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Friday, October 31, 2014

And now for a movie featuring cigar box guitar music by Thomas Paul Murphy 11 01 2014

Commentary on "State native's execution date set" an article by Meg Kissinger in todays Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10 31 2014

Commentary on "State native's execution date set"  an article by Meg Kissinger in todays Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10 31 2014

The fact that Scott Panetti was in the Navy when he developed the psychiatric symptoms is a tell here!  A man whose last name was Landwier that served in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII told me that one naval radio operator after another went insane and had to be removed from the ship.

FDR designed those NAVY ships!  This was after Tesla was marketing a particle beam in Europe before WWII.  Also during this time the magnetron generator is purported to be invented by Great Britain.  Tesla attempted to market the particle beam to Great Britain before that!

FDR had a Eugenics agenda in his New Deal plan.  He broke the Constitution.  He legalized alcohol which creates the mentally retarded.  But here is the communist crux of his plan, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry."

The United States invented synthetic telepathy or admitted to it long before 1990  That is the ability to drive a man insane.  I went to High School with a kid surname Stone who joined the navy.  After College he developed what I have to call a psychotic personality feature.  He didn't know what to do with himself, bumped around got in trouble and joined the Navy.  A friend of mine dragged him along a few times.  We got into a fight.  And I can remember him yelling at me, "I am going to f@ck you up the a$$."  What I learned from that fight is that you should start throwing punches right away rather than pushing and shoving.  Friends broke that one up.  But that is a kid who should have never been allowed to drink alcohol.  He was the son of divorced parents who was bitten in the groin by a dog too.

I have seen groups people dressed in Navy Attire making scenes in downtown Milwaukee.

We are not to have an army in times of peace.  We can keep the ships in working order, but it also means we are not to have a paid navy.

I think that the Navy Cooked this mans brain!  I don't think you can hold him responsible for this crime just because I believe that in order to demonically possess a human being the facilitate it more easily by harming their brain.  For all we know that is members of the Navy that are talking to him!  These are people that drive whales to be beached on shore using high technology ultrasound!

So what is the agenda?  Very simply it is the sons and daughters of alcoholics having defective hippocampus's and using a sane mans mind as a template for life until they seek to drive him insane.   And for all we know the people that he killed were part of that satanic agenda.  A human being is defined by the Universal Bill of Human Rights to have Human Reason and Human Conscience.  Some do not and never will because of brain defects.  Do you believe that they harbor great racism against normal sons and daughters of real men and women?  

Alcohol plays a big part in these crimes too!

In case you haven't figured it out yet I got to bat for any human being who hears voices; no matter what race creed or color!

Perhaps the best foreign policy would be to drydock all our navy ships?  If a pirate ship or other warship entered U.S. waters we should be able to blow it out of the water at a distance of 500 miles with a laser based systems.

Can you imagine how screwed up mentally you would become if you had to be incarcerated with drug dealers, pimps and child molesters, raping homosexuals ?  I would define all four of those as people who should have been killed at birth!

I think that the Navy has a bad agenda going on.  And my view is indeed supported by the number of sexual assaults in the entirety of the U.S. armed forces.  These people would be much better off working in fields as would our entire media personnel and our Banking Financial employees, professional athletes, Executives of pharmaceutical and chemical companies and all corporations.

You are not going to wave a magic wand and rid our nation of its problems because you fail to recognize the source.

Italian Scott Panetti, now some of them do indeed talk like they are punch drunk.  I don't know his life history.  I don't know how he got along with people in High School or grade school either.  I don't even know if his parents raised him to have his own mind or not.  And in fact I don't know what they symptoms of his illness are!!!  I believe that a great many different people are thrown into the same diagnosis; I want to give the benefit of the doubt to the topic and say they are all good who have had their brains traumatized to be mentally ill but I can't determine that it isn't hereditary. So you are going to have to get people who know the truth to determine that; and cowards like that do not reveal their true nature to the rest of us!

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Martin Luther

Martin Luther

listening to WPR and G. Kieler (Sp)

The church of England selling indulgences for sins is what led to...

Frank and Stein is a metaphor and a character name in one 10 31 2014

Frank and Stein is a metaphor and a character name in one 10 31 2014

Can you figure it out?

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

Healthy Drink 10 31 2014 recipe

The best and most healthy drink that can easily be made is by putting a banana in a blender with whole milk (from glass bottles) and a half pinch of ginger! It is truly amazing! Makes a great party drink for those whose minds cannot be compromised because there is such a high demand placed on them! It takes very little time to make. It is made from common items in the kitchen. So if you have someone that wants to know what you want for your birthday or Christmas tell them a bullet blender. And it is far healthier than any drink a restaurant commonly serves today. And if you don't have anyone that gives you gifts; give yourself gifts!!!! If you hear voices you deserve them more than any child that is spoiled to the point of mental retardation.

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Disability to those who hear voices 10 31 2014

Whatever we do get it isn't a fraction of the $80,000.oo a year a parent of a mentally retarded child gets in Wisconsin.  It is based on the level of work we achieved at the time we heard voices and it isn't a fraction of that $80,000.oo; it is well below the poverty line. I know of two prominent lawyers in Milwaukee who had mentally retarded children.  So that tells you who is writing our laws and controlling our Government.  It is also indicative of who is cursing us with voices.

I would also argue that those who hear voices are of exponentially greater benefit to society than those who cause them to hear voices.  We have a bad element in the United States and world that mentally disables human beings out of spite for their greater potential!  Sure we could evict them but that is how the problem started in the first place.  So that right there is how holocausts happen!

Isn't getting us to believe that a mentally retarded persons family should get an $80,000.oo paycheck really a form of control consistent with demonic possession?  Isn't that a demonic belief?  How is a generation of that going to support their own aging parents?  By hiring illegal immigrants?  Perhaps someone should create a petition that all illegal immigrants should be executed?  That would indeed end a drug inflow into the United States.  And if we executed all of those that hired them it would also mean that we would have the edict to execute corporate management in the United States that hired foreign labor to make us goods, foreign labor being paid in translated U.S. dollars the equivalent of illegal immigrants?

You have to remember we were normal until about the time we graduated from college when a spoil sport factor disabled us.  Compare that to the mentally retarded child that will NEVER be normal!

