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Friday, October 24, 2014

Countermeasure to demonic possesion by the voices 10 24 2014

Countermeasure: What I call the John Edwards method. ........ They aren't ghosts! They are those with defective hippocampus's and experimental radio equipment. You can exorcise them from your body though! Try the method I call the John Edwards method. Whenever you feel a pain in your body use your mental voice to say, "Does somebody here have a relative that died of lung cancer?" if it is in your lungs. If you feel the voices made you stupid use your quiet mental voice to ask, "Is there someone here who had a mentally challenged relative that died recently?" It works!

Anything that works about the same way the lords prayer does will do the trick to! The key is to gently shift the focus of the origin of the voices away from you and back to its miserable self.

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