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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Petition to create Citizen Ownership of all Professional Sports TEAM's 10 19 2014

Petition to create Citizen Ownership of all Professional Sports TEAM’s 10 19 2014

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That’s right you get paid every time that they play! The “Start Up” owners should only be allowed to recoup the initial investment. In some cases that is already the taxpayer through sales tax to finance stadiums (coliseums). We should not be lead to believe that our Banking and infrastructure system needs to be reliant on the wealthy.

As such the salaries of all players are to be capped at $100,000.oo and you guessed it the rest of the money over and above that goes to the Citizen! And perhaps it should be tax free income to the Citizen?

The dedicated professional athlete is not allowed to keep any money for advertisement/agreements either! Over and above that $100,000.oo goes to the taxpayer.

And no we don’t need any transition periods or settlement fees. We just do it.

Why? It is far too much of this old Mr. Foreign Money Bags is being such a benefit to our local economy principle. Also we need to stress academic learning and take the motivation not to learn away from those who would just seek athletic careers! We don’t need generation after generation of Prince Magog Goliaths to have to contend with. I am tired of the pistol whipped ogre being the celebrity that boys are supposed to look up to.

And what happens when a professional athlete doesn’t meet the standard of professionalism? Such as he knocks out his wife with a straight right to the jaw in the elevator? Well than we send him off to fight in a War that our War mongering Government heretofore was sending the honest and brave American young men who lived and played by the rules to!

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