The entire Milwaukee police force should be fired.  The same people that demonically possess a person to be schizophrenic and hear voices are those who likely demonically possess a police office to murder them!  99% of the Milwaukee police force gave a vote of no confidence in Chief Flynn for firing a police officer that killed a man who heard voices that was resting in the park. 

Here is how I believe it works.  There are women who cannot stand that there are men who can think for themselves and have a penis.  They would grant sexual favors to those borderline mentally defective males that would kill them!  Also their sons are raised in the exact same manner and mind as that mentally defective woman; their mother.

With regard to Milwaukee police officers, they should be of the highest standard of integrity.  No one likes someone that drinks and then makes cutesy jokes that are insults. They think they are cute when they are rude because their mothers couldn't teach them anything!  There is a movement happening whereby they are going to attempt to create a genocide of the people that they made mentally ill.  We see this in outright unprovoked police shootings of the mentally ill recently.  It is the scapegoat religion that is taught in every church in the United States and is in direct conflict with the United States Constitution; which is indeed the Supreme Law of the Land.  So you have the right to protect yourself, in self defense, against ANYONE who has the motive to kill you!  That is what the REAL LAW is!  That is a law created by men and not those who were evicted from Europe and Italy because they didn't want to work or respect the rights of the worker!  The people who think are the only real workers in the United States.  The rest are living off of their souls and the negative emotions of their had mothers.

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Those who curse the sons of men and women bolster their ranks with illegal immigrants, the mentally retarded, and organized crime.  Rewriting United States laws is one of the reasons we declared our Independence and killed a great many British soldiers.  A bad history professor will attempt to convince that a war was never fought on our homeland.  The Revolutionary War was fought against a foreign nation and the Civil War fought against an insurgency of organized crime!  In order to protect the United States Constitution we may have to euthanize some mentally defective and evil people that live in the United States today.  Some criminal actions are only committed by the mentally defective.  Getting someone addicted to a substance, pimping (slavery), and child molestation are all actions of the mentally defective and you might as well just define that to be Satan.  There have been many Holy Wars fought against the United States in recent years (middle east) do you really want to start a Holy War in the United States?  I believe some people want Russia and Communism to dominate the United States.  We see that today in how the facial expressions of leaders of Russia and North Korea are staged and propagandized just as those of politicians who have no legal right being on the ballot are!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Emf Countermeasures Comment on article 10 30 2014

Could some members of the police force be part of the coven of ones who are talking to us in our heads, via novel means, in the first place??? Absolutely! What was George Bush's Open Sky radio system anyway? A means to create synthetic telepathy to make an accomplished human being temporarily insane? Colonel John Alexander of the United States military told us back in 1990 that the Department of Defense had developed synthetic telepathy; essentially the means to drive you insane. There are ways to shield yourself from it and prevent the degeneration that they cause. Buy a pair of old headphones and replace the speakers with wafer 1” or 1 1/4” magnets. Where that as soon as the voices start and it prevents pyschodegeneration; essentially depolarizing the synapses in your human brain while at the same time subjecting you to a white noise field that superimposes your mind with that of someone that was born mentally defective. Also buy a foam neck support. Then make a sleeve to go over it out of Anti-emf fabric. It will stop the percussion that leaves you looking and speaking at not a fraction of your sane self.
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Not Susan Happ or Brad Schimel for Attorney General 10 30 2014

Not Susan Happ or Brad Schimel for Attorney General 10 30 2014

We didn't create laws that banned sexual molester's of children from living in our neighborhoods only to have our two party system put in place candidates who; 1. Cut real estate deals with them.  2. Didn't give them prison sentences.

It is as if it was a prerequisite from the two party system, which appears to be controlled by one person, that they had to be complacent with the act of sexual molestation of children in order to be on the ballot for attorney general of Wisconsin.  The two party system has rigged our ballots!

We do not go to the polls to make a choice between the lesser of two evils.  The lesser of two evils is still evil and has no place as attorney general in any State!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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I am going to create a petition whereby all police officers have to be approved by all Village Members 10 30 2014

Petition Created 10 30 2014

Subject: Guarantee of Individual Investors Principal in Stock Market Investments
It has been a common phrase for far too long that the Individual Investor (free American Citizen) always loses money in the stock market.  That is un-American.
That's why I created a petition to The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, Governor Scott Walker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1), The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:
"Guarantee of every principal investment of the Individual Investors money in Stock Market Ownership of Common Stocks (etc.)  So legislation and proper oversight must be created to ensure it and enforce it."
Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Have you developed a CAFFEINE ALLERGY as you age 10 29 2014

Have you developed a CAFFEINE ALLERGY as you age 10 29 2014

I am telling you what I do; I am not giving you personal advice.

I am 47 and avoid Caffeine like the plague today!  But if I have some by mistake while I am in the phase of trying to avoid it completely, I have found that it is good to have some GABA around!  I might indeed keep some in my wallet in a packet like I do powdered aspirin.  Oddly enough the powdered aspirin has caffeine in it.  Some people die of caffeine toxicity and it is in energy drinks to an extreme level. I also believe that the elderly over the age of 70 should also avoid caffeine.  Perhaps 1/8 a cup of regular coffee is enough for them.  So tonight I had the jitters from too much caffeine and took a 1/8 teaspoon of GABA and it helped calm down that light feeling.  Now by all means see a Doctor or call 911 if you have the symptoms of caffeine poisoning.  But after you figure that out like I am figuring out it and don't want to go the emergency ward while they can't figure it out, I believe it is good to have GABA powder around. 

This is the one I have at home.

But as you can see there are numerous brands.

It is somewhat like when I had Benadryl (diphenhydramine)around and had an allergic reaction to an antifungal cream and took the Benadryl, the Doctors told me that I saved my own life by doing so!  I also would recommend that if you are very tired and or exhausted to never consume caffeine at that time!  Here is a link to a faster acting drug that works on the GABA system that the Doctors or emergency ward would prescribe.  But only you are going to know if you had too much energy drinks?

When you are younger you might not recognize the symptoms of a caffeine overdose.  A rapid type heart beat, etc. Find the list.  And the danger is also in the withdrawal from it as the blood vessels to the heart constrict? (not sure about what the exact mechanism of effect and danger is)

The problem is that many of today's greasy foods don't go down well without a cola and they contain caffeine.

If even one person dies from a caffeine overdose, as happened above, it should be highly regulated!

