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Thursday, October 23, 2014

On the Cahill Detention basin in Whitefish Bay 10 23 2014

What to do with the detention basin? Are you kidding me? Do you know that the word Virus comes from “A slimy pool of water.” There is nothing that you can do with that! You should not want your children to play there for that same reason too! i.e. They are going to get sick by playing in it! It is a lost cause; it was designed as a desperation matter to hold water to prevent basements from being flooded. Perhaps it needs a sign on the perimeter; viral are use at own risk! What to do with it? There is nothing unique you can do with it! Have you ever seen the others just like it in Milwaukee County? They are not used for anything.

Those residents aren't telling you the real reason they don't want their children to be out playing while baseball games are being played. There is a Public Address system that is located at that baseball diamond or at least the electric outlet to power a very loud portable one! (I live across the street from the diamond on the other side of the tennis courts.) They have been told repeatedly to turn down the volume of that public address system! The police have talked to them, but never fail they do not believe it is a valid complaint and the next time it is just as loud. The man who is announcing every player up to bat has the buzzhole voice of a white trash carnival barker! How would you like to listen to that all morning long while you are enjoying the nice breeze on your deck and attempting to read the morning paper!

I want that PA speaker system completely removed and any attempt to thwart that through the use of a portable one should be subject to an automatic $300 fine!


Let MSOE or any other trade school like that use the baseball field? I worked with and trained those kids at a gas station that was on the corner of Lake Drive and Silver Spring. If they weren't talking about how they reamed their brothers a$$ they were holding a knife the made out of a key they sharped on the shop grinding wheel to your neck while the police officer who was a friend of the owner watched. That or they were attempting to sell drugs to little white boys, using highly compressed air to blow asbestos brake dust in your eyes attempting to blind you or just a debilitating punch in the kidneys while you weren't looking! Let me be a little more clear; filth like that should not eve be allowed into Whitefish Bay. Put that together with the Buzzhole voice of that game announcer that can be heard from 2000 yards away and you get an idea of how Whitefish Bay is going down hill!

A comment on artificial turf. The black particles in it have been linked in the same sentence with breast cancer! It should likely be removed from the High School Football field; and we put two inverted smiley face stickers next to the people whose idea it was to use our money to pay for it!


There should have been a four way stop sign at that corner of Chateau and Woodruff a long time ago.

There is an older man who is with that Baseball group; he looks a little like how one would describe a ghoul face. As I drove by one day on the way to the store he was giving what is called “A thousand yard stare.” He also walks by my house a few times and looks the same way. He might be with the High School athletic department? I see why neighbors don't want their children out playing while those games are going on! Whitefish Bay used to have more class and integrity than this.

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

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