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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is there an ethanol conspiracy? 01 10 2013

Is there an ethanol conspiracy?

What has the production of ethanol from corn led to?

1. Genetically Modified Corn for Consumption?

2.  More runoff from farms than we should have?  The corn is being used to displace  oil but is the runoff from the production of the corn good for the environment or from an environmental perspective would we have been better off with oil and forced to confront other renewable energy solutions sooner?

3.  Corn Syrup is used in many sodas.  It is not good for us.  If the emphasis had not been on corn would we have found a better substitute a long time ago?

4.  Since we have had Ethanol we have seen the small farmer go by the wayside.  But also for those small farmers who stayed in business it has made them very wealthy, Foreign vacations paid for by the seed companies.

5.  With all the corruption in the world I have to ask myself, "Is grain alcohol from corn and is corn alcohol being used to make beers and wines in  short order.  Ie.  Want a cheap wine add corn alcohol to your wine or if you want cheap beer just add corn alcohol to your barley malt and water.  So then the question becomes if we are producing alcohol from corn for beverages where are we shipping it to and who are we messing up?
The small farmer is a millionaire.
Would he be a millionaire if he did not use the seed firms seed?  Would he even be allowed to stay in business? 
Or more importantly; has the small farmer participated in the decline of all standards of our democracy?  Have his actions promoted War with other countries and terror against the United States?

Is the farmer of today part of the Satanic Commodities market that almost cast the United States into a genocidal economic  Depression?

My father told me that during the Great Depression people that had money you knew it.  They did not act like it you just knew it.  My father did not know of the extent of the Satanic like I do; and his motto was always, "If you can't say something good about someone don't say anything at all."

I am contrary to that opinion in that if you don't expose the bad people in this world and their actions you will become a victim to them.  And once a victim you are unlikely to speak against them; for fear!  Never the less what needs to be said needs to be said.

The way I see Ethanol production has not met the needs of what a sound energy policy should be and therefore has only served to be a great distraction from reaching a sound energy policy.

The question that I have to ask is why can't you make an alcohol fuel based additive out of kitchen waste, yard waste and weeds rather than corn production.  Now that would be a proper priority.

So if you indeed believe that the wealth class earns its riskless rate of Interest from Utilities then you can also see how ethanol production served to further that cause.  Every consumer went to the pump read that it said 10 % ethanol and thought our national green energy needs were being met.  I never believed in it and I never will.

I talked to a lady who had a theory regarding why corn syrup is so bad for you, she said that because all corn is genetically modified that when you drink a soda your body does not know how to process it and the result is gastric reflux and joint pain.  I believe that there is an element of truth to her statement.

So we go to war with oil wealth countries, i have to ask the question; is corn alcohol being used to make cheap beer and wine?  If so it is a sign that far too much corn in being produced.

When I worked for a gas station the owner bragged to me that when the oil companies started up stations in Milwaukee that they chose Italians to own them.  All well and good.  But the question I have regarding this motivation has to do with the truth with regard to the nature of religion and the Roman Catholic Church.  Was the goal more of having what might be called confidants in place.  You will see how this bares relevance today in just a second.  Who do you see running gas stations today in the United States?  Standard Oil is indeed owned by British Petroleum today.  When Great Britain occupied India it did so for economic reasons and used much deception and corruption to gain control.  That means that confidants were created that were Native India Indians that were Loyal to Great Britain over India Indians.  In effect they were traitors to India!  As such they would have been favored with wealth and luxury- spoiled if you will.  Don't know what it means exactly, but their appears to be a connection that parallels the one I mentioned first.  Does it have to do with favored India Indians or confidants having a different religious belief that favors their cause and action in this world???  What am I getting at?  Was there only one good shepherd of people in the history of the world and all the rest of those in the know are bad shepherds?  I believe it is time for the bad shepherds to become good shepherds to the people and to the planet.  The bad shepherd rule cannot exist forever because eventually your children will not be born with the ability to become what a normal human being is considered to be today.  They will have dis evolved from genetic mutations and the mal influence of minute poisons of pollution in our environment.

The question one also has to ask is corn syrup as bad for your health as alcohol is?  What man comes home and says to his wife, "Honey I have bought two bottles of wine for us tonight so that we can become inebriated (oxygen deprived) and conceive a child that is born retarded with beady eyes and a sleepy looking face.  The mass production of GMO corn follows the same line of extinction as the human race does doesn't it? It is not a natural plant!  The implication is that someday we will get in trouble from the production of it and not be able to grow anymore plants from seed at all?    We know corn syrup contributess to diabetes and we know corn production gets a boost from our governments energy policy.  Because it contributes to diabetes it also contributes to the profits of pharmacuetical companies that design drugs to treat it.  And because it benefits the health care industry it also benefits the health insurance industry that found a way to wedge itself between medicare of our government and the American that had to go to the hospital because he was sick.  And that wedge makes money between the difference of the two!!!  Private Health Insurance should not exist today.  Obama takes credit for making great strides but there will be no true success in this manner until corporate health insurance companies are completely abolished.

Too much thinking that was of an ulterior motive has been a theme of our country for too long.  The good ideas have never come from the people who say they are theirs.  And more importantly "A" can implement the idea of "C" without giving "C" credit for it.  And "A" can also do this with regard to "C-".  So "A" has two good ideas he has taken.  The problem with "A"  is that he cannot synthesize the great idea "CCC" because that is not how "A" thinks.  That is why progress has stalled.  Once "A" profits from the ideas he is a rich man and done in life and "C" the creator of good ideas is poor, hungry and dying and can no longer create.

"A" holds the silver trophy above his head while the rest of us starve and his children are born retarded mean chopping mouth chimpanzees.

The farmer is indeed given great amounts of disposable income to spend at Casinos.  The Casino business is part of the Satanic crime network as is the commodity business. Why?  The house sets those odds based on souls that it has stolen.  It sees the future outcomes when it displaces the soul of another person.

Casino slot machines are indeed linked to a software network and the farmer walks in and plays the machines and is rewarded after awhile via someone in the control room.  The farmer feels great about himself and no longer has any worries with regard to what his  conscience would otherwise tell him.  This is a psychological construct whereby if you make a winner out of someone they feel that they are better than everyone else, that it is due to their own personal nature and they should not concern themselves with the fate of other people.  They attribute that success to themselves and that is how they are controlled.

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