And I believe that the elderly should not energy drinks which should really translate into the young not having them either!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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My father was a Combat Medic in WWII and the Korean War and also a Tech 5.....

Instead of companies guilty of wrongful death being sued and put out of business the person who exercises their right to free speech and the truth is sued and bankrupted for life!  There isn't a more egregious violation of your Constitutional right to free speech than that?

They are going to want to raise primates and give you the stem cells from them in your brain 10 29 2014

They are going to want to raise primates and give you the stem cells from them in your brain  10 29 2014

Oddly enough this is right in line with the Book of Revelation there is a passage in there that has exactly this as a metaphor.  It is one thing if the coven talking to you takes the stem cells and another if they attempt to inject you with it!  Stem cell research might make sense to those who were born mentally defective with brain abnormalities, but that is not you and I who hear voices!  We were completely normal up to the age we graduated from college and ended up working for the beast that needs limited liability to shield its lack of responsible humanity.

And after they inject themselves and become normal what are the odds that they kill themselves when they realize how mean they were to normal people?

If you can remember how they stirred the brains of people with metal rods until they could no longer speak, never let them take you alive!


II.  Some joker Facebooked me with stem cell research as the cure.  The cure is that which is talking to us should never be.  Don't ever let them give you a vaccine or other shot at the Doctor!

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That voice that is nonsensical things to you all day 10 29 2014

That voice that is nonsensical things to you all day 10 29 2014

That voice that is nonsensical things to you all day is actually under the delusion that, "It is raising you to be its child."

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Petition created 10 28 2014

Subject: For a rebate from the University of Wisconsin System
That's enough of this!
That's why I created a petition to The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, and 4 others.
Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Interracial Porn is One Hundred percent black on whites 10 28 2014

Interracial Porn is One Hundred percent black on whites 10 28 2014

I do not view that stuff but I believe that very close to 100% of what you see there will be a black man having sex with a white woman. The Jews have the same gene halo-type as the black person. And curly haired Howard Stern once declared that the Jews control the porn industry (that means entirety as in child porn too!)

And I believe if you were to see a white man and a black woman the black woman would be dominating the white man perhaps even sodomizing him with a “prop.”

What am I getting at? Other than it just bothers me? It is a degradation of the white man as the image of God? And because Jews are promoting it, it means they like to view it?

It was the minister Farrakhan that stated that the White Race will become extinct because of low birth rate. He also believes in segregation and migration back to Africa.

Let's put it this way; it isn't the white middle class that is keeping the black population in poverty. It is that faction of organized crime that has the same gene halo-type as the black person!

What it goes back to in history are the Jews/Roman/Italians greatly objecting to a man of sound philosophy and logic such as the White Man Jew Jesus Christ? Is it men who have the minds of women liking to think of a certain perversion towards the degradation of white men and white women?

Now I used to think this way, the fact that more blacks are incarcerated than whites isn't fair. But when you look at who does drugs and who can't read, it just seems to make sense that more blacks are in prison than whites! I am not saying overtly that the races are not equal, I am just stating that maybe one really does commit more crimes and belongs in prison.

Another problem that I have is the white person without the black genotype being black balled and not getting ahead in the land of the free!

Am I a racist? I am to the point that I believe that everyone who hears voices is indeed a better race. Perhaps the race of the Prophets that was killed by the Jews in ancient history; both written in the Bible and more clearly in the Gospel of Barnabas that was not included in the Bible.

What was the religion that founded the United States? I'll give you a hint, they would have hung drug dealers, pimps and sexual molesters of children. They didn't like monkeying about to get ahead and be part of the wealth class.

I do not like it that the best looking white woman are objectified in this interglacial manner. When you look at what the Arab world does to women I compare this and find it very similar! And it leads to a very negative future for humanity.

So a young white woman seeks a career in Jewish dominated News Media and she is turned down because there are only so many spots. A few calls are made unbenounced to her. And all of a sudden some shady characters seem to be at the same place as her at the same time. And unknown to her she is manipulated into slavery as prostitution in the porn industry? And if she turns a cold shoulder she ends up homeless through another connection of bad circumstances?

What am I also declaring that when we hear voices we hear them from that which does not have its own human conscience or human reason but ours! I don't like it but I know its true so that is why I write it!
It just keeps getting worse and worse.  While I am typing this I here on the background television set that The University of Wisconsin is planning to create newborn primates.  Primate being a less than human.  If you read the Egyptian papyrus ebers you will see they already existed and perhaps they were held captive until they were nearly humanized?  Do the search for yourself if you don't believe me, I typed in this search term even though it is likely more just Madison and not Milwaukee.  uw milwaukee newborn primates
Some of us can't stand the sight of the birth defective already as they are a defiling of man as the image of God!
If you or your family member have ever heard voices you should be horrified by this.  Every college University in the United States should have its doors shuddered!  That's it!

While you are at it why don't you allow them to drink alcohol too and see if they become violent.  It was indeed the Druid Society of Great Britain that Winston Churchill was a member of.  The druids worship the monkey!  The Irish had a big problem with them as did the founders of this country.  The word Britain actually comes from Tattoo!  Think of that as you consider how much class the Royal Family really has.

They burnt all the books of the Irish!  I am willing to bet that in some foreign vaults some of those books exist today and are very telling about the English.  To such a point that they had to burn them in order to save face.  What was it that the Irish articulated very well that the Tattooed didn't want known?

Do you hear voices that prevented you from being successful in the United States?  Based on what I wrote here I am demanding that you receive a rebate for the full amount of tuition you paid plus interest at the highest rate charged in the United States. The rebate should also include a distribution of all University of Wisconsin surplus money to those who have heard voices in Wisconsin.  Also if a relative who heard voices in Wisconsin is deceased and went to school at a UW University they should be subject to inclusion in a dividing of that pot of United States Dollars, at last count $831 million.

We shouldn't be raising primates we should be taking every effort to ensure that the birth defective are never born.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Concealed Carry Issue 10 28 2014

Concealed Carry Issue 10 28 2014

On the news last night it told about how two young men were stopped at the airport because they had handguns in their backpacks. It brings up an important issue regarding young adults.

