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Friday, October 24, 2014

Aha why the Bible is all the word of God even though it is many peoples speeches and writing 10 24 2014

Aha why the Bible is all the word of God even though it is many peoples speeches and writing 10 24 2014

It took me awhile to get this!  But after reading Luke I did!  They are constantly asking each other who they are!  Are you a messiah, are you the son of man, are you a prophet!  These are people who heard instead of thinking for themselves!  When they heard someone thinking they believed themselves to be them!  They were You-Mans.

So if you don't hear others thinking but you hear voices what are you?  The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve where the first humans (you-mans) and that they were (past tense) Jews.  If they were Jews it means that those who managed the Garden of Eden and kicked them out were Jews too!  And those Jews of the Garden were Gods!  So if Jews were Gods it means that is what you are today; if you hear voices and do not hear thoughts. 

If you read history you will see that there was an era in Greece whereby it is referred to those who hear or something like that.  "He was a hearer of (So and so)" or This person had their own school of thought.  And it is indeed a straight literal interpretation.   Now way back then not every one of the people evidently had developed their own minds; and instead they heard others?  And indeed that is also alluded to when the Jews were only freed from Egypt when they had the same dream or could interpret it; meaning they were one mind with that person.

The reason the Bible is all the word of God is because that is who God was; those that they heard!  And perhaps Amos say's it best when he bellows, "I am the God of host's."  Hosts (likely meaning prophets) for those who did not have their own mind due to an undeveloped or defective hippo campus.

All well and good but us with our own minds should never have to suffer because we are normal; at the hands of those who don't!  It has been 2000 years, those who need our minds today are an anachronism; something that is out of time and place!  All well and good for them but not for you!  Our Constitution protects us from this cr@p!  You actually expect the tail to lead the dog for the future of humanity?  Are you really that confident?  What happens when the musical chairs stop and there aren't any of us who have our own minds left?  If you could have gotten along on your own we would have never heard voices in our heads to the degree we did!

I kind of proved that if you hear voices you are both one race better and also a Jewish God.

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