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Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Address Mental Health 01 20 2013 Update # 2

To Address Mental Health 01 20 2013

In order to address mental health you are going to have to address nutrition.  And you are also going to have to recognize the influence of sugar on Candida infections.  Mild Candida infections can detrimentally affect mental health more to a high degree. 

Alcohol and tobacco are poisons to the body.  Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise bought their house with blood money.  Very simple logic, your brain is part of your body, alcohol and tobacco are poisons to your body, the health of your brain does indeed determine your mental health to a high degree.  A healthy body also means a healthy mind.  Exercise is needed for a healthy body.  Therefore exercise is needed for a healthy mind.  I could go on and on with this logic array but you should have learned it already and you don't read or listen so, I am not going to waste my time with you.  In fact I am not going to be the bleeding heart anymore.  Instead I am going to espouse the exact opposite of what I believe so that you become angry instead of me.  My getting angry has not done any good.  So you get to become angry instead.  That alcohol and pot are the best thing for your family and community!  Don't try and tell me that I am wrong.  Don't you dare tell me that.  You know it is true.  And those who are mentally ill we should....  well the exact opposite didn't last for long.

And that sentence 5 sentences ago that's the one the little 5417 pulls out and puts on a billboard paid for with television dollars.  Now isn't that illegal to pull that sentence out of context and pretend that is what someone meant?  It is indicative of someone who cannot read with comprehension and is jealous of those who can read and right with comprehension.  We see that all the time and it is a distraction from the issues.  It is part of defamation of character.  It is mean and vile.  It implies the one who pulled that out of context has no real concern for discussion.  Isn't that the nature of being social?  Isn't that the nature of having social skills?  Have I just accurately convicted our social media of being antisocial?

And you also have to address the reality of the Satanic mind and that means the curtain sets for the Judea/Christian and all religions.

Take that GOLD candlestick trophy and shove it your ass.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  After I wrote and published that last sentence above the voices stopped completely for about 10 minutes.  What does that tell me?  Someobody is using/abusing me to bring down religion/ or get myself in a trouble match with religion.  And what does that mean either way?  It means that the second paragraph from above is true.  Something else interesting happened while I was writing these articles to night google gave me the message that somebody using logged into my google account from somewhere else was logging out and asking me if I wanted to log out to.  I am the only legitimate user of my google account!  So someone is indeed screwing with everything; and that indeed validates second paragraph from bottom again.

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