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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A delusion can be thought of as a lie to oneself 10 15 2014

A delusion can be thought of as a lie to oneself 10 15 2014

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article "Man gets life with no parole" written by Bruce Vilmetti

1. When parents don't properly discipline their children they allow them to maintain lies and therefore delusions?
2. Alcohol, Marijuana and other psychoactive drugs are known to cause delayed development in teenagers.  The dictionary definition of the word retard means to "Delay the development of" hence they cause mental retardation!  Do these drugs and the mental retardation they cause contribute to people like Dan Bartelt's criminal behavior!  Without a doubt! 
3. I believe this he will always be a threat to society even though I have not ruled out that he might have committed those crimes due to demonic possession.  I believe that the Death Penalty clears the issue up extremely fast in cases of sexual molestation of children, pimping and drug dealing.  I also think of it this way, it is better off that he get the death penalty for many reasons.  Lets say that it was demonic possession and while in prison it abates; society has yet to address the factors which would cause an immediate rebound to it happening to him again!
A.  A prison more or less should be for those who you believe can be reformed. (A man steals a loaf of bread to live.) You wouldn't want to go there and be exposes to those who can't.  I want to use the example of the Any Griffith show where the harmless town drunk is the usual prisoner for a day or two.)  
B.  Perhaps defendant's are in a state of shock from being in prison before testifying which changes their testimony for better or worse (Because of who is in there already that should be executed.)
C.  Once you execute the bad you start to address the cause of them being bad in a real hurry!  REAL HURRY!
D.  I also believe that White Collar Criminals should get the death penalty if the amount is over a certain amount, say $1,000,000.oo dollars!  This leads to economic equality and less poor who are more likely to go to any length to get food?

What is even more odd than anything else is that the father of the daughter who was killed told the killer that he loved him?  Who is more retarded here and why?  that equates to, "I love you for raping and murdering my daughter?"  "I love you because I personally identify with your weakness or personal defect to kill innocent people with all the beautiful potential in the world."  On that note isn't it like there is an ape among us who hate it when a normal human being achieves success through their own determination and effort"

And the newspaper failed to mention which college he attended and why he dropped out!  Ever leave a college or corporation and you never ever hear from them ever again?  What am I getting at?  If you told them you didn't believe they had the credibility to teach or manage in business you would be told you were burning your own bridges?  So they never ask and you never say!  I am not afraid to say!  And I can articulate just how awful some every day people really are!

I am about ready to give up on this writing.  It might be more healthy for me to just be of the Devils Advocate opinion.  Just do whatever you like and don't worry about getting caught!  I don't follow it myself but it seems to be going against the grain to attempt to teach anyone anything different than that!

Did he leave college because of alcoholism or the affect of it?  Is his crime a reflection or reaction to what might have happened to him in college (or some other time in his life) and the reason he left?

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