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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mentally Defective Media making life time victims 10 23 2014

The Mentally Defective Media 10 23 2014

I watched today as a lawyer was so concerned for one of two young 12 year old girls that stabbed another little girl 19 times!  It is unbelievable!

Those two little girls should be executed for a crime against humanity.  It isn't about them!  Criminal justice isn't about the criminal it is about justice for the victim!  The girl that was stabbed 19 times should never have to see the faces of those other two girls again in her lifetime!  For her to see them even once is sum determinant that they made a lifetime victim of her!  What is she supposed to believe?  That she did something wrong that made them want to kill her?  There is no evidence of that!  Is she supposed to forgive and forget attempted murder?

Not fit to stand trial?  What does that really equate to with regard to the cognitive state of one or both of these criminal 12 year old girls?  It really means that they are not fit to live in United States communities doesn't it?

There are motives that people have had for killing other people that a normal human being can understand, such as, "He raped my wife."  I understand when someone kills another for that reason.  If pimps, drug dealers and sexual molesters of children were murdered in rage I get that too!  Why?  Because you wouldn't ever want those people near your family again.  I understand the insanity defense in that case.  But not fit to stand trial?  What does that mean?  What does that equate to?  It is almost as if you are excusing them for their actions because it was so horrific that you find it inconceivable that they actually did it???

I get it when a father knows his son isn't going to be an academic success and contribute to society using his intellect and therefore seeks an athletic career; I mean to say I understand when a parent projects self pity onto their child in that manner and circumstance.  But is society expected to project self pity on those who do such horrific things as these two young girls did at such a young age?  Are we supposed to all get on board as if it is the cool emotion to have and state they are unfit to stand trial?  It is blinding ourselves to ugliness rather than confronting it and eliminating it!

When the mentally defective get away with attempted murder at a young age have they not made a life time victim out of that person?  Should that little girl who was stabbed 19 times be afraid to go out of the house and into public for the rest of her life for fear of seeing those two poor little girls that we should pity because they did such a horrible thing?  Where are the real Americans today besides me?

I have to ask you, considering that there really isn't going to be any other relevant information introduced to the trial; what parent would want to have a little girl capable of that back in their home?  What community openly accepts someone like that back?  What type of fairy tale do you think you are living?  The correct response of the parent is apologizing to the community and over and done?  Do we really want these two girls in a reform system whereby they can influence other little girls?  Do we want them to network and find new friends?  Based on what commonality?  Based on what common interest; stabbing other little girls 19 times in attempted murder?  Go on You Tube and watch adults participating in Satanic Church Rituals and you will know exactly how these two little girls got that way?  Do they have a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin?  Do members of the legal profession today have that same defect; I really do believe the validity of every question that I ask here!

Satan loathed Jesus Christ.  If you go on youtube and do a search you will also see who today admits that they killed Jesus Christ and are glad they did it!

Now here is what Jesus Christ might have said about this stabbing incident:

LUKE 23:31

"...for if these things are done when the wood is green what will happen when it is dry?"

Do you see why they hated Jesus Christ?  He was under no delusion about what his intellect was and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind as a man.  He definitely wasn't the son of a single mother whore!

Incidentally that look of defiance these two little girls had is the same exact facial expression by those in Scott Walker's "cabinet" that were convicted and went to jail!  Simmering rage and hatred covered by an expressionless face!

I question the validity of the Lutheran religion in the United States as being a contradiction to the United States Constitution.  What does our Constitution really say about religion?  Read this very carefully

"Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of Religion,"

What else does that mean? It means religions that were established at the time the Constitution was written?  Establishment means it was already established at the time of the Constitution?  Now there have been far greater and more common  interpretations of the Constitution that are a much longer stretch than that!  It also means that if that religion changes it is no longer an established religion!  Get it?  That means you can't copulate with snakes in bestiality.  That means that if you have women speaking in tongues down at the cafeteria of the school that is attached to the church that Catholic Church no longer deserves charitable status.  In fact no religion deserves charitable status because it respects the religion.  Also Scott Walkers School Voucher program violates the Constitution, because it is validating the sexual molestation of boys by priests at Catholic School?  You can tax a Church up to the reasonable maintenance cost of keeping up the building!  Because you are still allowing it to freely exercise worship!  The innocence of child molester's was not an established religion and nor can it ever be!  That is not what the spirit of the law is all about Marquette Law School tyro's.

The United States isn't about protecting the rights of the criminal it is about protecting the rights of the victim and assuring that there are never going to be anymore of them!

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