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Saturday, October 25, 2014

President Clinton accepting money for speeches 10 25 2014

I would question the integrity of any former President or Political Appointed who would accept money for speeches! I can understand if you want to sell a copy of a speech for $5 or so afterwards, basically whatever the cost of the printing is. But when it comes to the money they charge for speeches today that isn't right!

Were you really there to make change? If so you would be speaking to the people who didn't have money to hear it! To me if you do any less than that you don't accurately represent the Democratic Party! You are something else; one who takes at the expense of the American Middle Class and poor that want to be educated.

I believe that they should give all the money they made from speaking back to the American public!  How long has he been talking for 24 years?  Whatever they are saying isn't translating into public policy is it!  But that doesn't really matter to the old lady with the grey hair; as she is a devout fan of just the person speaking!  24 years of speaking and that makes him defined as what the Bible would call a false idol.  Don't you hate it when you know that justice is needed but instead you get a speech to calm you down?  24 years of that is enough.  And we are going to be getting that treatment from Barrack Obama too!  At least Jimmy Carter built houses.  He had some integrity!  Probably the last President in my lifetime that ever had integrity!

Basically I have Democratic Party Principles and I Don't believe we benefittedfrom 24 years of Clinton speaking.  I know for a fact we never benefit from Republican speaking either so I have no problem with all of them giving back that money and any money other than the salary they received and the pension the Government gives them.  I have no problem with them earning money from books that they wrote and edited completely themselves!  Perhaps no single book should ever be allowed to be co-written or edited by someone who didn't write it!  Now that would add literary integrity to the United States.

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