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Monday, October 13, 2014

War and Equality You Go First 10 13 2014

War and Equality You Go First 10 13 2014

You go first! No more volunteering for service! The “You go first” provision applies!

How do we finance a new clean energy, clean food and water, economy? Those who are not equal and therefore taking more than their fair share fight in the military conflicts first!

Category Blind: “This person is blind because her mother drank while pregnant or because she has syphilis. Where can we place her in our military based on equality?” “Those boy's like shore leave! And that often means brothels! We can make some money on the said while we conduct a war at the same time!” “Come to think of it we had one like her in High School that didn't want to blow.” “Propagandize Sandpaper Sally jokes to increase pier pressure.”

Category Quadriplegic: What about the quadriplegic who was run over by a car while he was experiencing a runners high? Where can we place him of value in our military?”....”If he can maneuver that wheelchair he will also be able to send guided bombs? But he must be stationed at the front lines to assure the preservation of equality and dignity of the United States.”

Category Mentally Retarded: Just watch how obnoxious a mentally retarded person is at a restaurant! What it amounts to is mockery of the lives of men and women!

Category the bad kid: If you are attempting to teach soldiers how to become smarter combatants by demonizing a man or woman who has actively had their mind split than you are an enemy of the United States!

Category Birth Defects: This person has Down's Syndrome if he has been granted equal rights he must also be able to fight for our future!

Category Defective Serotonin regulation gene gays and lesbians: What is sad is that a lesbian would likely kill a heterosexual man capable of procreation just to ensure her equal rights! (The white race is expected to go extinct because of low birth rates. Source the minister Farrakhan.)

Category propagandizing actor: “This person couldn't listen to what anyone told him so he decided that he would subjectively embellish the imagery of the teacher by taking the up the acting profession?”...”What can we do with him?” “Give him a rifle, put him on the front lines and let him be that War hero he always pretended to want to be!”

Category political commentator: “This person likes to politically comment on television with regard to foreign conflicts on. What do we do with him?” “Put him in charge of his own platoon of those just like him and their fate will be determined.”

Category Low IQ: Should a normal person ever have to fight for some dolt that doesn't have the ability to think for himself?

Category Banking, Investment and Financial Industry: Should you have to fight for a Wilson's Syndrome person with high verbal ability and low IQ that is very wealthy from working in the Investment Industry (and contributing to $17 trillion in debt, money stolen directly from the fabric of our Democracy and World Freedom!)

Category Birth Defect: Could you ever give that Down's Syndrome person a Rifle and tell it to defend its country? ---Category Dumb Jock:You can't even give a star high school athlete one to do the same; they are crying sissies in boot camp! The rubber meets the road when you realize right then and there that jocko doesn't have the ability to listen. And in Contrast to being of high verbal ability and low IQ he is of larger size and muscle structure and low IQ!

The reason we have the Gay marriage issue is to give that very same high school athlete/gay a career in the military?

Category Corporate Management: This person proved repeatedly that he could not get along with Americans and fairly manage them. He is responsible for profiting from United States unemployment while sending jobs overseas.

Category Delusional Person who thought they were as good: This person believes they have a skill set that when given the opportunity to use it in the United States failed miserably to live up to what the general public would find the expectations to be. They were networked into place by the who you know principle. They did not contribute to engineering that made more fuel efficient cars! They did not contribute to the allocation of money that was consistent with the freedom of the United States! In effect they were supplantations of real people who were disabled for their skill sets!

It isn't really that hard to determine who the undesirables are who are the cause of all the military conflicts in the first place; is it!

You think this is funny? You won't like it when you are staggering through a nuclear wasteland of flesh eating zombies looking for a meal! Anyone see where, when and why a beast among us would be motivated to degrade the world to and why? It has to do with being uncomfortable with itself in natural communities! If it could have earned a living and got along with real non-defective minded people we have any military conflict the world over! If it respected the rights of normal human beings not a soul on earth would be hearing voices! There would be no inciting of inverse imprintation! It it had been taught to respect other children as a child it would not be unhappy and an awkward fit in adult life in the land of the FREE!

Contrast that to what has been the current agenda with regard to the military, “This person who will be labeled schizophrenic can think like a dessert fox! Never let him take command because we would win the war early. He is a force of one! And could likely take out 1,000 on the battlefield all by himself! He is the male Joan of Arc. Make every conceivable effort to enlist him before he realizes what he is and they start to make him hear voices! At some point he will be wounded in battle and die early from it!!!”

Should it be legal to fire a gas or percussion/flash grenade through the window of your home? That is bordering on the gassing concept in Nazi Germany?

Now I am touching on the real purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. A non-subjective or exclusive Citizen Level Military! To be a member you have to be responsible for danger items and tools! Some of the above create children they are not responsible for! They are put up for adoption. The low life drinking father runs out. When they become adults the only way that they can succeed is if there is a structure that is networked and has the legal ability to circumvent Constitutional Rights- the Corporation is and it is limited liability. The concept of Limited Liability is unconstitutional because this country is a nation of men founded by men and we don't think that way! We don't say I can sell 10,000 of these pills and make money but every year there will be 500 deaths! So I need a legal shield in order to make money while at the same time killing human beings! If you were indeed equal you would not need limited liability for your actions and decisions! You have already declared yourself to not be equal, so you go first as an undesirable! The unequal can never be part of a citizen level military because they are a liability to it just as the above are to our freedom!

So I have the start of Two petitions here:

Declare limited liability unconstitutional for the reason in that last paragraph.

And the all non-voluntary military and the you go first provision.

If you really believe in the conflict than you go first into it! Do you agree with the conflicts the above are causing in the world for the United States? Then you go first!  So what then happens if after you go first because you convinced yourself you believed in all of the above and come back home you find out that you get to be a victim of all of the above?

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