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Friday, October 24, 2014

No-one wants to shop where they other people have no class 10 24 2014

No-one wants to shop where the other people have no class! I think of this as a I read an article in the paper about how a downtown department store building was just sold. It didn't say who bought it. So immediately I wondered if it was the same people as the Chinese who bought North Ridge Mall and never developed it!

Then what did I realize? The situation of people not wanting to shop where the clients and staff have no class is epitomized by the Republican Party! It was Cathy McMorris Rodgers who declared that the Republican Party is the party for those with Down's Syndrome!!!! Have you never read Shakespeare or other classic literature? The image of a Down's Syndrome person is not that of class but of BEGGAR STATUS! So we indeed have a real problem with those of BEGGAR STATUS somehow gypsying the money away from the rest of us?

You can't charge high end prices when your own child can't read! You can't charge high end prices when your child has a genetic defect that most normal mothers would look at and think that one doesn't look or sound human and responsibly say, “Stay away from that one,” or “Don't make friends with them.” You can't charge high end prices and support a retail mall when the customers dress like that same Republican Beggar status! You can't charge high end prices when you can't even teach your child how to wipe its own butt and not be a menace to the normal human being population.

So what is next what happens when 2 of these genetically defective get married and want to have children of their own? It is like their parents experimented on them isn't it! You and I didn't become rich by evading the pollution standards. That same chemical profile causing the very defects of the children of the wealthy. THAT IS NOT CLASS! That is an insurgency!

Oh sure they will reopen the mall and on the first day when all the television crews are there they will use that footage to propagandize what a great decision they made and how popular it will become. However the problem will be the exact same one, You don't have class!

So how do we right the situation? Redistribute the wealth of those without CLASS to those who have it! Redistribute the wealth to those who are ACTIVELY DENIED from using their own HUMAN skills to make money.

Some of us with class do not even like to frequent establishments where alcohol is served!

Class isn't something you can fake by being snotty to those who have it!

But none of this is going to change. You are going to continue to lend money to those who do not have class until you bankrupt the United States and blame it on the Constitution you never have the comprehension to interpret or were extremely reluctant to elect those who did; in fact you ostracized and black listed them! Even though they are not the ones who have the black halo-type gene?

Nor will you ever be able to pretend to create new images of class that are not true! It never works!

In fact no one wants to purchase anything from a clerk that isn't up to standard. No one likes to see a truckload of foreigners chewing the cud while they sit on the back of a truck doing landscaping either. And I know exactly what you intend to put this country through, the next series of Doctors for your guarantied health care that Obama gave us are going to be those with Down's Syndrome that dramatically overcame it? Then you are going to keep the propaganda up and make movies about how great and handsome those with Down's Syndrome are? Some of us couldn't stand to listen to the Italian Boxer with the wax dripping face or the Frenchmen of the same pale face in the movies that talked like a personified Dachshund.

You can't project an image of class because you don't have it and won't hire anyone who does at the level of work they are qualified for! You loathe what class means just like the Devil loathed Jesus Christ!
Someone with class would never want to keep a child with birth defects!  And when you don't want to recognize class then we are one step away from Communism aren't we!  Was that Barrack Obama's mission for America?

You don't belong in my neighborhood!  You don't belong on my television set!  Nor should you ever manage another person in your life!  That is right lets just broadly define it this way, those who had learning disabilities or retardation due to genetic defects should never manage another person in any capacity!  Nor should their parents!!!  The parent managed to have a child like that and you want to allow that person to manage human beings?  What planet are you from?  Zoo planet!  You are from ZOO PLANET aren't you!

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