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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Aha I've caught you now I get to torture you 10 09 2014 Using the Dis-ambuguation means he knows he is certain of what he is saying and is trying to hide what it means in plain sight by generalized use of language

Aha I've caught you now I get to torture you 10 09 2014

What kind of a beast thinks like that?  George Bush.  And that is exactly why former Nazi's are hunted and Prosecuted in the United States today!  But they didn't have a choice like George Bush did?  Perhaps a mentally defective person has no choice but to torture in order to live among us?  But the way my History Professor told it was that if you were in Germany and didn't kill you would be killed!  In effect you had to be a martyr and be killed if you didn't kill!  That is expecting a little much from a religion purportedly based on Christ that propagandizes we are all sinners!  The truth is that some of the sinners are mentally defective and have no awareness of human rights!

Barrack tried to use hip terms when he declared he ("WE" dis-ambiguation) had some people tortured too!

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Read this definition!

Every United States Citizen should have a clear understanding of Dis-ambiguation!)

Ambiguation means uncertainty with regard to language.

Disambiguation means you are very certain of what you said, it is "WE tortured some people."  Instead of "I tortured some people!"

Don't ever settle for the media or political world using disambiguation without holding them accountable!  Always knew where to spot it when it is said!

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