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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thomas Paul Murphy Jobs plan a non-disposable economy 10 26 2014

Thomas Paul Murphy Jobs plan a non-disposable economy 10 26 2014

What do you notice right away? That the items made to be disposable are made of non-disposable materials such as the aluminum can is whereas the items that should be long lasting are made out of plastic! There is no heritage passing down an item made out of plastic that will eventually crack and fail to ones son!

A great many products should not cross the border into Wisconsin or allowed to be manufactured here.

Milk should only be sold in Glass Bottles in Wisconsin. Soda and beer at the initial and very least be banned for sale in plastic and aluminum. I have had enough of seeing water for sale on the Grocery store shelves in plastic bottles.

Every car with an Illinois license plate entering Wisconsin should have to be in a pull over lane and pay $20 to enter.

We are also going to need a class system. And part of it will be those who are dependent minded will not make decisions for other people. Nor with those who have any form of dyslexia. Are there some people who do not want to listen, learn, respect normal people and work? Yes. They would be discouraged from reproduction.

Are there some people who have no place in business management? Yes!

Has our current banking system led to a sustainable community of human beings? No!

Should we have to pay for health care when the people selling it are the same people responsible for causing sickness? No!

Should someone who can not even accomplish simple tasks with their own hands and fingers ever be commenting on the works of those who can? No!

Are some if not all pharmaceutical companies really an extension of Nazi Germany and those who profit from them and the death of normal human beings have no place in the world? Yes!

Can we make Solar electric cars in Wisconsin? Yes!
Can we power the entire state with solar electric power? Of course!

Can any product in your home be made to last longer and be made out of common materials such as recycled aluminum or wood!

Can I design any product in your home so that it is built to last forever after it is manufactured? Yes!

Do child molesters, pimps or drug dealers have any place in the land of the free? No! Should we have religion that abdicates their freedom?

If it doesn't have a waterproof circuit board it should not be sold in the state of Wisconsin.

Are there men in Wisconsin who want to work and create a long lasting tradition of strength? ?

Could Wisconsin become the model for other states and countries to follow? Yes.

The aluminum rivet. I have never seen an aluminum rivet used in auto manufacturing. I believe they are used in boats? The point is that they are much lighter and therefore make the car weigh less and use less energy to power it. Now there is a way to redesign that rivet so that it is stronger! That would be accomplished by using a steel center compressor in it that is reusable and only compresses to a set limit based on the thickness of material. Also I believe we need a variety of wide mouth and deep gap rivet tools to create such new electric cars. One design feature of that rivet would be that instead of it having a domed center it would have a starter hole (much like if a punch was driven into it) so that if a body panel needed to be replaced it could easily be drilled out! Someone will probably patent that as if they thought of it! And that is what I am getting at; we don't need them in our economy!

Is there a technology comparable to amalgam technology that your dentist uses to rapidly form parts? I believe that such a technology exists but has yet to be discovered (one that doesn't use toxic mercury but instead other metals. In turn could the average citizen receive a complete box of solar car parts off the back of a truck and alternate amalgam technology weld them together? And if that man can't do even that simple task of following those instructions what is implied about him?

A new jobs economy means a healthy work force. Our current leaders have no comprehension of the connection. In fact there interpretation is that if someone is smarter than you that you knock them over the head. We can't tolerate people like that in the free human being world! Call them neo Canaanites!

I have I already designed products that people could learn how to build themselves? Yes.

Every circuit board in every product sold in Wisconsin should be waterproof. If they can sell soda in aluminum cans then your laptop computer can have an aluminum case too! The energy to produce them will come from solar electric arc production!

Now once we meet the needs of the people of the state of Wisconsin first then we can export. The point here is that he value of the national dollar will be created by Wisconsin first!

Should farmers be allowed to create the runoff they do? No! Are there men in Wisconsin in white collar jobs who would be much better suited to labor on organic farms? Without a doubt! Should we have strict laws regarding the rights of employees so that they are not abused or enslaved. The Bible tells how people were enslaved in Egypt. The last ones to arrive for work that day were the first to be paid. A lot of our office building structure and their function today is one of the exact reasons we went to War with Britain in the Revolutionary War! They were attempting to establish a corrupt financial infrastructure here; they succeeded.

Some of FDR's eugenics program was based on the belief that the British leaders had superior genetics. Just look at prince Charles ears and you know it has been used to indoctrinate false leadership. Blood leadership is okay but what happens is if even one of those children is born with a mental defect due to a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder not only are countries ruined but the earth is too! And that has been allowed to foster for too long!

Now you voted for Barrack Obama; the man who did cocaine and pot during high school and didn't know how to use a gas pump. So you will get a lot more of that same.

Now as I write this I think of the Trek Bicycle. I bought one way back in 1982 when I was washing dishes after school in High School to make money. It was light and well built! I think Mary would understand what it means to make products that last.  Could Treks competency in bicycle frame welding be scaled up to produce frames for electric cars?  I could likely design them in one week!  But the pot head dolts son working at the University would cry and become terminally depressed. Do we need people like that?

We have all we need right here in Wisconsin for Wisconsin but what we don't have is the competency to understand that in our Government structure.  Instead what we have is illegitimacy to the point of communism! 

If we don't have the materials to make it in the United States then we develop new technology.
If we don't grow it in the United States maybe we should instead of importing it. The fruit at the big box store is awful.

Did the banking industry cause the shuttering of small towns across the United States? Did technologies that pollute our water foster that too? I believe that we need to completely dis-empower our financial districts and if they want to work they can work on farms instead. And there are many homes available in small towns.

Are there people who would highly object to actually having to work within their own mental and physical means to earn a living? Yes! If the caused trouble about it if new regulations governing financial activities that protect the United States Constitution were implemented; could it be the cause of a civil war?

Should people who have genetically defective children including those whose of sexual identity disorder caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene be allowed to manage other people? No!

Should you be allowed to take guns in courthouses and prisons? Yes! And here is why! The Constitution say's that you cannot be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, which means every other law and government principle established must be consistent with it! They cannot put you in a prison where you are likely to be raped, tortured, effeminated or hooked on drugs! That is cruel and unusual punishment and the Constitution protects you from it! What that means is those people who are in prison and manage prison complacent that belief system need to be executed in order to protect the Constitution! There is no other way to do it!

If you want to create a jobs plan you have to address the issue of those who are unemployable and also those whose employment and jobs do not benefit the American Economy. $17 trillion in debt is enough evidence our banking and media industry have been incompetent and ruined us! Nor can you have the principle of a corporation is a person or a corporation has limited liability! You can employ people by that which is not a man and will injure that employee in the workplace indirectly and have limited liability. You can't write an insurance check for someone who should not have been operating a forklift or in your warehouse after you crushed their toes! That is a religious belief that the founding fathers had to flee from! It has no place in the United States! Nor do commodities futures! Nor do derivatives. Nor do non- complete publicly owned professional sports teams. Nor does any drug that causes that mental impairment and retardation. Get it?

Do I want to create jobs for those who are going to serve you food that makes you sick? No I want people who can cook their own healthy meals and learn how to do it! Do I want jobs were the business is creating an unfathomable future pollution liability to your children's children? No! I have to use the term children's children because if I said future of humanity you wouldn't identify with it!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014
originally published on 10 26 2014 at:

And we can't have anymore drunks overgrown son buys a wife concept of marriage.  We also need to bring religion to justice!

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