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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bible Search on the word One 10 24 2014

Bible Search on the word One 10 24 2014

Ein, ein, ein.  It means one, one, one Adolf Hitler said it.

A Black man once told me that Communism was One Mind for All.

I remembered a passage in the Bible where those who slept with the same woman were all of one mind and those who slept with the same man were all of one body.  (or is it vice versa)

Hearing voices is an intrusion into your one human being mind.  Every human being ought to have their own mind; and not Communism of one mind for all (or many) and that is indeed what schizophrenia is.

So I did the Bible search on the word one and some very interesting results came up.  Read it for yourself.,eng-ASV,eng-CEV,eng-CEVD,eng-ESV,eng-GNTD,eng-KJVA,eng-MSG,eng-NABRE,eng-NASB,eng-NIV,eng-NLT,eng-NRSV,eng-RSV,eng-ENGRV,eng-WEB,eng-WEBBE,eng-WMB,eng-WMBBE/all

And none of these Bible searches result in complete listings of a word in my opinion.  For example I would have thought that the those who sleep with the same woman were of one mind or one body whichever it is would have popped up first and center as being the most relevant!

If you hear voices you should cherish the fact that you have something not everyone has, your own human mind!  Think of it that way and it is cognitive empowerment.

Why does the Catholic Church serve alcohol when the Bible say's this about it,

"Job 15:16
how much less one who is abominable and corrupt, one who drinks inequity like water."
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