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Friday, October 10, 2014

Abraham's Parable 10 10 2014

Abraham's Parable 10 10 2014

Now I think I got the background facts straight.

Abraham offers his son to God and God changes its mind and refuses the sacrifice!

Why?  Because God wasn't God!  God was a retard!  God needed intelligent human beings so that it could survive by listening to them think and hence did not want Abrahams son to die!

But what is God?  Is it really someone that was evicted from a Essene Jewish Village and marked on the head via the number 666 by a Rabbi?  Look at how 666 and God could be the same markings!  G is like a 6.  o is like a six without a top part.  And d is like a reverse 6.  They didn't evict people and mark them for no reason!

And compare that to Egypt!  I was reading that monkey's played a significant role in their religious ceremonies!  Some of them are even depicted dancing and doing other chores.  Could it be they are devolutions?  Or could it be that evicts from Essene Jewish villages called gardens ended up being raped or bred with them?

Anyhow if man heard voices today and offered to sacrifice his son for that God.  Would the God realize the same thing?  Would that God declare itself humble and lesser to man?  It knows what it is and what it cannot live without doesn't it!

It that sense of the meaning of monotheism is the idea that there is only one God the idea that there is only allowed to be one retard?  I like that interpretation! Because back then God was really a retard and they only wanted one of them?  After all who wants a retard mocking you while you work, "Your later works will be better than your current."  "You are a stiff necked person aren't you."  Now doesn't that sound what a monkey would say to you if it could talk and never had to work?  Just watch everything you do in its minds eye and control the money?

It was Abrahams way of saying to God.  "If you hate me so much here is my offspring!"  And God knew better because it was dependent minded.  An all knowing all powerful God would never put a human to the test and change its mind like that!  So you hear voices in your head tormenting you.  They know they are nothing without you!  They also know they are not God!  And they might have vision problems,  horse like smiles, dyslexia and other evidence of mental retardation.  Alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  It is funny that a great salt supply is controlled by Israel and salt is a source of iodine which is also used to prevent the birth defect of mental retardation???  I am one hundred percent for eliminating the causes of mental retardation from human consumption!  I am also for preventing those who have overt mental retardation from breeding!  Why?  None of us need a 666 talking to us in our heads while we are struggling to make a living!

I also need to research the Temple periods of Israel. 

What is very interesting is that Jesus who was killed by the Romans was killed on a pagan day or a rather a day the Egyptians would have known there was an eclipse!  The Romans in league with the Egyptians and also those of EDOM as King Herod was?  Knowing that the Jews of Israel did not consume pork, there were no bones found there, means that they could not stand mental retardation!  And of course it could be retranslated to mean Abrahams baby was infected with a pork parasite and he knew it would be mentally retarded but God his wife said to keep it?  So monotheism really equates to someone believing God is their wife and not someone smarter than you?  It means you are not bound by any rules accept those of your wife?  Sounds like a retard construct to me.  Monotheism then takes on the meaning of hatred of men!  And that too is consistent with the attack on non pork Israel!  Jesus called the Canaanites Dogs!  He also called Able a Prophet!  And in the Gospel of Luke Jesus is said to be a Prophet too!  A h3ll fire Southern preacher will say there are only 18 prophets!  The Bible tells another story!  So who declared how many prophets there were and why did they limit that number!  A retard that aggregated the bible and didn't want  you to know he couldn't put two and two together as a prophet could!  So there are a great many degrees of mental retardation!  Psychology should focus only on how the abnormal adapt to living among us!  Do some talk to us in our heads and mock our thoughts as God did in the Bible?  Come on Pope Francis get with the times!

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