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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How the History Books will read on Barrack Obama's Presidency 10 14 2014

How the History Books will read on Barrack Obama's Presidency 10 14 2014

1. The first black President of the United States.
2. Legalized sodomite same sex marriages.
3. Created a fixed income stream for Doctors and Hospital Business's by mandated United States Citizens pay Health Insurance.
4. Mental Retardation causing Marijuana was legalized in _____States while he was President!
5. Under his African American leadership the Ebola Virus that was in Africa at the time spread to the United States and killed _________________Americans.
6. Initiated a Solar Energy policy that fell through due to fraudulent management!
7. Advocated that a person who works 40-50 hours a week should not be living in poverty, but did nothing constructive to address the issue.
8. Some financial reforms were put through but any credit consolidation included exorbitant fees.
9.  Admitted the United States engaged in domestic spying, an impeachable offense because it is a violation of your Constitutional Right to be Free from Unreasonable Search and Seizure.
10. Openly admitted that "We" (includes him) tortured also a violation of the Constitutional Clause preventing cruel and unusable punishment, but the impeachment provision was not brought against him on those grounds either.
11. In what I consider his home State of Illinois Heroin from Mexico became an epidemic.

What do you remember him for?

He had a great opportunity to stand up to ensure many of our Freedoms but did not have the competency or the will to do so.

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Off topic.  He gave arms to some people that ended up with Mexican Drug dealers.  It was labeled the Fast and the Furious. 
On Mexican Immigration?  How can we let people become naturalized citizens when we already know they will not fight for what we believe in?  Would naturalized Mexican Americans ever be trusted to Fight in a War with Mexico?  No!  Most of them made it here by criminal drug dealing!  I don't see how you allow them to stay here!  And I also don't see how you discern the good Hispanic American from the Bad!  So we are going down a bad path!  The United States has indeed fought Wars with Mexico before!

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