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Friday, January 4, 2013

Online Banking Improvement Advise Given Freely to Associated Bank 01 04 2012

Online Banking Improvement Advise Given Freely to Associated Bank 01 04 2012

The functionality that I would be seeking from an online bank account would be to have a spreadsheet type ledger available to me when I log in with a password for each credit card that I own.  It could be thought of as how one keeps a paper checkbook at home.  It could be thought of as ones own ledger like how they write what checks they have written.  Because its functionality is none of the Business of the bank, the bank would not have access to it.  But on such a ledger that would be located on the Bank website and indeed linked to the credit cards being managed one could keep important reminders of when the payment date falls on.  But more importantly it would help one keep track of credit card balances so that one does not overspend and become burdened with debt.  A consumer debt economy is not as productive an economy as one where people can afford to live.  It is like the difference between eating processed shelf foods versus organic; healthy people are happier people and better workers.  One could easily keep track of what they believed the balance of their credit card was by entering purchases in such a ledger; and indeed fraud could be detected much quicker because of this.

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