Are you telling me that someone who is forced to rent an apartment with roommates because they have a low paying job (etc.) , who likely drink alcohol and use drugs, is supposed to leave his handgun in the apartment (most of them don't even have doors on the individual bedrooms and if they do they are unlock-able) while he goes to church, court or on vacation by phone? Leaving it in that apartment would be one of the most irresponsible things he could do with it; and yet it is as if that is what he is forced to do because of the “No Guns Allowed” signs. You know the apathetic look and argument that follows with the roommate that took something; we see it on William Clinton's face every time he is asked a hard question.

One of the rules of handgun safety, (as it applies in the army or law enforcement) is to never give up your gun! You know as well as I that they steal exactly like that when someone leaves the apartment!

Should you ever have to leave it in a car in a bad neighborhood while patronizing a business in that neighborhood?

Guns are often passed down in family tradition from father to son; the best definition of someone who shouldn't have one is someone that would steal one! So a gun owner has a duty to prevent that from happening. And gun owners can be found liable if they have not secured their guns in their homes under various circumstances. But that issue does not address complete theft; as would likely happen in an apartment where there isn't like to be a large gun safe. It is just unrealistic that someone should ever be charged with a crime for taking a gun anywhere because of this!

And realistically your roomies are smoking pot and you call the police? What are they going to do about it? What is going to happen to you by them? Likely you could get hooked on those very same drugs because of the second hand smoke! You might even find yourself poisoned to death because of accidental ingestion or rather it being placed in your food (poisoned.) When was the last case of poisoning that ever came up in the news? You go to the doctor they will never diagnose it as that. To me every single use of illegal drugs and also alcohol and tobacco is an act of poisoning someone. I don't like lowlifes coming out of the woodwork and puffing anywhere near me in public. I don't like them using smoke machines down the block on Halloween either! You go to the Doctor they will never diagnose that sinus infection you have to pay $400 to have treated as being caused by second hand smoke!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
Originally published on 10 28 2014 at:

Affidavit that Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)

10 28 2014

Affidavit that Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)

Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)

Sent to:
Municipal Court Clerk Linda Small of Whitefish Bay Wisconsin


Kevin J. Kennedy Director and General Counsel

Affidavit that Scott Walker and Mary Burk should not be registered to vote!  And are disqualified electors that cannot be on the Wisconsin Ballot for Governor.
Upon receipt of this challenge you are to mail a copy to both Scott Walker and Mary Burke that they have been challenged as an elector; and therefore challenged to be on the election ballot!

Neither Scott Walker or Mary Burke are qualified electors per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2)

(2) No person shall be allowed to vote in any election in which the person has made or become interested, directly or indirectly, in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election.

My interpretation of this statute is that all the money that pours in to back these candidates amounts to them being participant either directly or indirectly in a bet or wager depending upon the result of the election!

What is the spirit of that law?  so that you cannot buy a candidate into office?  They didn't want one to take a dive?  It looked like Tom Barrett took a dive in the race for Governor against Walker.  It also looks like Walker is taking a dive in this election as he answered the question about whether he would be able to fulfill the four years; he answered that in the vein that his wife had had enough of it!

That law is there to prevent special interests from buying their way into public policy!

At $10,000.oo a Commercial that is in effect indirect participation in a bet or wager!  Walker might have even used the terminology my constituents are betting on me to....


On the news the other night I believe it was Kahy MyKlby that stated a person had to register to be on the ballot to be a valid write in candidate.  That completely violates the spirit of that law.  The spirit of a law is the reason it was written!  The reason for a law being in place.  Neither Scott Walker nor Mary Burke are legally allowed to be on the ballot because of that very law; however a write in candidate isn't recognized unless they register to be on the ballot?  That is not why their is a write in space on the ballot!  In effect it is putting a write in space on the ballot to make it seem like you are maintaining elections in compliance with election law when the exact opposite is true!  The spirit of the write in candidate election law is that if both candidates are revealed to be corrupt the citizen can write in a candidate he/she knows without a shadow of a doubt isn't corrupt, the one who exposed them.  This mornings newspaper revealed that both candidates Mary Burke and Scott Walker accepted close to $10,000,0000.oo each of what can only be defined as special interest money because of the size of it, that invalidates them to be on the election ballot per U.S. Statute 6.03 (2).

So again if they can be on the ballot and are not supposed to then I will again write my own name in on the ballot!  I will also do so for Attorney General, and all the other write in spots on the ballot.  I "Thomas Paul Murphy" am in compliance with U.S. Statute 6.03 whereas Scott Walker and Mary Burke are not!  Those who accept Special Interest money, in the absence of donor information defined by the size of the contribution cannot be on the ballot!  It is the equivalent of placing a bet on them!  They were registered to be on the ballot whereas they cannot be! Election laws are being willfully violated in the United States!

Here is the procedure for disqualifying them to be on that ballot!

