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Sunday, October 19, 2014

1500 Nazi Scientist Responsible for the Death of 400,000 Americans become United States Citizens 10 19 2014

How many Americans lost their lives in WWII?  About 400,000.

1500 scientists that contributed to the loss of life of 400,000 Americans were allowed jobs in the United States with high paying salaries.  It was called Operation Paperclip.

It doesn't make any sense to me.  How many of them experimented on human beings?  What did they learn?  What should be published is a Volume of Complete Findings of the Nazi German Scientists!  Some were rocket scientists.  Here might be the reason they were brought over to the United States.  Those V2 rockets were unreliable; that is per my memory of prior research?  Which means that they were "tilted" by the Nazi German Scientists?  What was their guidance and range system?  If it wasn't great why did we bring them over here?  If it was great then Germany should have had won the war?  Which means that the German Scientists 1500 of them were in league with the United States all the time, spies for the United States.  And look at where this goes.  We get in a World War with Germany confident that they don't have the rocket technology to get us!!!  But it turned on us because Germany didn't control Japan?  And as soon as Japan struck Pearl Harbor the game was over?

If that 1500 were so great why didn't one of them shoot Hitler?

Did some of them engineer the gas chambers?

Where some of them involved in psychological warfare?

Where some of them involved in bioweapons and chemical weapons?

About the same time we had nuclear energy we could have gone the way of solar but we didn't.  What we have from that bad decision is nuclear liability.  If you have a problem with 3% of children being  born with autism what happens when we realize that nuclear liability.  What happens when a nation of pot heads doesn't know how to maintain those nuclear reactors?  Everywhere I go people aren't very smart; but if they are smart it is a wily type of intelligence that is bothersome!

So how did the 1500 evade being killed by United States/ Russian forces?  And immediately after WWII Russia became the United States enemy; the same one that Hitler was heading towards?  And also that same communist idealism that is threatening to destroy the United States with 5,000 nuclear missiles.

Anyhow whatever those 1500 knew or had as knowledge should be categorized in a volume of encyclopedias!  What they wanted to learn and what they were researching can also offer clues not known before as to why they wanted to know what they were researching.

But again these 1500 had to have played a great part in killing 400,000 Americans.  My father served in WWII as a Combat Medic, he received a Purple Heart for injury in it.  I have an issue with this to this day.

People can't stand me because when something doesn't make sense with me I keep at it until I get the answers that explain it!  And then I go deeper into the background of those answers.

I mean 1500 of them where are their thesis's?  Where is that treasure trove of knowledge that allowed them to evade prosecution?

And sure you can publish a documentary to assuage my concerns with laden with emotional type appeals, but we have to compare the forest to the trees here.  It still doesn't make sense.  Why would you do that?  We certainly had great technology in the United States already!  We had the Nuclear Bomb! What more do you need than that?  Could we not have scoured through their scientific papers?  Where are those scientific papers today?

Do some of them work in the Pharmaceutical Industry?  I often come to the belief that our country would benefit greatly by the absence of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex?

Well lets just say that you have a Jew in Alma Wisconsin and all the members of that Beer Town have his same mind.  Was that the goal of Nazi German research?  The children of the wealthy all had a form of mental retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and they were looking to not lose their wealth for being ineffective bankers, etc.

I find that 1,500 to be a great threat to National Security and our freedom?  That was what I first thought when I learned of it long ago.  None of us should be hearing voices; they know it!

Just scanning that list the guy in the following link had an interest in cancer causing substances and CANCER CAUSING VIRUSES!!!!!!

Today a woman has a one in eight chance of developing Breast Cancer!  Is it caused by a Cancer Virus brought to the United States by the CIA along with the Nazi Scientist who created or isolated it?

This next one put people in vacuum chambers to induce seizures.  (Sounds a lot like Israel waterboarding to me.  Yes I am stating an equivalent comparison.

Even the Soviets hired the Nazi War Crime scientists!  As you see in the following link.

And look at what Japan who also became our ally post WWII was doing to the Chinese!  This one puts me squarely on the Chinese side.  I have always been for the Chinese people, even though I have had some bad experiences with American Chinese.  I believe that the Chinese people should be free from tyranny.  I am not an expert on this, but do you see a little Japanese in the leader of China?

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Metaphor thought.  What if the zombies who were powering Maximillion Shnells space craft in the movie The Black Hole really wanted to be there and doing that because they weren't good for anything else?

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