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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Have you developed a CAFFEINE ALLERGY as you age 10 29 2014

Have you developed a CAFFEINE ALLERGY as you age 10 29 2014

I am telling you what I do; I am not giving you personal advice.

I am 47 and avoid Caffeine like the plague today!  But if I have some by mistake while I am in the phase of trying to avoid it completely, I have found that it is good to have some GABA around!  I might indeed keep some in my wallet in a packet like I do powdered aspirin.  Oddly enough the powdered aspirin has caffeine in it.  Some people die of caffeine toxicity and it is in energy drinks to an extreme level. I also believe that the elderly over the age of 70 should also avoid caffeine.  Perhaps 1/8 a cup of regular coffee is enough for them.  So tonight I had the jitters from too much caffeine and took a 1/8 teaspoon of GABA and it helped calm down that light feeling.  Now by all means see a Doctor or call 911 if you have the symptoms of caffeine poisoning.  But after you figure that out like I am figuring out it and don't want to go the emergency ward while they can't figure it out, I believe it is good to have GABA powder around. 

This is the one I have at home.

But as you can see there are numerous brands.

It is somewhat like when I had Benadryl (diphenhydramine)around and had an allergic reaction to an antifungal cream and took the Benadryl, the Doctors told me that I saved my own life by doing so!  I also would recommend that if you are very tired and or exhausted to never consume caffeine at that time!  Here is a link to a faster acting drug that works on the GABA system that the Doctors or emergency ward would prescribe.  But only you are going to know if you had too much energy drinks?

When you are younger you might not recognize the symptoms of a caffeine overdose.  A rapid type heart beat, etc. Find the list.  And the danger is also in the withdrawal from it as the blood vessels to the heart constrict? (not sure about what the exact mechanism of effect and danger is)

The problem is that many of today's greasy foods don't go down well without a cola and they contain caffeine.

If even one person dies from a caffeine overdose, as happened above, it should be highly regulated!

And I believe that the elderly should not energy drinks which should really translate into the young not having them either!

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