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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mary Burke versus Scott Walker 10 10 2014

Mary had all the same answers I agree with. But it was like they were sifted from something or someone. But she did have conviction with regard to her viewpoints. What bothered me is that I could not see her eyes! Then I realized it was because her brow was casting a shadow over them. As I sit here typing I know what that brow reminds me of! I was sitting next to the head of a Hospitals pharmacy in the steam room once and he had that same brow. When I put his opinions together with that brow I determined that he was cro-magnum like! But not only that he germed up the steam room with whatever germs he had in that snot locker above his eyes! But what it wasn't something that was going to go away like a cold does for you and I! I vowed never to go in there when he was in there again! My forehead felt like it was bulging out! Much like how encephalitis is transmitted in dorm rooms? Some have it all their lives, strep on the brain, and are used to it? They come into contact with those who don't and the those who don't get sick, their heads puff up inside the skull and they die?

A word of advice?  Never get in that steam room if someone else is in there!  Steam rooms should also be cleaned in between personal use!  And the air completely evacuated and the cedar wood soap water scrubbed.  And if there are queer Russians in there rubbing Oxblood Leaves on each other get the h3ll out of there fast!

Now my father taught me never to think about people like that or talk about them like that! But after 23 years of hearing voices in retrospect this is the question I have to honestly ask, “What the hell is that?” Now she did have some strong character too her and I liked that! She articulated her points rather well! But almost too well! As if she had seen the questions beforehand which I believe that they both did!

As for Scott Walker as I looked at him he did not directly answer the questions! But I figured out what is odd about him too! I first used to think that the left side of his head was dead and his left eye lazy! But more recently I see something different. His left eye points upward and to the right! And his right eye downward and to the left! Now if he was cross eyed they would point directly at each other! But they don't so what we have to describe him as is BOGGLE EYED! And that is about how he answers questions. It is like Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke, “If I told you, you wouldn't believe me, if I asked you a question you wouldn't answer it!”

But back to Mary Burke. After 20 years of hearing voices I start to paint a picture of what they might look like. Perhaps a high pitched voice from a Griffin on a German Castle circa Nazi Germany. And what do those look like? Do they have big brows? Yes they do! So when I put that together with the fact that she is a Lesbian I have to ask the question again, “What the h3ll is that?”

Now the other day when she was on television she was wearing jeans and her chest was concave and her clothes just looked like they were hanging on her. Now my freedom of speech tells me that I can say exactly what I thought when I looked at her! “That titmouse doesn't look strong enough to be Governor.” But tonight she looked to have some Wolf in her and I was proud of her! She beat Walker hands down! And he also declared that he would not run for Governor after this next term! Because it was too stressful on his wife! Which means he isn't going to go for President either! So it looks like a dragon has been defeated! And Scott is going bald. But not only that it looked like the left side of his head was bigger than the right. As if he has a metal plate in there or some grapefruit sized cancer pushing out his cranium. His ears stick out and I swear he has to be a bastard son of Tommy Thompson on a drinking binge! They both have about the same looks and punch drunked bluntness to them!

I like Mary but I have to question her a bit more. About her character analysis. In her adult life she seems to take refuge in the facts and figures. Now that is a good thing! But what I am getting at is that something of a mothering instinct appears to be missing! Now this I can't quite articulate but it appears to be replaced by a different type of emotion with regard to what she seeks approval from. And I get that connection and like it! But what I am getting at is a lack of that well roundedness or concrete personality that can take in all aspects of decision making true to a traditional woman's character! The question I have to ask is, what is central to her?

If I did not hear voices I would never write this awful stuff! But do you know what rules apply? My father taught me, “Fools talk about people and men talk about ideas.” The problem is this, when you can't get a word in edgewise because people are always talking negatively about you! The problem is when later in life you can't get a thought in edgewise because voices don't want you to! So I write this in a sense it is Stoicism or being a Stoicism in response to Stoicism; fighting fire with fire!

Now I never held back anything in my writing about Scott Walker and I don't intend to with regard to Mary Burke either. And do you know why I like her more? She had a nervous breakdown for two years! The interviewers alluded to that when they asked the candidates if they could assure us they would stay the whole four years! I like that because it demonstrates her humanity! Perhaps we have a commonality the same things we don't want to put up with? Like I said I liked her answers to the questions! After six years of Scott being in office he still doesn't believe he has to lay his cards on the table when that is how the game is played.

This is completely awful! I should be ashamed of writing it! But you know what? Do you know what the cost to society is for people who hear voices in their heads? It is insurmountable!
And it is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud!
I also wonder what kind of father Mary had! I wonder if her parents were drinkers!

Should I hold back because she is a woman? That would be giving her a privilege! In doing so it would be my way of saying that she wasn't equal! The point being if a woman wants to be in a power position like that she has to handle the criticism just like a man! If she became Governor could she then become President of the United States. If so she would have the power to declare war. Should this country fight a war to protect Gay rights? That isn't what I believe in! And I should not be forced into that belief! I should not be forced into telling any child I might have, “You can chose whether you are gay or heterosexual.” Then the social services people could say that I was mentally abusing my child because he told the teacher I didn't approve of Gays? What are they? They are sodomites! And in Africa they are sodomites! So much so that aides is epidemic there! How much of that sodomy is rape? What man could watch that act between two men and not be horrified by it? Can an adult hurt a child and deform their sexual identity? I believe it is true! The Puritans also believed in the validity of demonic possession! Do adults sexually molest children and then demonically possess them to believe themselves to have a gay sexual identity? So what if there isn't an age difference adult to child; can there be the same “manipulation?” If they can hear my thoughts (As a demonic possessor by definition would be able to) then they can also hear the thoughts of those they chose as gay mates? It is like knowing the ins and outs of someone without them knowing that anyone can? That is the type of manipulation I assert is going on! So these are some of the issues I have!

Studies of mice have determined that those prone to gay behavior have a defective serotonin regulation gene! I can hear the Devils Advocate saying that doesn't prove anything about humans! But the Devils Advocate uses that exact proving structure to tell us that we need to take this psychiatric medicine or that and that there are no side effects; which is a negligent lie!

So what we might have is a group of people who's minds change with the polarity of a single person, and after awhile they don't like it anymore and want that person to take medicine! Tough! Here is what you do instead, “You man up and tell the world it is true!”

And one more thing about Mary Burke's answers, “They didn't really go that extra yard to get the next down did they!” In other words I did not see a 'dissertation' with regard to action! She worked for Doyle. The only good thing I can remember about him was that he banned smoking in restaurants and bars! God bless you for that Jim!

What do I think about Scott Walker? I think that every policy he put forth was written by a law firm and put in front of him to read! I have felt recently that political candidates are pre-approved from both sides in order for the public to see them. So what is Mary Burke going to read that is handed to her?

It is like I told my sister, “If you don't like either candidate write your own name on the ballet like I always do!” It gets the point across and they can't harp on you for not voting! You believe in yourself don't you?

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
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