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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Guns in Courthouses and Prisons 10 26 2014

The issue of Guns attempted to be brought into the Milwaukee Courthouse can into the news lately so I thought I would address the topic (without even making reference to the second amendment.)
Should you be allowed to take guns in courthouses and prisons? Yes! And here is why! The Constitution say's that you cannot be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, which means every other law and government principle established must be consistent with it! They cannot put you in a prison where you are likely to be raped, tortured, effeminated or hooked on drugs! That is cruel and unusual punishment and the Constitution protects you from it! What that means is those people who are in prison and manage prison complacent that belief system need to be executed in order to protect the Constitution! There is no other way to do it!
Sodomy of men is what defines the homosexual. They cannot put you in a prison where there is even one homosexual because it violates your Constitutional right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. Only an ape of a person would do that to you! Other apes are those who sexually molest children, drug dealers and pimps. Only an ape of a person would project self pity in leniency with regard to justice for such people. And we have a big problem with that in the United States. That projection of self pity in leniency equates to the mentally defective populating our justice system. Women in our judicial system have a hard time comprehending this and what the Constitution means! I am not anti female, I did tell that with regard to some things my mother was smarter than my father. No one in a professional career such as a judge or a lawyer should be constantly asking themselves what would so and so do at a time like this! That is an invalid professional! The ape has a lot of fun giving people alcohol and then ruining their lives! That has to end! The Constitution was written by women so it doesn't surprise me that neither women nor what is defined as the sons of women can't comprehend it! They need an interpreter to understand it. And that equates to one mind for all and that is Communism and not freedom! She wants everything to be easy to understand in her terms but that isn't possible. She wants every new day's knowledge to be a daily gift from God but that isn't the way that human beings learn.

To put this another way.  People that can't comprehend this should not be living in the same country as I do!  Now if you are crying because you are in the legal profession and know that you don't belong there after reading this, please take the initiative to prevent yourself and people like you from continuing to be allowed to work in that profession!  If you are an elected official and don't comprehend the meaning of the Constitution please bow out!  The harm you have done to this country already is irreparable.

The spirit of the law of the Constitution can be summed up like this, "You are not allowed to ape us!"

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