goddesses.  What they had were political leaders who were either worshiped or they tortured what might be termed dissenters from worship of them?  It doesn’t get any worse than that or this.
The Roman Emperor Caligula tied men upside down and bit off their testicles while they were alive.  They fed people to lions.  They tied them to posts in their backyards and set them on fire.  They skinned raw animal hides and tied them and had wild dogs then chase them.   If that isn’t the Satan Jesus Christ, a Jew, was talking about I don’t know who could be.
In other words this was an evil empire of the psychotic.  By definition all of those activities listed above are less than human behavior that can receive the death penalty anywhere in the world.
The U.S. tried to go against alcohol with the amendment to the Constitution (18th?) that created Prohibition.    The U.S. the once greatest country in the world that led by example tried desperately to end this horror, but both the Italian Mafia, Nazi Germany and the Roman Catholic Church provided a distraction whereby Prohibition did not last in the United States.
What did we find out?  We are led to believe that banning alcohol created criminals.  It is not true; the criminals were always with us.
Do you ever go to be feeling great and wake up in the AM (It means morning) feeling terrible?  Do you hear or feel that pyschotronic or psycho-energetic weapons were used on you?
Do you see that people who have a lifetime of abuse on their bodies mysteriously find themselves able to play tennis like spring chickens?
Who would name their health care organization after the horrific archetype of a woman on par with Mengala?
Here is what the device I saw in the rafters of the neighbors garage on 1101 E.  Fairmont Avenue in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin looks like.  See image at start of article.  The end of this thing had what looked to be some kind of glass lense.  It looked to be able to pivot like a Helicopter Gun turret.  It almost reminded of an evil pigs snout that gets someone down and gnaws them to death.  If you saw this instrument of horror for yourself you would want to puke.  

The house was owned by Steven James Weber at the time I saw it.    He was a Lawyer and heir to a brewery, his wife drank wine during the day and got Pancreatitis and almost died.  And after I saw, the device,  a group of Italian looking contractors came to the house and drywalled the garage so that it is hidden in the loft.  Indeed the neighbor who lived their before Steven James Weber, Tim Broherman (sp?),a Banker,  went to the effort of straightening out the roof of the garage so that it could continue to support something heavy up there.  His wife was Italian and they ended up getting a divorce.  The roof of the single car garage had sagged about a foot in the middle over the years.  Other neighbors who lived there before were Italian Victor Delorenzo of the Violent fems, his wife was Jewish.  A mister Buckholtz who was a history professor at Marquette University, his wife was Jewish.  And a man with the last name of Ryan who was a college professor. 
This technology can be used to create mass shooters and gunmen out of the trusting innocent and na├»ve.  It can drain the lives of the healthy and health conscience as they are being sacrificed.
It can make people fall down when they are getting up in the morning or even down the stairs to their death or in need of hip surgery.  They would never suspect what was done to them and become more business for our modern health care companies.
Have you fallen?  Barbara Walther’s just fell was it used on her I ask?
So what do we do to those involved in this crime against humanity?  There is nothing that we can do.  But if we could; do we evict every Italian American back to Italy?
Do we evict every black that participated back to Africa?
Do we evict every Germany involved to Germany?
Do we evict every Hispanic involved to Mexico?
Do we evict every Jew involved to Israel?
Do we evict every Irish person involved back to Ireland?
Do we evict every Englishman to England?
Do we evict every India Indian back to India?
I believe that would be fair and humane treatment.  However before we do it we would be wise if we took samples of their DNA so that they could never come back here.
We could never prosecute and imprison them all in the United States.  But it would not be fair to those other countries would it! 
So what do we have to do when we forgive these people for one of the most horrific crimes ever committed- far worse than Nazi Germany!!!!
They get an Indelible D on their forehead!
Did Aurora Health Care arise at the same time that the Italian Community center was established in Milwaukee?
We do not create criminal jobs for criminal networks in the United States of America.
I can tell you stories of good Italian men who were so afraid to go to a hospital that they could no longer speak!
I am not a racist.  I am revealing to you the worst form of racism in the history of the world- that of those who do not have a human soul against those who do.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.   They only people who would perpetrate it are those who did not have their own soul.  And that is on par with the Blood money political religion of ancient Rome (now Italy).
I am like my father, he was like his father, and his father was like his father and so on back in our genealogy.  Who are you like- an evil Chimpanzee?  What is my point?  Evil people do not change they just hide their identity as being evil.
It is likely that they were never human!  Who else would do that!
You can joke all you want and be on the bad side of those who do this to human beings but when it happens to you it won’t be very funny and it will be far too late for you to do anything about it!  You will be cashed in by the death industry.  The Burial Group was indeed the first limited liability corporation created in Rome.  If the Moors concurred Europe and they were black guess where they ended up?
You know I don’t know that I really care what one criminal does to the other!   When it happens it has lessened a insurmountable burden on our criminal justice system that has been subverted to weakness.  What was the Italian Fascist or Roman Catholic Mafia Church plan with regard to the United States?  To push drugs so much into the United States that our criminal justice system could not handle it and the end result was pandemonium and the death of a great nation.
So you start to feel sick and think that what I wrote regarding the cause might be right?  You want to say something?  It will be too late you won’t be able to!
And you know what?  The filth who you were in league with will laugh while they are killing you!
Is there a horror far worse than Nazi Germany in the United States today?  You better believe it.
You won’t be put on a death train, you’ll be incapacitated  or harmed in some way by the blood money industry.
I know what the Cherry Cheeks white boy who wants to be a Police Officer has to say about this already, “Are you sure that couldn’t have been something else you saw in those rafters?”
Listen I have taken apart and fixed vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, stoves, dish washers, close washers, all manner of machine tools, automobile engines, lawn mowers, snow blowers, air compressors, outboard fishing motors, I have made personal computers from scratch, I have fixed radios and televisions.  Do you get it?  I am not an idiot with regard to the nature of my accusation!  I don’t believe in pink elephants.  I worked at a company called First Analysis, it was located on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago when I worked there.  I passed the CPA exam which was one quarter Law.
And I am not a racist, I like all good people. ALL!
You had it good in this country but you blew it!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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