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Monday, October 27, 2014

Should those born with birth defects be required to wear GPS monitoring devices 10 27 2014

Should those born with birth defects be required to wear GPS monitoring devices?  10 27 2014

I believe this to be true!  I also believe that any person who hears voices should have a receiver that tells them if a person like that has come within 1000 feet of their home.  Let me just say that those of us who hear voices don't always hear them!  And when we do hear them  they are of all different kinds.  Some sound very introverted and childlike, like a mentally retarded person. etc.  So the person who hears voices ought to be able to track that GPS signal to where it is and tell the person and any experimental radio equipment that they have to "Get the h3ll out of here!"  Also those who are facilitating such people staying in their homes should be segregated and removed from our communities and placed in detention centers, pending ???  ....It is a mandatory 5 year prison sentence and 10,000 dollar fine to bug someone.

Does a downs syndrome woman look very heavy and strong?  Like an English nanny?  Like the nurse ratchet in the movie "One Flew over the Cuckoos' nest?"  Ever have a teacher or coworker that looked like that and created negative expectations for you?  I can name quite a few.  One such coworker hit me on the head with a roll of copier paper for no reason.  Believe it or not I get the Republican's attack on women!  But my own mother wasn't like one of those!  Thank God!

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