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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Purpose of the two day waiting period, the FFL and the Concealed Carry License 10 27 2014

The Purpose of the two day waiting period, the FFL and the Concealed Carry License 10 27 2014

On the news tonight two men had guns in their backpacks while entering the airport.  It was not a crime because they had Concealed Carry permits and said they forgot they had them with them.  It isn't a crime if you say you forgot you had it with you.  I agree with that!

You can't expect normal human beings to become victims of every bad person and story we see on the news or read in the local paper!

But here is another point.  Why should a person with a Concealed Carry handgun permit have to wait two days to buy a handgun when we can assume he or she is wearing one at all times!  In effect if he/she lost their handgun you would want them to have a new one right away.  The spirit of that law is that so a person who is in a state of rage cannot go immediately to the store buy one and commit a crime or suicide.  But again we can just assume that a person who has a Concealed Carry permit has a gun on them at all times; so it doesn't make sense that they should be subject to the waiting period.  Now I can see where we can run into problems where that person buys ten and gives or sells them to organized crime members selling drugs and pimping. 

But what about the person that likes mechanical things and wants to have one from a certain point in history etc?  What about he hunter?  What about the target shooter?

Now here is the other big problem.  Guns are cheapest online and in catalogs!  But they cannot be mailed directly to your house unless you have an FFL (Federal Firearms License that allows you to sell them.  You are supposed to maintain a store.  And the FFL costs $200.)  The gun dealers make fee's on transfers of guns from online and catalogs to their local store where you have to pick the gun up at because they are an FFL.  And that costs the consumer anywhere from $13 to $75 dollars extra or a lot more!  That is a lot of money to pay!  Plus it is a lot of hassle to go through.  Again if you have a Concealed Carry Permit it is assumed you have a gun on you at all times so why do you have to pay the extra fees.  What if you like to put together parts and make one cheaply from them?  It is just to cumbersome and expensive to do.  The crux of the issue is that your Concealed Carry Permit should be the equivalent of the FFL!  I am not saying you should be able to buy 10 crates with 50 guns in them with the Concealed Carry Permit.  I am saying if you see a gun on sale online or in a catalog for $200 cheaper you should be able snap it up with that concealed carry permit and not have to go through the FFL transfer loopholes.  Just give them your concealed carry permit number and it if matches the address they are shipping to it should be a done deal!

Shouldn't a person who is traveling to crime ridden Chicago where heroin is an epidemic be allowed to take a gun on a plane if he has a Concealed Carry Permit?  Same goes for New York or Las Vegas.  Ever get in a cab with a driver that takes a roundabout way?  Are they putting you to the test?  I think they might be. So you take a plane to New York, a dangerous city in my point of view, and you can't take your gun with you if you have a Concealed Carry Permit?  (CCP for short from here forward in the article.)  Does that make sense?  That you can have one in your own city but not take it to a more dangerous city?  No!  Are we to drive to other cities because we want to take our gun with us?  So what is the way around that?  I suppose you could have them thread a plastic coated lock through the muzzle?  They give the key to the stewardess.  And then on your way out of the destination airport the lock is removed and the gun given back?  Or it might be a password code lock?  Something where there is never the issue that you can't open it on the other side and also that someone can't take the gun during transport (baggage clerk, etc.)  You should be able to keep the gun with their lock on it as you sit on the plane!  They should not be allowed to take it from you!  For all we know your father fought in WWII with that gun and handed it down to you. 

And that brings up another point.  All the plastics in guns!  Is that going to maintain the tradition of passing down from father to son?  The very tradition that creates responsible gun owners?  No!  Sooner or later that plastic is going to leach out all the plastic gases and crack.  So indeed metal frames should be readily available (high strength allow aluminum, non-rust light and strong alloys, etc.)  And do you know what?  How much should a gun actually cost?  Not $1000.oo.  There is only about $50 worth of metal in it!  They can crank those castings out like they coming out of a doughnut machine!  So indeed gun control was very good for U.S. and foreign manufacturers.  Just like ethanol was good for corn growers but bad for American Health (abundant high fructose corn syrup in everything!)

And what about gun imports?  They cut them all into odd pieces and sell them in kits!  The American who wants to put one together is exposed to undue levels of vaporized metal and aluminum as well as highly questionable solvents and chemicals!  Can those chemicals cause cardiac arrest?  Prostate Cancer?  No doubt!  So that is a bunk industry.  It bilks the American Consumer like nothing ever before!

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