6.03 Disqualification of electors.
(1) The following persons shall not be allowed to vote in any election and any attempt to vote shall be rejected:
(a) Any person who is incapable of understanding the objective of the elective process or who is under guardianship, unless the court has determined that the person is competent to exercise the right to vote.
(b) Any person convicted of treason, felony or bribery, unless the person's right to vote is restored through a pardon or under s. 304.078 (3).
(2) No person shall be allowed to vote in any election in which the person has made or become interested, directly or indirectly, in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election.
6.03(3) (3) No person may be denied the right to register to vote or the right to vote by reason that the person is alleged to be incapable of understanding the objective of the elective process unless the person has been adjudicated incompetent in this state. If a determination of incompetency of the person has already been made, or if a determination of limited incompetency has been made that does not include a specific finding that the subject is competent to exercise the right to vote, and a guardian has been appointed as a result of any such determination, then no determination of incapacity of understanding the objective of the elective process is required unless the guardianship is terminated or modified under s. 54.64.
History: 1973 c. 284; 1977 c. 26, 394; 1979 c. 110; 1991 a. 316; 2003 a. 121; 2005 a. 149, 387; 2007 a. 97; s. 35.17 correction in (1) (a).
Disenfranchisement of felons does not deny them equal protection. Richardson v. Ramirez, 418 U.S. 24.
6.48 Challenging registration.
(1) General procedure.
6.48(1)(a)(a) Any registered elector of a municipality may challenge the registration of any other registered elector by submitting to the municipal clerk or executive director of the board of election commissioners in cities of more than 500,000 population an affidavit stating that the elector is not qualified to vote and the reasons therefor. The clerk or director, upon receipt of the affidavit, shall mail a notification of the challenge to the challenged elector, at his or her registered address.
(b) The challenged and challenging electors shall appear before the municipal clerk within one week of notification or arrange under sub. (2) to appear before the board of election commissioners. The challenging elector shall make an affidavit answering any questions necessary to determine the challenged elector's qualifications. Judgment rests with the municipal clerk and decisions shall be rendered as soon as heard. If the clerk cannot resolve the issue or has reservations as to the answers, the clerk may require the challenging elector to take the oath under s. 6.925. If the challenged elector appears and contests any answer of the challenging elector, the clerk may require the challenged elector to take the oath under s. 6.94 and to answer any question necessary to determine the challenged elector's qualifications. If the challenging elector appears before the municipal clerk or board of election commissioners but the challenged elector fails to appear, such clerk or board may make the decision without consulting the challenged elector. If the municipal clerk or board of election commissioners does not sustain the challenge, the challenged elector's registration remains valid.
(c) If the challenging elector fails to appear before the municipal clerk within one week or in cities of more than 500,000 population fails to appear before the board of election commissioners under sub. (2) to answer questions and take the oath under s. 6.925, such clerk or board shall cancel the challenge.
(d) If the clerk determines that the challenged elector is not qualified, the clerk shall change the challenged elector's registration from eligible to ineligible status on the registration list and notify the inspectors for the ward or election district where the elector was registered.
(2)Special procedure in populous cities.
(a) In cities of more than 500,000 population, objections may be made before the board of election commissioners which shall sit on the last Wednesday before each election from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. to hear objections then made or deferred under sub. (1). If all the objections cannot then be determined, the commissioners shall sit during the same hours the next day.
(b) Upon appearing in person, objectors shall be examined, under oath, by the commissioners and testimony taken. Judgment rests with the board of election commissioners and decisions shall be rendered as soon as heard. All cases are heard and decided summarily. The commissioners shall determine whether the person objected to is qualified. If they determine that a person is not qualified, the executive director of the board of election commissioners shall change the elector from eligible to ineligible status on the registration list and shall notify the proper ward officials of the change immediately.
(3)Challenge based on incompetency. Section 6.03 (3) applies to any challenge which is made to registration based on an allegation that an elector is incapable of understanding the objective of the elective process and thereby ineligible for registration.
(4)Disqualification. The municipal clerk or board of election commissioners may not disqualify an elector under this section except upon the grounds and in accordance with the procedure specified in s. 6.325.
The spirit of the law is more important that the procedure for compliance with those who seek to thwart the spirit of the law.
Challenged by:
Thomas Paul Murphy
4964 N. Marlborough Dr.
Whitefish Bay WI 53217

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, October 27, 2014

Should those born with birth defects be required to wear GPS monitoring devices 10 27 2014

Should those born with birth defects be required to wear GPS monitoring devices?  10 27 2014

I believe this to be true!  I also believe that any person who hears voices should have a receiver that tells them if a person like that has come within 1000 feet of their home.  Let me just say that those of us who hear voices don't always hear them!  And when we do hear them  they are of all different kinds.  Some sound very introverted and childlike, like a mentally retarded person. etc.  So the person who hears voices ought to be able to track that GPS signal to where it is and tell the person and any experimental radio equipment that they have to "Get the h3ll out of here!"  Also those who are facilitating such people staying in their homes should be segregated and removed from our communities and placed in detention centers, pending ???  ....It is a mandatory 5 year prison sentence and 10,000 dollar fine to bug someone.

Does a downs syndrome woman look very heavy and strong?  Like an English nanny?  Like the nurse ratchet in the movie "One Flew over the Cuckoos' nest?"  Ever have a teacher or coworker that looked like that and created negative expectations for you?  I can name quite a few.  One such coworker hit me on the head with a roll of copier paper for no reason.  Believe it or not I get the Republican's attack on women!  But my own mother wasn't like one of those!  Thank God!

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The Purpose of the two day waiting period, the FFL and the Concealed Carry License 10 27 2014

The Purpose of the two day waiting period, the FFL and the Concealed Carry License 10 27 2014

On the news tonight two men had guns in their backpacks while entering the airport.  It was not a crime because they had Concealed Carry permits and said they forgot they had them with them.  It isn't a crime if you say you forgot you had it with you.  I agree with that!

You can't expect normal human beings to become victims of every bad person and story we see on the news or read in the local paper!

But here is another point.  Why should a person with a Concealed Carry handgun permit have to wait two days to buy a handgun when we can assume he or she is wearing one at all times!  In effect if he/she lost their handgun you would want them to have a new one right away.  The spirit of that law is that so a person who is in a state of rage cannot go immediately to the store buy one and commit a crime or suicide.  But again we can just assume that a person who has a Concealed Carry permit has a gun on them at all times; so it doesn't make sense that they should be subject to the waiting period.  Now I can see where we can run into problems where that person buys ten and gives or sells them to organized crime members selling drugs and pimping. 

But what about the person that likes mechanical things and wants to have one from a certain point in history etc?  What about he hunter?  What about the target shooter?

Now here is the other big problem.  Guns are cheapest online and in catalogs!  But they cannot be mailed directly to your house unless you have an FFL (Federal Firearms License that allows you to sell them.  You are supposed to maintain a store.  And the FFL costs $200.)  The gun dealers make fee's on transfers of guns from online and catalogs to their local store where you have to pick the gun up at because they are an FFL.  And that costs the consumer anywhere from $13 to $75 dollars extra or a lot more!  That is a lot of money to pay!  Plus it is a lot of hassle to go through.  Again if you have a Concealed Carry Permit it is assumed you have a gun on you at all times so why do you have to pay the extra fees.  What if you like to put together parts and make one cheaply from them?  It is just to cumbersome and expensive to do.  The crux of the issue is that your Concealed Carry Permit should be the equivalent of the FFL!  I am not saying you should be able to buy 10 crates with 50 guns in them with the Concealed Carry Permit.  I am saying if you see a gun on sale online or in a catalog for $200 cheaper you should be able snap it up with that concealed carry permit and not have to go through the FFL transfer loopholes.  Just give them your concealed carry permit number and it if matches the address they are shipping to it should be a done deal!

