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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Athletes in Fake Online Relationships 01 26 2013

Athletes in Fake Online Relationships 01 26 2013
  • You have to ask yourself if there isn't money involved why are they perpotrating the lie? To understand the reason you have to read the mocking God who speaks in the parable of the talents in the Bible. Now don't stop reading just because I mentioned the Bible. The Satanic have found a way to drain someone of their athletic skill set and otherwise from the soul potential of discarded semen. You have to think of your satanic person as being a basic vegetable. And they might even be stated to have a mean case of adaptive mental retardation. So if they don't have a human soul they have to get it and skill sets from somebody else. How can you learn if you can't listen? By being imprinted. After the athlete goes into depression or mental illness from the crime perpotrated against them that soul is soaked up like a sponge by young Satanic.
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