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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Emf Countermeasures Comment on article 10 30 2014

Could some members of the police force be part of the coven of ones who are talking to us in our heads, via novel means, in the first place??? Absolutely! What was George Bush's Open Sky radio system anyway? A means to create synthetic telepathy to make an accomplished human being temporarily insane? Colonel John Alexander of the United States military told us back in 1990 that the Department of Defense had developed synthetic telepathy; essentially the means to drive you insane. There are ways to shield yourself from it and prevent the degeneration that they cause. Buy a pair of old headphones and replace the speakers with wafer 1” or 1 1/4” magnets. Where that as soon as the voices start and it prevents pyschodegeneration; essentially depolarizing the synapses in your human brain while at the same time subjecting you to a white noise field that superimposes your mind with that of someone that was born mentally defective. Also buy a foam neck support. Then make a sleeve to go over it out of Anti-emf fabric. It will stop the percussion that leaves you looking and speaking at not a fraction of your sane self.
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