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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update #2 Germany to move 300 Tons of Gold from U.S. to Germany 01 17 2013

Germany to move 300 Tons of Gold from U.S. to Germany 01 17 2013

Lets do the math. One ton = 2000 pounds.  One Pound equals 16 ounces.  So that is 16*2000*300= total ounces of 9.6 million ounces.  It reads 9,600,000 ounces. The cost of a one ounce gold coin is greater than the cost of an ounce of gold but we will use it anyway $1674.45. So the total U.S. Dollar amount is $16,074,720,000.  Roughly $16 Billion dollars!

Republicans do you see what happens when you fail to reach an agreement on a budget?  Other countries lose faith in our Economy and that is bad for the United States!  It means higher interest rates and inflation.

For those of you who don't remember Germany is the country that held firm on Greece and Italy!  Does this mean that the United States is headed for financial trouble like Greece and Italy did?  When you look at all the jobs that went to China you would have to say a sand castle in the sky has been created; that we have duped ourselves with false confidence for too long?

Okay switching my point of view again.

Does that Gold really belong to Germany?  Does the United States have the right to seize it?  Has anyone noticed what has been happening?  The Dutch East Indies Corporation founded the New York Stock Exchange.  Dutch really means German.  And the language of Great Britain is also Germanic based.  What am I getting at?  I started to holler about all these things and more and what happened recently?  The New York Stock Exchange sold itself to someone else!  Long term this is a good sign!  It bodes well for fairness and financial reform.

Was that gold really siphoned off the American Public by an unfair trading system at the New York Stock Exchange?  The Short Sale.  Derivatives.  Etc.

Does Germany have a precedent of looting Gold from countries?  Sure enough they did from Jews teeth in Germany!  And I am very suspect about the cause of the Stock Exchange Crash in ~1929? That was a Ponzie scheme that almost ruined America!  And no one got wise to it!

We can think of the faction that works against the United States and its freedom as being German and it's descendant Great Britain?  Great Britain being a German monarchy?

Might we be able to say that Gold does not leave the country until all the trading records of the New York Stock Exchange are audited?

What else have I been harping about Germany?  I have been saying that Schizophrenia is the Greatest medical fraud ever.  Who is the country that defined it?  Germany!!!!!  I even wrote that I would lead a squadron of F-16's over Germany to bomb the pharmaco companies once!

Not so fast Germany we have to audit those banking records to see if that Gold really belongs to you or not?  If it was bought with money from the New York Stock Exchange and fraud can be proven per U.S. law you owe us four times that amount of money- $64 billion dollars.  Since I am talking in Billions of dollars Bernie Madeoff is a German or English Surname?  He siphoned $50 billion from the United States; how do we know it is not that $64 billion in Gold that was worth $50 billion before the price of Gold went up by about the same percent amount of 64/50 and the price of gold today $1674/ and what is was when the $50 billion was looted?

I have also been harping about the Italian Fascist Marconi and his experiments with magnetic weaponry, Synthetic telepathy, the evil satanic mind and the Roman Catholic Church- the Pope is German, William Reich technology and the creation of sickness and disease with it on the American Public.

Germany knows that I am on to something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ps. The question arises did Germany fund its military industrial complex pre WWII with money from the Stock Market crash of 1929?  That $64 billion in gold leaving the United States reads like the scenario where the lone single engine plane is seen flying out of Nazi Germany unabated with some believing Adolph Hitler to be in it.  Which gets me to the next point regarding Guns and mental illness.  If Hitler had his definition of mental illness in force before WWII anyone who would have spoken out against him would have been labeled mentally ill and not been able to get a gun.  And he did indeed kill those labeled mentally ill first.  Paranoia being a definition of mental illness; it would have proven beneficial if someone where concerned at that point.  Being cautious is what saves us.  And if no one was paranoid with regard to Hitlers intentions can you blame them?  We should live in a world of freedom where we should not have to be concerned with the likes of horrific people.  Anyone who exhibits signs of paranoia today is labeled mentally ill.  Had such people been outspoken pre WWII might it have been different?

The question then becomes is Germany taking that gold to finance a war or to invest in alternative energy?  Look how they announced they are retrieving it-from France and the U.S.  If they just said the U.S. would it have looked more suspicious and people balked at the intent?

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