Shouldn't a person who is traveling to crime ridden Chicago where heroin is an epidemic be allowed to take a gun on a plane if he has a Concealed Carry Permit?  Same goes for New York or Las Vegas.  Ever get in a cab with a driver that takes a roundabout way?  Are they putting you to the test?  I think they might be. So you take a plane to New York, a dangerous city in my point of view, and you can't take your gun with you if you have a Concealed Carry Permit?  (CCP for short from here forward in the article.)  Does that make sense?  That you can have one in your own city but not take it to a more dangerous city?  No!  Are we to drive to other cities because we want to take our gun with us?  So what is the way around that?  I suppose you could have them thread a plastic coated lock through the muzzle?  They give the key to the stewardess.  And then on your way out of the destination airport the lock is removed and the gun given back?  Or it might be a password code lock?  Something where there is never the issue that you can't open it on the other side and also that someone can't take the gun during transport (baggage clerk, etc.)  You should be able to keep the gun with their lock on it as you sit on the plane!  They should not be allowed to take it from you!  For all we know your father fought in WWII with that gun and handed it down to you. 

And that brings up another point.  All the plastics in guns!  Is that going to maintain the tradition of passing down from father to son?  The very tradition that creates responsible gun owners?  No!  Sooner or later that plastic is going to leach out all the plastic gases and crack.  So indeed metal frames should be readily available (high strength allow aluminum, non-rust light and strong alloys, etc.)  And do you know what?  How much should a gun actually cost?  Not $1000.oo.  There is only about $50 worth of metal in it!  They can crank those castings out like they coming out of a doughnut machine!  So indeed gun control was very good for U.S. and foreign manufacturers.  Just like ethanol was good for corn growers but bad for American Health (abundant high fructose corn syrup in everything!)

And what about gun imports?  They cut them all into odd pieces and sell them in kits!  The American who wants to put one together is exposed to undue levels of vaporized metal and aluminum as well as highly questionable solvents and chemicals!  Can those chemicals cause cardiac arrest?  Prostate Cancer?  No doubt!  So that is a bunk industry.  It bilks the American Consumer like nothing ever before!

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Guidelines for the death penalty with regard to the nature of Criminal Motivation 10 27 2014

Guidelines for the death penalty with regard to the nature of the Criminal Motivation 10 27 2014

Was the motivation consistent with being against the human race of men?

Common motivations and what their meanings might be in each case. The motivation for some crimes isn't always the same. The study of human behavior was supposed to address this; but it failed to do so and be indoctrinated into our justice system.

A list of crimes.

  1. Murder
  2. Rape
  3. Sexual Molestation
  4. Hooked on drugs by a drug dealer.

What you are going to learn is that some crimes have a non-human motivation behind them and hence are a crime against humanity!

What might be motivations for rape?

A. Desire

B. Inciting hatred towards you from the victims. That is abnormal human motivation.

  1. Making a liftime victim. That is abnormal human motivation. That is pure satanic motivation.

D. The desire to sterilize the human race through physical sexual trauma; such as vaginal trauma. That is abnormal motivation.

E. The desire that you impregnate the woman with a child of yours that you will not raise. In effect seeding the human race with fatherless animals.

Attempted murder: two 12 year old girls stabbing a girl 19 times.
  1. Odd jealousy not of human origin.
  2. It is abnormal human motivation.
  3. Inciting hatred and violence.
  4. Drawing attention and the energy of society towards themselves?
  6. (have a lot of computer trouble with the numbers and letters formatting correctly at the beginning of sentences.)
  7. a.Normal Motivation: I believe it is normal for a boy to want to tease a girl that he likes.
Abnormal Human Motivation: It isn't normal for a boy to want to tease another boy that he likes! i.e. bullying! That is a non-human species motivation!

The motivation or crime being about the person committing it and not the victim. The true motivations of crime are lost in our legal system! The true motivations of crime can serve as a diagnosis to someone that is abnormal; meaning less than human.

Those who envy the thinking of men should never be on the police force or managing people in the world!

With regard to criminal motivations you should ask yourself, “Does this crime deface the image of God as man?”
  1. Intentionally disfiguring the face or sex organs (vaginal trauma).
  2. Intentionally or neglectfully (think limited liability) disabling normal men, (including those who are made to hear voices)
  3. Does the crime dehumanize, traumatize or drug a human beings mind. The human mind also being the image of God as man.
  4. Does the crime indicate that the criminal has intent to enslave and therefore does not have the mental faculty to accomplish his own work to support his family.
  5. Is the criminal motivated that it's victims gender or sexual identity should be changed?
  6. Is the crime indicative that the person hates normal human beings? Does he beat his wife whom he is supposed to love? Is his motivation for doing so that he cannot work like a normal human being in the work place and he transfers that frustration to her? Is his motivation that his employer doesn't like human beings and is rudely insultingly unfair with him and he still transfers that unto his family? (why we should get rid of the limited liability shield)
  7. Does he beat his children for no reason other than they have a fresh start as humans? Or does he occasionally discipline a child (maybe only one or two spankings is needed) to prevent that child from endangering the lives of his family. If he doesn't discipline that child for endangering the lives of his other family members has he not created a beast who will not know it is wrong to endanger the lives of other peoples families!!!!
  8. Does the criminal believe that a human being is something that can be raised in herds, like cattle or shrewdness of apes? (All of these things can be tested for by using oral, written or physiological response to images and video.)
  9. Does the criminal get an erection upon seeing handsome men or boys? Think of the video from America's Funniest Home Videos where the donkey see's the mans pants are down as he is urinating in the field and the donkey runs up mounts the man with an erection and attempts to sodomize rape it. A pet monkey is highly likely to rape you and they are stronger than humans. So we are getting into psychological aspects of species differentiation. It should be a complete field of study with implications for our justice department. Is the persons behavior not consistent with a human being and more that of an animal that wants to seed the human race to no longer be human? Species competition? You never looked at scene and asked yourself, “What the h3ll is that?”
  10. Does the,mayor, judge, prosecutor, warden, police officer, or prison guard have the motivation that the person will be raped in prison? Do they have the motivation that the person will be made a lifetime victim from being in prison? Traumatized to be mentally ill? Hooked on drugs and no longer in the image of God as man? Do such people taunt the public by propagandizing a misunderstanding of the causes of mental illness? Trauma and drug indoctrination? It is important to make the distinction here between a human being who was normal up to adulthood and one who was born mentally defective and resented the thinking of men and the sons of men all its life!
  11. Was the criminal created through mal-adaption of an older sibling who no longer got the attention in the house when a new child was born or adopted? Does this spoiled psychology translate into the older brother molesting, raping or forcing the younger to perform fellatio? I have to ask how many homosexuals were created in this manner and don't know it? How many gay people have had a gene mutation in the gene that regulates serotonin reception; caused by alcohol and drugs at a young age (or during conception and in the womb?)
  12. Does the criminal engage in defacto homosexual behavior or have a life history of it but in delusion fail to consider himself one?
  13. Should father's ever be allowed to drink alcohol? NO! Why? Just read this and you see there is more to being a father than they think! For how long does alcohol displace the conscience of men; sometimes a day sometimes three days. What is going on with your children during that time! You are neglecting the duty to be a parent and create a responsible human being by drinking aren't you. I am a Muslim (even though I am Catholic) and the Bible is also Muslim because they both abhore alcohol. No one ever reads the Bible to understand this but it is all in there!
  14. Criminals who got out of prison should also never be allowed to drink. Unless you can rule that person was mentally defective since birth you have to give them back their gun per the Constitution.
  15. High School dropouts should never be allowed to drink.
  16. And the mentally retarded, or those who were mentally retarded at any point in their lives should not be allowed to have children. Why not? There is a lot they need to be able to teach them at various stages of personal development that the retarded person did not learn in that natural human life progression.
  17. Some women have a great delusion that having children and raising them is something that it isn't! (There is even a group of them that want to be able to use the drug that causes delayed mental development and therefore mental retardation (grab a dictionary.) in order to help them cope with raising their children.)
  18. How can you have the goal to create a responsible adult when you yourself are not one? Children born out of wedlock from one night stands? Children adopted from those one night stands are consumption of alcohol occurred and therefore likely mental retardation or dyslexia?
  19. What do communists really hate? Men! Fathers!
  20. What does religion really hate? Men! Fathers!
  21. Men are more defined by their intelligence and not by their brawn. It was intelligent men who founded the United States and not those who would run around in tights and play a childhood game for a living. (Sorry Chris Collinsworth for objecting to your broadcast comment that (a) professional athletes should run for public office.) Does the male feel that he should be able to play a game for a living instead of working?

