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Monday, October 27, 2014

Guidelines for the death penalty with regard to the nature of Criminal Motivation 10 27 2014

Guidelines for the death penalty with regard to the nature of the Criminal Motivation 10 27 2014

Was the motivation consistent with being against the human race of men?

Common motivations and what their meanings might be in each case. The motivation for some crimes isn't always the same. The study of human behavior was supposed to address this; but it failed to do so and be indoctrinated into our justice system.

A list of crimes.

  1. Murder
  2. Rape
  3. Sexual Molestation
  4. Hooked on drugs by a drug dealer.

What you are going to learn is that some crimes have a non-human motivation behind them and hence are a crime against humanity!

What might be motivations for rape?

A. Desire

B. Inciting hatred towards you from the victims. That is abnormal human motivation.

  1. Making a liftime victim. That is abnormal human motivation. That is pure satanic motivation.

D. The desire to sterilize the human race through physical sexual trauma; such as vaginal trauma. That is abnormal motivation.

E. The desire that you impregnate the woman with a child of yours that you will not raise. In effect seeding the human race with fatherless animals.

Attempted murder: two 12 year old girls stabbing a girl 19 times.
  1. Odd jealousy not of human origin.
  2. It is abnormal human motivation.
  3. Inciting hatred and violence.
  4. Drawing attention and the energy of society towards themselves?
  6. (have a lot of computer trouble with the numbers and letters formatting correctly at the beginning of sentences.)
  7. a.Normal Motivation: I believe it is normal for a boy to want to tease a girl that he likes.
Abnormal Human Motivation: It isn't normal for a boy to want to tease another boy that he likes! i.e. bullying! That is a non-human species motivation!

The motivation or crime being about the person committing it and not the victim. The true motivations of crime are lost in our legal system! The true motivations of crime can serve as a diagnosis to someone that is abnormal; meaning less than human.

Those who envy the thinking of men should never be on the police force or managing people in the world!

With regard to criminal motivations you should ask yourself, “Does this crime deface the image of God as man?”
  1. Intentionally disfiguring the face or sex organs (vaginal trauma).
  2. Intentionally or neglectfully (think limited liability) disabling normal men, (including those who are made to hear voices)
  3. Does the crime dehumanize, traumatize or drug a human beings mind. The human mind also being the image of God as man.
  4. Does the crime indicate that the criminal has intent to enslave and therefore does not have the mental faculty to accomplish his own work to support his family.
  5. Is the criminal motivated that it's victims gender or sexual identity should be changed?
  6. Is the crime indicative that the person hates normal human beings? Does he beat his wife whom he is supposed to love? Is his motivation for doing so that he cannot work like a normal human being in the work place and he transfers that frustration to her? Is his motivation that his employer doesn't like human beings and is rudely insultingly unfair with him and he still transfers that unto his family? (why we should get rid of the limited liability shield)
  7. Does he beat his children for no reason other than they have a fresh start as humans? Or does he occasionally discipline a child (maybe only one or two spankings is needed) to prevent that child from endangering the lives of his family. If he doesn't discipline that child for endangering the lives of his other family members has he not created a beast who will not know it is wrong to endanger the lives of other peoples families!!!!
  8. Does the criminal believe that a human being is something that can be raised in herds, like cattle or shrewdness of apes? (All of these things can be tested for by using oral, written or physiological response to images and video.)
  9. Does the criminal get an erection upon seeing handsome men or boys? Think of the video from America's Funniest Home Videos where the donkey see's the mans pants are down as he is urinating in the field and the donkey runs up mounts the man with an erection and attempts to sodomize rape it. A pet monkey is highly likely to rape you and they are stronger than humans. So we are getting into psychological aspects of species differentiation. It should be a complete field of study with implications for our justice department. Is the persons behavior not consistent with a human being and more that of an animal that wants to seed the human race to no longer be human? Species competition? You never looked at scene and asked yourself, “What the h3ll is that?”
  10. Does the,mayor, judge, prosecutor, warden, police officer, or prison guard have the motivation that the person will be raped in prison? Do they have the motivation that the person will be made a lifetime victim from being in prison? Traumatized to be mentally ill? Hooked on drugs and no longer in the image of God as man? Do such people taunt the public by propagandizing a misunderstanding of the causes of mental illness? Trauma and drug indoctrination? It is important to make the distinction here between a human being who was normal up to adulthood and one who was born mentally defective and resented the thinking of men and the sons of men all its life!
  11. Was the criminal created through mal-adaption of an older sibling who no longer got the attention in the house when a new child was born or adopted? Does this spoiled psychology translate into the older brother molesting, raping or forcing the younger to perform fellatio? I have to ask how many homosexuals were created in this manner and don't know it? How many gay people have had a gene mutation in the gene that regulates serotonin reception; caused by alcohol and drugs at a young age (or during conception and in the womb?)
  12. Does the criminal engage in defacto homosexual behavior or have a life history of it but in delusion fail to consider himself one?
  13. Should father's ever be allowed to drink alcohol? NO! Why? Just read this and you see there is more to being a father than they think! For how long does alcohol displace the conscience of men; sometimes a day sometimes three days. What is going on with your children during that time! You are neglecting the duty to be a parent and create a responsible human being by drinking aren't you. I am a Muslim (even though I am Catholic) and the Bible is also Muslim because they both abhore alcohol. No one ever reads the Bible to understand this but it is all in there!
  14. Criminals who got out of prison should also never be allowed to drink. Unless you can rule that person was mentally defective since birth you have to give them back their gun per the Constitution.
  15. High School dropouts should never be allowed to drink.
  16. And the mentally retarded, or those who were mentally retarded at any point in their lives should not be allowed to have children. Why not? There is a lot they need to be able to teach them at various stages of personal development that the retarded person did not learn in that natural human life progression.
  17. Some women have a great delusion that having children and raising them is something that it isn't! (There is even a group of them that want to be able to use the drug that causes delayed mental development and therefore mental retardation (grab a dictionary.) in order to help them cope with raising their children.)
  18. How can you have the goal to create a responsible adult when you yourself are not one? Children born out of wedlock from one night stands? Children adopted from those one night stands are consumption of alcohol occurred and therefore likely mental retardation or dyslexia?
  19. What do communists really hate? Men! Fathers!
  20. What does religion really hate? Men! Fathers!
  21. Men are more defined by their intelligence and not by their brawn. It was intelligent men who founded the United States and not those who would run around in tights and play a childhood game for a living. (Sorry Chris Collinsworth for objecting to your broadcast comment that (a) professional athletes should run for public office.) Does the male feel that he should be able to play a game for a living instead of working?

    The difference in motivation between human motivation and abnormal species motivation was more accurately delineated at the beginning of this article.

There is actually one person who told me that they liked my diatribes! I actually believe the content of my articles should be codified into the law of a New World Order.

Is the motivation normal or abnormal to the human race?  Is there evidence the person ever had a human conscience, human reason and the ability to correctly rationalize and draw accurate comparisons; i.e. learn.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 10 27 2014 at:

The crux of the issue is that I believe it is human motivation to want to eliminate those who have abnormal motivation.  Why?  So that humans are not victims of the abnormally motivated.  It is pretty clear to me, but for some reason a lot of people don't get it and what it means.

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