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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Concealed Carry Issue 10 28 2014

Concealed Carry Issue 10 28 2014

On the news last night it told about how two young men were stopped at the airport because they had handguns in their backpacks. It brings up an important issue regarding young adults.

Are you telling me that someone who is forced to rent an apartment with roommates because they have a low paying job (etc.) , who likely drink alcohol and use drugs, is supposed to leave his handgun in the apartment (most of them don't even have doors on the individual bedrooms and if they do they are unlock-able) while he goes to church, court or on vacation by phone? Leaving it in that apartment would be one of the most irresponsible things he could do with it; and yet it is as if that is what he is forced to do because of the “No Guns Allowed” signs. You know the apathetic look and argument that follows with the roommate that took something; we see it on William Clinton's face every time he is asked a hard question.

One of the rules of handgun safety, (as it applies in the army or law enforcement) is to never give up your gun! You know as well as I that they steal exactly like that when someone leaves the apartment!

Should you ever have to leave it in a car in a bad neighborhood while patronizing a business in that neighborhood?

Guns are often passed down in family tradition from father to son; the best definition of someone who shouldn't have one is someone that would steal one! So a gun owner has a duty to prevent that from happening. And gun owners can be found liable if they have not secured their guns in their homes under various circumstances. But that issue does not address complete theft; as would likely happen in an apartment where there isn't like to be a large gun safe. It is just unrealistic that someone should ever be charged with a crime for taking a gun anywhere because of this!

And realistically your roomies are smoking pot and you call the police? What are they going to do about it? What is going to happen to you by them? Likely you could get hooked on those very same drugs because of the second hand smoke! You might even find yourself poisoned to death because of accidental ingestion or rather it being placed in your food (poisoned.) When was the last case of poisoning that ever came up in the news? You go to the doctor they will never diagnose it as that. To me every single use of illegal drugs and also alcohol and tobacco is an act of poisoning someone. I don't like lowlifes coming out of the woodwork and puffing anywhere near me in public. I don't like them using smoke machines down the block on Halloween either! You go to the Doctor they will never diagnose that sinus infection you have to pay $400 to have treated as being caused by second hand smoke!

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