    The difference in motivation between human motivation and abnormal species motivation was more accurately delineated at the beginning of this article.

There is actually one person who told me that they liked my diatribes! I actually believe the content of my articles should be codified into the law of a New World Order.

Is the motivation normal or abnormal to the human race?  Is there evidence the person ever had a human conscience, human reason and the ability to correctly rationalize and draw accurate comparisons; i.e. learn.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 27 2014 at:

The crux of the issue is that I believe it is human motivation to want to eliminate those who have abnormal motivation.  Why?  So that humans are not victims of the abnormally motivated.  It is pretty clear to me, but for some reason a lot of people don't get it and what it means.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

You are not allowed to ape us

You are not allowed to ape us
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Nothing sums up the spirit of the law of the Constitution better than that!

Guns in Courthouses and Prisons 10 26 2014

The issue of Guns attempted to be brought into the Milwaukee Courthouse can into the news lately so I thought I would address the topic (without even making reference to the second amendment.)
Should you be allowed to take guns in courthouses and prisons? Yes! And here is why! The Constitution say's that you cannot be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, which means every other law and government principle established must be consistent with it! They cannot put you in a prison where you are likely to be raped, tortured, effeminated or hooked on drugs! That is cruel and unusual punishment and the Constitution protects you from it! What that means is those people who are in prison and manage prison complacent that belief system need to be executed in order to protect the Constitution! There is no other way to do it!
Sodomy of men is what defines the homosexual. They cannot put you in a prison where there is even one homosexual because it violates your Constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Only an ape of a person would do that to you! Other apes are those who sexually molest children, drug dealers and pimps. Only an ape of a person would project self pity in leniency with regard to justice for such people. And we have a big problem with that in the United States. That projection of self pity in leniency equates to the mentally defective populating our justice system. Women in our judicial system have a hard time comprehending this and what the Constitution means! I am not anti female, I did tell that with regard to some things my mother was smarter than my father. No one in a professional career such as a judge or a lawyer should be constantly asking themselves what would so and so do at a time like this! That is an invalid professional! The ape has a lot of fun giving people alcohol and then ruining their lives! That has to end! The Constitution was written by women so it doesn't surprise me that neither women nor what is defined as the sons of women can't comprehend it! They need an interpreter to understand it. And that equates to one mind for all and that is Communism and not freedom! She wants everything to be easy to understand in her terms but that isn't possible. She wants every new day's knowledge to be a daily gift from God but that isn't the way that human beings learn.

To put this another way.  People that can't comprehend this should not be living in the same country as I do!  Now if you are crying because you are in the legal profession and know that you don't belong there after reading this, please take the initiative to prevent yourself and people like you from continuing to be allowed to work in that profession!  If you are an elected official and don't comprehend the meaning of the Constitution please bow out!  The harm you have done to this country already is irreparable.

The spirit of the law of the Constitution can be summed up like this, "You are not allowed to ape us!"

Thomas Paul Murphy copyright 2014
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Thomas Paul Murphy Jobs plan a non-disposable economy 10 26 2014

Thomas Paul Murphy Jobs plan a non-disposable economy 10 26 2014

What do you notice right away? That the items made to be disposable are made of non-disposable materials such as the aluminum can is whereas the items that should be long lasting are made out of plastic! There is no heritage passing down an item made out of plastic that will eventually crack and fail to ones son!

A great many products should not cross the border into Wisconsin or allowed to be manufactured here.

Milk should only be sold in Glass Bottles in Wisconsin. Soda and beer at the initial and very least be banned for sale in plastic and aluminum. I have had enough of seeing water for sale on the Grocery store shelves in plastic bottles.

Every car with an Illinois license plate entering Wisconsin should have to be in a pull over lane and pay $20 to enter.

We are also going to need a class system. And part of it will be those who are dependent minded will not make decisions for other people. Nor with those who have any form of dyslexia. Are there some people who do not want to listen, learn, respect normal people and work? Yes. They would be discouraged from reproduction.

Are there some people who have no place in business management? Yes!

Has our current banking system led to a sustainable community of human beings? No!

