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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bank of America to pay $3.6 Billion 01 07 2013

Again if the fraud settlement is in the amount of Billions of dollars that is a company that did not have the proper internal controls to be in business and should have its banking charter revoked.  That is fraud against the United States Government and the United States Citizen taxpayer; that bank has violated the inherent trust in banking and should lose its charter.  Jobs will be lost, but if we don't cut the fat we risk all of us going into a Financial Depression.  We don't allow banks to steal from the Taxpayer as a Condition of employment.  We do not give the nebish elite silver spoons once they are married; we have laws in this country that must be obeyed.  The Eugenics movement came to a dead halt when the Supreme Court ruled you could not sterlize blue collar criminals without sterilizing white collar criminals and immediatly afterward the U.S. turned its might on Nazi Germany and entered WWII.

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