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Sunday, October 19, 2014

UW Milwaukee Alumni Foundation Donation 10 19 2014

UW Milwaukee Alumni Foundation Donation 10 19 2014

If the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee wants me to make a donation they can do so by holding a $6.95 Alumni Pancake breakfast EVERY Sunday morning! It can be at one of those old buildings that are part of the University that only the official “SNOD” get to go in or even look at. It can have slow cooked breakfast sausages like they used to serve at Gimbels Department Store. Lets see if your Hippocrates Fingers can get that right?

What you say that you have an $831 million dollar deficit? How about that money is pooled for a raffle of those who became disabled by hearing voices in their head after they were hired through the University placement program to work for in the Investment and Banking Industry. You know the guy who make over 5 times my entry level salary, wrote in odd chicken scratch Arabic styled albeit in English but could not type a word on the computer? There are 52 weeks in a year so you can allocate to the prize amount of $1,000,000.oo to five lucky winners in that disability pool every week at the pancake breakfast!  And it will be RIGHTFULLY distributed over 3 years.

And the pancakes should be similar or better than those whole grain ones at Denny's.  And if someone wants crepes with Loganberries you should have that there too!

You don't have to print up an expensive brochure! Having that old Professorship staff fulfill the role of waiting and cooking for the Alumni would be sufficient. And you have to get the coffee right to, some like regular and some like decaf. And every cup of coffee served has to be fresh. None of that dregs stuff that they serve at the hospitals that puts the elderly into immediate cardiac arrest. They didn't learn that at the UW nursing school did they? That is also the same dregs coffee I have been served at coffee shops around campus; entrepreneurs from the school that went on to be loaned money to start a respectable business?

And who is driving the academic shuttle buses? Just the kind of athletic bouncer type dolt you want to keep off campus? “I didn't want my daughter to marry an overgrown Goober Stein that lives in a remote house with a cul-de-sac in Fox Point,” I heard one father thinking in grief.

Save the money for that brochure, I don't really care to hear what some criminally networked 5417 kid is doing and how successful they are! I have been hearing voices for 23 years; I know that you didn't earn a dime!

Has the Milwaukee economy benefited one bit from your teachings; apparently not!

Just put a grayscale drawing picture on a white 8.5”x 11” piece of letter paper showing what the building looks like and when it will be open! Buffet style is okay but you have to keep the food coming in those bins; Just in Time isn't good enough, you need it there a little bit just before. So there I taught you a completely new business concept, A Little Bit Just Before. ALBJB for a start of a buzzhole buzzword acronym.

And when you are serving my elderly mother and I you put on the most sincere smile of respect you can manage for being allowed to serve those with academic aspirations.

And don't make too much conversation with the customers; you don't want to turn any stomachs with your sneering duplicitous jokes. Just wear a badge that say's, “My name is 'Alfred Smith' I am a former Professor of International Business Relations. Please grab me by the ear if you would like fresh coffee or more pancakes, sausage or eggs.”

And you be there every Sunday morning; no days off for tribal holidays that along with the fairy tale fiction Corporate concept limited liability and a corporate is really a person; Contradict the United States Constitution just as you being here does!  You've already been paid when you should not have!

I'll be there to eat a Sunday brunch, I have no hurt feelings.
Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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