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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reflections on the television series HAPPY DAYS 10 21 2014

As we have a bronze statue of Fonzie in Milwaukee I have to comment on how I viewed the Sit Com Happy Days as a child. I was inspired to write this after I thought of the phrase yesterday, “ matter what they do they laugh as if their MOMMA would have thought it to be funny!”

Propagandizing the blonde haired American as the flake. Blonde haired Richie had more intelligence but again he was propagandized or rather his character had the flaw of being flaky!

And the more primitive Fonzie was the hero. What it showed a generation or two of children is the futility of using your intellect to solve problems with regard to ruffians?

So why the propaganda? Because the Ruffian himself needs a role model of strength that he is capable of becoming more so than the intellect does? And that has been a theme of glamorizing members of organized crime in television and media for decades on end! Even the law enforcement aspects today are cast because they have elements of either flakiness OR the contrary criminal type personality features. Who are they trying to kid? That detective that can't speak fluent English does not have the witts to be one; most of us can figure out they are just reading lines and could not be of the profession in real life! So here we have the role model of law enforcement that isn't quite as intelligent as he should be! At some point in the future perhaps all television and movies with reference images of alcohol should be banned?

I just don't like a lot of Roman concepts of passing the buck on clean water and air, allowing the corrupt to flourish etcetera in our world today.  The Pope commented that corruption is everywhere in Italy. The good Italian can't stand it! I actually wouldn't mind it if he used his religious authority to form a secret crusade to eliminate the corrupt!  He can do it in the United States too!  And it starts with those bad priests who sexually molested boys and girls.

After awhile we got a little tired of Fonzie being glamorized for his "Doh's" and "Dah's"  It actually became sickening for some of us to watch!  It was bluntness and fear creation wins out over intelligence.  That bluntness equates to violence as a solution; and I didn't like it! In effect paving the way for organized crime and corruption in America; and we have it today with heroin and prostitution in Milwaukee.  All of that should be absent from the land of the free!  The Catholic Faith needed to prevent itself of promoting the need for scapegoats a long, long time ago.

"Doh, why do I have to learn this."  and indeed 1 of 68 of children are born with autism today and that rate is expected to only increase?  It is unacceptable as was the television show Happy Days to me. 

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