Should we have to pay for health care when the people selling it are the same people responsible for causing sickness? No!

Should someone who can not even accomplish simple tasks with their own hands and fingers ever be commenting on the works of those who can? No!

Are some if not all pharmaceutical companies really an extension of Nazi Germany and those who profit from them and the death of normal human beings have no place in the world? Yes!

Can we make Solar electric cars in Wisconsin? Yes!
Can we power the entire state with solar electric power? Of course!

Can any product in your home be made to last longer and be made out of common materials such as recycled aluminum or wood!

Can I design any product in your home so that it is built to last forever after it is manufactured? Yes!

Do child molesters, pimps or drug dealers have any place in the land of the free? No! Should we have religion that abdicates their freedom?

If it doesn't have a waterproof circuit board it should not be sold in the state of Wisconsin.

Are there men in Wisconsin who want to work and create a long lasting tradition of strength? ?

Could Wisconsin become the model for other states and countries to follow? Yes.

The aluminum rivet. I have never seen an aluminum rivet used in auto manufacturing. I believe they are used in boats? The point is that they are much lighter and therefore make the car weigh less and use less energy to power it. Now there is a way to redesign that rivet so that it is stronger! That would be accomplished by using a steel center compressor in it that is reusable and only compresses to a set limit based on the thickness of material. Also I believe we need a variety of wide mouth and deep gap rivet tools to create such new electric cars. One design feature of that rivet would be that instead of it having a domed center it would have a starter hole (much like if a punch was driven into it) so that if a body panel needed to be replaced it could easily be drilled out! Someone will probably patent that as if they thought of it! And that is what I am getting at; we don't need them in our economy!

Is there a technology comparable to amalgam technology that your dentist uses to rapidly form parts? I believe that such a technology exists but has yet to be discovered (one that doesn't use toxic mercury but instead other metals. In turn could the average citizen receive a complete box of solar car parts off the back of a truck and alternate amalgam technology weld them together? And if that man can't do even that simple task of following those instructions what is implied about him?

A new jobs economy means a healthy work force. Our current leaders have no comprehension of the connection. In fact there interpretation is that if someone is smarter than you that you knock them over the head. We can't tolerate people like that in the free human being world! Call them neo Canaanites!

I have I already designed products that people could learn how to build themselves? Yes.

Every circuit board in every product sold in Wisconsin should be waterproof. If they can sell soda in aluminum cans then your laptop computer can have an aluminum case too! The energy to produce them will come from solar electric arc production!

Now once we meet the needs of the people of the state of Wisconsin first then we can export. The point here is that he value of the national dollar will be created by Wisconsin first!

Should farmers be allowed to create the runoff they do? No! Are there men in Wisconsin in white collar jobs who would be much better suited to labor on organic farms? Without a doubt! Should we have strict laws regarding the rights of employees so that they are not abused or enslaved. The Bible tells how people were enslaved in Egypt. The last ones to arrive for work that day were the first to be paid. A lot of our office building structure and their function today is one of the exact reasons we went to War with Britain in the Revolutionary War! They were attempting to establish a corrupt financial infrastructure here; they succeeded.

Some of FDR's eugenics program was based on the belief that the British leaders had superior genetics. Just look at prince Charles ears and you know it has been used to indoctrinate false leadership. Blood leadership is okay but what happens is if even one of those children is born with a mental defect due to a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder not only are countries ruined but the earth is too! And that has been allowed to foster for too long!

Now you voted for Barrack Obama; the man who did cocaine and pot during high school and didn't know how to use a gas pump. So you will get a lot more of that same.

Now as I write this I think of the Trek Bicycle. I bought one way back in 1982 when I was washing dishes after school in High School to make money. It was light and well built! I think Mary would understand what it means to make products that last.  Could Treks competency in bicycle frame welding be scaled up to produce frames for electric cars?  I could likely design them in one week!  But the pot head dolts son working at the University would cry and become terminally depressed. Do we need people like that?

We have all we need right here in Wisconsin for Wisconsin but what we don't have is the competency to understand that in our Government structure.  Instead what we have is illegitimacy to the point of communism! 

If we don't have the materials to make it in the United States then we develop new technology.
If we don't grow it in the United States maybe we should instead of importing it. The fruit at the big box store is awful.

Did the banking industry cause the shuttering of small towns across the United States? Did technologies that pollute our water foster that too? I believe that we need to completely dis-empower our financial districts and if they want to work they can work on farms instead. And there are many homes available in small towns.

Are there people who would highly object to actually having to work within their own mental and physical means to earn a living? Yes! If the caused trouble about it if new regulations governing financial activities that protect the United States Constitution were implemented; could it be the cause of a civil war?

Should people who have genetically defective children including those whose of sexual identity disorder caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene be allowed to manage other people? No!

Should you be allowed to take guns in courthouses and prisons? Yes! And here is why! The Constitution say's that you cannot be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, which means every other law and government principle established must be consistent with it! They cannot put you in a prison where you are likely to be raped, tortured, effeminated or hooked on drugs! That is cruel and unusual punishment and the Constitution protects you from it! What that means is those people who are in prison and manage prison complacent that belief system need to be executed in order to protect the Constitution! There is no other way to do it!

If you want to create a jobs plan you have to address the issue of those who are unemployable and also those whose employment and jobs do not benefit the American Economy. $17 trillion in debt is enough evidence our banking and media industry have been incompetent and ruined us! Nor can you have the principle of a corporation is a person or a corporation has limited liability! You can employ people by that which is not a man and will injure that employee in the workplace indirectly and have limited liability. You can't write an insurance check for someone who should not have been operating a forklift or in your warehouse after you crushed their toes! That is a religious belief that the founding fathers had to flee from! It has no place in the United States! Nor do commodities futures! Nor do derivatives. Nor do non- complete publicly owned professional sports teams. Nor does any drug that causes that mental impairment and retardation. Get it?

Do I want to create jobs for those who are going to serve you food that makes you sick? No I want people who can cook their own healthy meals and learn how to do it! Do I want jobs were the business is creating an unfathomable future pollution liability to your children's children? No! I have to use the term children's children because if I said future of humanity you wouldn't identify with it!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
originally published on 10 26 2014 at:

And we can't have anymore drunks overgrown son buys a wife concept of marriage.  We also need to bring religion to justice!