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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Teaching Black People how to use a Grocery/Department Store 10 19 2014

Teaching Black People how to use a Grocery/Department Store 10 19 2014

  1. Your children are to follow neatly behind you.
  2. You do not park your cart in the middle of an isle so that it is hard for other shoppers to get around it.
  3. If you are interest in a particular section of the shelf you move closer to it in order to compare and read; and that allows others use the store in a better manner.
  4. It is not like a jungle tree where you and your three children sprawl around everywhere!
  5. You keep your voice silent and respectful so as not to:
    a. Distract the thinking of other shoppers.
    b. Cause a scene.
    c. Cause other people to think less of your ability to articulate and express yourself as a mature adult.
    d. Pretend that you do discipline your child. If you had been able to teach that child anything you would not need to raise your voice or otherwise in public.
  6. General advice to other races and foreigners; you smile when you see a white person in respect for them! White people formed this country and the basis of its freedom! We fought with the blood of our sons and fathers to establish freedom! Ask yourself what would happen if there were no longer any white people? You really won't like that answer!
  7. When you are in someones way and they ask you to move you do not say, “Excuse you.” in resentment of white people, you say, “Excuse me,” with a sincere tone or better yet in an effort to right your disambiguation, “Pardon me I am so sorry.”
  8. Your children are not there to dance around and also indicate how they likely can't pay attention in a public school classroom we are all paying to have them educated at! They stay relatively silent and motionless unless they are walking along with you.
  9. Nor do you act like you learned something very important and want everyone to know about it, none of that ostensibly being the good person in public while some of us white people are burdened with voices in our heads from the uncivilized and uncivilized!
  10. Talking between employees and other employees and employees and friends should be kept contrite and to a minimum. That way the public better understands why you should be paid more than the current minimum wage. And it also might lend negligible validity to any complaints you have about working at big box stores.
  11. That child sitting in your shopping cart should not be attempting to rudely stare down white people like the old Sampson Gorilla in the Zoo did.
  12. And if you learned some of this bad behavior through a Judea/black people alliance in the 70's you better unlearn it quick!
  13. If you are shopping with a friend you make every effort to get out of the way when someone needs to pass by with a shopping cart; stand closer to the shelf that you are presumably currently shopping at and facing.
  14. Some of you have probably never been asked to leave a store!!!!  In the future that could happen more frequently!  When I was a kid if you goofed off in a store you were asked to leave.  You'll learn the lessen very fast.  You get to a certain age and you aren't expected to be an active burden to other adults in any way.  And this message applies to people of every color, including Caucasians!  We will eliminate schizophrenia very quickly if we put the kibosh on the ill behaved.

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