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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Race for Wisconsin Attorney General 10 14 2014 and a new kind of legal system

The Race for Wisconsin Attorney General 10 14 2014

Not only should Susan Happ never have been put forth as a candidate for Attorney General but she should have been disbarred and removed from the Bench for her "pay the judge for sexual assault."  There is no greater proof that satan exists than people who committed sexual assaults getting off the hook for payment of money! 

If you want to say that they are sexually assaulting people because they feel they should not be able to reproduce and that is why they are letting them off the hook, then lets codify those exact standards into law and perhaps euthanize those with high verbal ability and low IQ and those others on the list that I created the other day. 

Rather that than Jezebel Satan determining whose healthy human mind is best to steal and traumatizing them, having them traumatized or granting freedom to those who will lead a lifetime of creating trauma and receiving money in a well veiled scheme?  This would is wearing a veil that hides her true nature!  For all we know her entire intellect, verbal ability is based on the mind and of that child that was sexually molested!  That is that child's future she is living.

A new kind of legal system

And you don't have to appoint a separate legal entity to prosecute environmental crimes!  Any mature adult should be able to state the facts and bring the case without ever being granted a law degree!  Justice should not be determined by a "click" of the evil minded league?  It could be a new form of democracy law!  The plaintiffs lawyer objects and the citizen cannot think of a reply; hence the entire prosecuting public sitting in the benches behind him speaks up to lend support to prosecute the case!  And we could make those cases only on weekends!  Would make great reality television for those who monger conflict.

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When the prisons are full is the answer to build more?  Or is the answer to execute those who cannot be reformed, pimps, child molesters and drug dealers!!!!!

To participate in a crime as if you are three steps removed from it still means you participated in it!  All one needs to do is eliminate the crooked path from the criminal to the victim.  It requires a public that has reading comprehension and therefore non-defective hippocampus.  Can you see why they don't prosecute drug criminals?  Drugs cause mental retardation!

A Governor or President should have the ability to disbar Judges and Lawyers for justifiable and well articulated cause with the stroke of a pen!  I believe a President has the authority to remove a Governor too; but I will have to reread the Constitution on that! (My memory can be faulted by a will not my own.)  To use modern means of mental distraction to fault someone's memory ought to be considered a crime against humanity and punishable by Capital Punishment!

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