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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chronic Wasting Disease .......Loew Lake and a Pathogen 10 08 2014 draft

The Timeline of chronic wasting disease

The believe origin:

Scrapie known since 1732

Scrapie was in British sheep for 200 years.  So it first came from there?  It was known to be in the U.S. in the 1900's and in 1947 identified at Fort Collins!  What do we know about 1947?  It is World War II related!!!!  Does it have then to do with Nazi Scientist being patriated to the United States?  And since I am in this timeframe and FDR was a victim of polio, could there be some relation between scrapie and polio?  Polio an inflammation of the spine?  Encephalitis as is CWD and Scrapie are also nerve inflammations.

Look at the connection and how the word Sheep was a curse by the Irish and the English brought the sheep to Ireland.  That and the potato fungus decimated the Irish.  The potato fungus came from New York.

But here it states it was first discovered by Spanish Sheep herders.

But England and Spain were at War in 1739.

But here is the aha!  Spain and England had a prior war  !  So did England poison Spains Sheep in 1700's"

Prior Anglo Spanish War

This is where they found it first!  There has to be more to it!!!!  Questions need to be asked to the members who worked at that Military Fort Wildlife Research Facility at that time in 1967!  Was it the result of experimentation on those animals?  Where they testing bioweapons?  At the very least what were the names of those who worked at that Colorado Research facility in the first item on the list show at the bottom of this post.  Where some of them foreign names, as in like the Chinese who are known to have stolen pathogens and shipped them to China?

The reason the topic comes up is because I first started hunting Loew Lake in about 2000?  And there is one place there that is just off the road that really reeked!!!  If I knew what airborne anthrax smelled like that would be it!  I can give you the exact GPS coordinates.

I have hunted a great many other swamps and wildlife areas and never smelled anything like that AGAIN!

Give or take about 600 feet north or south it was about right here:    43.231545, -88.315259  And I was not looking at a map that showed the detail I needed to pinpoint it.  But whatever it was that was there then I bet there are traces of it there today.

The following chart items were copied and pasted from the link below without permission.

Can we blame Great Britain for Chronic Wasting Disease?  Remember the Druids of England Worship the monkey.  There was also a monkey involved in Egypt religious ceremonies.  Was there one in Romans?  The following article states they played a significant roe in Egypt religion!  I am going to print the following article and the one on the Anglo Spanish war.

2002The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources detected CWD in wild white-tailed deer, the state's first documented case of CWD.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish discovered CWD in a mule deer near White Sands Missile Range. This is the first case of CWD in the state of New Mexico.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health confirmed the presence of CWD in a captive elk, the state's first documented case of the disease.

The 1st International CWD Symposium was held in Denver, Colorado.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources detected CWD in a captive white-tailed deer, the state's first documented case of CWD in captive cervids.

Saskatchewan detected CWD in a mule deer outside of the province's previously delineated CWD containment area.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources discovered CWD in a wild white-tailed deer, the state's first documented case of CWD.

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks discovered CWD in wild elk from the Wind Cave National Park. This documented the first case of CWD found in the state's wild elk populations.

The first case of CWD in Alberta was found at a white-tailed deer farm near Edmonton.

Wyoming confirmed the first case of CWD in a mule deer west of the Continental Divide.

1967CWD was first identified as a clinical disease in captive mule deer at the Colorado Division of Wildlife Foothills Wildlife Research Facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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