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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flyn did the right thing by firing that Police Officer and there are quite a few that need to be fired too

Flynn did the right thing by firing that Police Officer and there are quite a few that need to be fired too.

I realize that very quickly when I saw the Chief of the Police Union on television today, saying that officer did absolutely nothing wrong!  I have met quite a few young men who want to go into criminal justice and law enforcement and I want that old league of "the code" long gone so that the younger generation doesn't have to deal with it and in turn the City will be cleaned up!  There is no quicker way to clean up crime than to fire Police Officers that do not have the integrity to be there!

And about black people marching because this man who heard voices was killed?  Black women know very well who caused it!  Who are you trying to kid?

I have to wonder if black and their white counterparts aren't the greatest threat to the freedom of the United States?  It would appear to me that they have a very hard time learning and resent real men!  To them a real man is something to mock!

I also wonder if Italians and Jews ever really know what it means to be a normal white person.

I am watching the channel 12 News as I type and I see the woman's eye's go from teary to asking for sympathy from the public as to what the answers should be?  Then the next thing you will hear is a propagandized political commercial.

And what did a woman on Fox television just say?  Young women would be better of going to tinder and match than going to the voting booth.

I get the sense that the women who couldn't be educated in our society want the world to degrade to tribalism.  Whereby they can sit around sewing beads together and wonder what is going on in the chiefs teepee and if she will be the lucky one to go in there next?  That was about the intelligence level of the cheerleading squad at Whitefish Bay High School when I went there.

So now I am going to attempt to find out how to register as a candidate for Governor.  I usually just write myself in.  Two of the candidates on the ballot are for legalizing marijuana (you know it causes mental retardation don't you?) and the other two act like they don't have a clue what it means to be an adult human being.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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