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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Health Secrets 10 19 2014 Constipation aid, lower back pain, personal hygiene, etc.

Health Secrets 10 19 2014 Constipation aid, lower back pain, personal hygiene, etc.

As you are sitting on the toilet press down on where your upper leg bones meet your hip bones to get that extra amount!

The ancient Egyptians were said to be obsessed with finding ways to cure constipation per the Papyrus Ebers.

Can too much bile and stomach acid digest your own internal organs and bones over time; one wonders as to the cause of osteoporosis and the modern diet.

Do you have hip and lower back pain? Eliminate all soda and sugar and coffee from your diet! You might find you are better rather quickly. Try taking a Country Life Calcium and Magnesium pill to help repair that damage t o. Also every time you go to the bathroom to defecate make sure to wash your butt with a white towel and a washcloth. Not only the anus but first the surrounding cheeks. Why? Because that feces contains e-coli and other germs that could indeed lead to inflammation of your lower back and hips is if stays on your skin! Those wash clothes cost about $4.99 for 18 at the Ubiquitous Big Box Store. You can put a little liquid soap on the wet towel, the sale type that costs $1 for a bottle. And make sure to clean the towel immediately after use with soap and water, dry and put in the bin going to the laundry.

Also as a man who hears voices I can tell you that 600 milligrams of Selenium (that is 3 pills) by Futurebiotics is like a tranquilizer to me! It has to do with replenishing your reproductive system! More energy goes into your reproduction than any other part of your body! In essence it is Gods way of ensuring the longevity of the human species?

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